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Friday, October 9, 2020

GPP Live - Facebook Live Oct. 29 - Noon

 Join us on Facebook Live October 29th at 12 noon Pacific Time for GPP Live!

at www.facebook.com/greddyperformance

GPP Live is our Livestream event from the GReddy Performance Products, Inc. USA HQ.

GPP President, Kenji Sumino will explain and take questions regarding new and existing GReddy products, feature new coming projects and converse with leading industry partners from the likes of:  Titan7, KW, OS Giken, Sparco and more...

There will also be special give-a-ways and special merchandise releases, exclusively for the live viewers. (including: a Kaido House X GReddy limited ed model car release)

Streaming from out doors will be our Feature Vehicle Host, Mickey Andrade from Throtl.

Confirmed Special Guest and Vehicles include:

Fast & Furious franchise star / GPP friend: Sung Kang (Han) and the FuguZ V1.5

          Actor/Producer/Director, Daniel Wu and his classic Honda S800 

Legends Media's Dustin William and his track BNR32

Evasive Motorsport's Pikes Peak Hill Climb-winning Toyota 86

Drift Champion, Dai Yoshihara's AE86-R

TopRank Int'l Vehicle Importer's Brian Jannusch and his JDM Supra

Kaido House Garage's Jun Imai and his  KaidoHouse 510

Ed Liu's R32 Skyline GT-R

Kenji Sumino's personal Civic EF "Super Treasure Hunt"

and much more....

Click on our Facebook Event Page link for more updates (here)! 

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

2020 Formula Drift Double-header Season Opener

 #FDSTL - World Wide Technology Raceway, St. Louis, Missouri  Sept 5-6
Ken Gushi Motorsport's competition debut for the GReddy Performance Achilles Tire Toyota Gazoo Racing GR Supra at #FDSTL  - 12th overall after Saturday's, Rd.1 and Sunday's Rd.2 events.

   * Also scroll down to the bottom of this post for the behind the build video...

Formula Drift FDSTL - Rd.1&2 Recap Video
Video: FDSTL Rd.1&2 by Larry Chen

Rd.1 #FDSTL kengushi

IG: "Had hell of a first round here at @formulad . Firstly, I injured my back last week (slipped a disc) and have been pretty much immobile throughout the weekend. Had my awesome team work on everything while I sat around. And I couldn’t deliver for them on my top32 battle against @alecrobbinsracing ! Great drive from Alec as he’s been on fire all weekend. Round 2 tomorrow, so we’ll give the new @toyotaracing#GRsupra a wilder drive! Can’t thank my team enough for covering all bases while I sit out like a grandpa. "

Rd.2 #FDSTL kengushi


IG: "And that’s a wrap for our first double header @formuladweekend! We’re currently sitting 12th with our brand new @toyotaracing#GRsupra. The car is so beat up but we learned quite a few different things and will be applying those changes for the next rounds. Special thanks to the entire Formula Drift staff for going beyond to keep us safe while we do what we love. And thanks to my team for literally having my back while I threw out my back! And to everyone who checked in on me! The car is coming back to @greddyperformance on the @achilles_radial rig. Video of how this monster was created will be up on my YouTube this week!"


Behind the Drift B58-powered A90 GR Supra

Friday, August 28, 2020

Transform your FK7 Civic Sport Supreme SP to a DD-R

 FK8 Civic Sport Rear Muffler Section available  exclusively through www.ShopGreddy.com!

Transform the look and sound of your current FK7 Supreme SP cat-back exhaust with our Optional DD-R Muffler Section (p/n 10158602R-SUS / 10158602R-Ti). Just unbolt the rear-most muffler section of your cat-back Civic Sport Supreme SP and install this more aggressive dual DD-R muffler section. Change back and forth with these easily, using the interchangeable rear mufflers. 

Now available in two options: FK7 DD-R with standard Stainless Steel Tips, or with upgraded Titanium Tips. This item is only available through ShopGreddy.com.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

2020 SEMA Show - Cancelled

GPP LIVE - Oct 28-30, 2020 - Virtual Online Event Announced

Like you, the GReddy Performance Products Team look forward each year to the annual SEMA Show to debut and display our new products, applications and project vehicles. Unfortunately with the cancellation of this year’s show that option is not possible. However, we have been preparing for this scenario, and we are excited to share our exhibits with a worldwide audience in the form of GPP Live 2020, a new Virtual Online Event!

