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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

GReddy Civic Type-R Cooling Upgrades

12058003 - GPP FK8 Civic Type-R Hi-Capacity Oil Cooler Kit *NEW*

12058002 - GPP FK8 Civic Type-R Std. 10row (side-mounted) Oil Cooler Kit
                    17550110 - Optional driver-side mesh for std. 10row Oil Cooler. 

14258003 - FK8 Civic Type-R Only Front Bumper Bar - Black *NEW*

12058101 - FK8 Civic Type-R-28E Intercooler Kit
12058103 - FK8 Civic Type-R-24E Intercooler Kit *

    TBA     - FK8 Civic Type-R Transmission Cooler Kit (coming soon)

12058003 - High Capacity Oil Cooler Kit - Center Grill

14258003 - Competition Solid Front Bumper Bar 

12058103 - XL Front Mounted Intercooler (+ 50-state Street Legal)