Join us and our media partners, October 28-30 for a series of live online broadcasts throughout the three days. We will be showcasing the latest and existing GReddy / GPP products, feature vehicles, interview special guests and have a Q&A with GPP Staff.

Please our Facebook Event Page for more updates and an upcoming schedule of events, guests and debuts....

Stay tuned for more...

Greddy Performance Products Team

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Updated GReddy Type-A Shift Knobs

The updated GReddy Type A Shift Knob has been back for a little while now, but now we have some new options to make them even better...

Classic GReddy Type-A Shift Knob(s) - Type A01 and Type A02
GReddy Traditional Diamond Shape Shift Knob - Polished 
- Supports 3 types of genuine shift lever screw sizes (M10P1.25, M10P1.5, M12P1.25).
- The mounting height can be adjusted. (with included jam nut and 8mm allan wrench)
   (Adjustable range: Type A01 approx. 30 mm / Type A02 approx. 15 mm)
- Highly rigid mounting with a metal adapter.
- Five types of shift pattern decals included.

A01 General purpose "High Type" p/n 14500571
"High Type" - where the shift knob sits higher up above the shifter threads (standard type shift lever, without reverse lock-out switch) - Example of applications: All 5-speed transmission vehicle
● 6-speed like: [Toyota SXE10, Nissan S15, Z33, Z34, Mazda NB8, NCEC, ND5RC, SE3P, Honda AP1, AP2, FK, Mitsubishi CT9A, CZ4A (SST, etc.)]

A02 General purpose "Low Type" p/n 14500572
"Low Type" - where the threads start higher up on the knob, so the shift knob sits lower on the shifter
(ideal for many shifter with a reverse lock-out switch) - Example of applications: [Toyota JZA80, ZN6 FRS/BRZ/86, Nissan BNR34, Subaru WRX/STI GDB, GRB, VAB, ZC6, etc.]

*sold separately 

GReddy Silicone Type-A shift knobs cover 
- Black Carbon Pattern   p/n 18001720

-  Silicone-rubber cover for GReddy shift knob Type-A
-  The image change will make the inside of the car more sporty
-  Larger diameter with grippier feel for comfort
-  It also helps prevent against heat in extreme weather
   and protects against scratches.

High quality 3D Laser Etched Titanium GReddy Disk Badge for Type-A Shift knobs   p/n 18000204

- Designed and produced specifically to top off the existing billet (blue) button badge found on the latest GReddy Type-A Shift Knobs. 3M self- adhesive tape back, heat-colored Titanium, with brushed finish. Laser-etched 3D GReddy logo (machined)

Contact your favorite Authorized GReddy Dealer or www.shopgreddy.com for purchasing...

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Friday, May 29, 2020

New Universal Dry Airinx Air Filters

Airinx M available with 70mm, 80mm, & 100mm inlets  
Airinx S available with 50/60mm, 70mm, & 80mm inlets

GReddy introduces a new updated dry filter to the popular Japanese Airinx line. The new Airinx will eventually replace the previous application-specific GReddy Airinx AY-MB and Airinx AY-SM kits with the new Airinx M and Airinx S elements. The larger Airinx M currently comes in three popular adapter diameter sizes: 70mm, 80mm and 100mm. The smaller Airinx S also comes in three popular adapter diameter sizes 50/60mm, 70mm and 80mm. Both sizes include the optional GReddy badge to attach to the side of the filter. These dry filter elements work well for both normally-aspirated and forced induction systems and are easily washable with water and mild detergent.

12500631 - Airinx M   - 70mm dia. inlet
12500632 - Airinx M   - 80mm dia. inlet
12500633 - Airinx M - 100mm dia. inlet

12500601 - Airinx S - 50/60mm dia. inlet
12500602 - Airinx S      - 70mm dia. inlet
12500603 - Airinx S      - 80mm dia. inlet

Also includes GReddy side emblem 

Cleaning Maintenance:
- Recommended small amount of common neutral kitchen detergents.
    (Strong industrial detergents are not recommended as they can damage the material.)
- The new filter is a dry type, so be sure to dry it completely before  re-installing.
- Air blow is recommended for in-between washing maintenance.

Size similarly to the older Airinx AY-B filters

Previous Airinx AY-SB & AY-MB size: