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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Team GReddy Racing 86 at Formula D Long Beach


The Long Beach round of the 2017 Formula Drift Championships, kicks off our 6th year in the series with driver Ken Gushi, but our first year officially part of the Toyota Racing family.  (previously Scion Racing / SR by Toyota)

The season starts off with the traditional pre-season media day on the Tuesday before the race weekend.  We use this opportunity to give a FDLB course preview thanks to our new Team GReddy Racing x Nexen Tire x Toyota Racing 86 sponsor Blackvue...

We also debut the first episode of our all new web series... Sliding Places.   The planned 10 episode Sliding Places web series will not only feature exciting drifting action from each Formula Drift Pro round, but it will also go in-depth and behind the scenes with pro drifter, Ken Gushi and the entire Team GReddy Racing crew as they travel the country.

With the shortest off season in FD history,  the Team still was able to implement many new upgrades and changes to the 2017 season.   Friday practice went well and Ken felt confident for Qualifying.   In Qualifying run one, Ken laid down a solid 86pt first run, but developed a transmission problem right at the finish of the run, denaying the team a chance to better the qualifying position of 10th.
  See the run here:  https://youtu.be/AY_YrAw_zkg?t=1h4m8s

The qualifying set up the 32 bracket of Ken Gushi 10th vs. Georgy Chivchyan 23rd  in his V8 powered S15.   Ken drove an excellent lead run and a close follow for the easy win. 
  See the runs here: https://youtu.be/j83hPndE6jE?t=11m16s

 After a busy half-time break with team's hometown fans, Ken was introduced to a sold out Formula Drift Long Beach crowd and gave the Toyota fans a little show along with Toyota Racing teammate, Fredric Aasbo in his new Corolla IM.

The competitive 16 bracket placed Ken up against reining 2016 Formula Drift champion, Chris Forsberg for another door to door battle.  Unfortunately, the judges saw things differently then the cheering FDLB crowd and declared the V8 370Z of Forsberg the winner, ending round one for the team.
  See the runs here: https://youtu.be/j83hPndE6jE?t=21m1s

All in all it was another good learning experience for the team as we prepare for round two in FDOrlando at the end of this month,  April 28-29.

Ken Gushi: FB / Instagram
Team GReddy Racing: FB / Instagram / Youtube
Boost Brigade: FB / Instagram / Shop

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Team GReddy Racing's Sliding Places Video Series

As the 2017 Formula Drift season starts, Ken Gushi and the Team GReddy Racing - Nexen Tires - Toyota Racing 86 will produce a new in-depth  video series.  It will give behind the scenes coverage of the KG21 Team as it travel the USA during the 2017 Formula Drift season...

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

2017 Team GReddy Racing for Formula Drift

Irvine, Calif.  – March 22, 2017 – Team GReddy Racing is excited to begin this season’s Formula Drift Pro Championship quest, with a whole new look.    2017 will mark the team’s 6th year in Formula Drift.  Ken Gushi will again be behind-the-wheel of our most evolved Toyota 86 yet.  Being our 1st official year with Toyota Racing after our transition form Scion, the Team GReddy Racing – Nexen Tire – Toyota Racing 86’s graphics takes inspiration form iconic white and red Toyota racecars.

In addition to our continuing technical partners: Boost Brigade, Rays, KW suspension, Wisefab, Takata Racing, Turbo by Garrett, BC, Supertech, OS Giken, NGK. Wilwood, Ignite Racing Fuels, Bluemoon Performance, Tuned by N8 and Pandem-Rocket Bunny; we happy to welcome: 2F Performance, and Keystone on board.

For more Team GReddy Racing in depth coverage, exclusive behind the scenes content, and teasers of our upcoming web series, please follow our new social media accounts: Facebook / Instagram@teamgreddyracing

The 2017 Formula Drift Pro Championship starts on March 31 - April 1st on the Streets of Long Beach.  Look for new official Boost Brigade / KG21 / Team GReddy Racing tees, caps and more to release at #FDLB round 1.    (and on www.ShopGReddy.com the following week)

Friday, March 10, 2017

Spring 2017 GReddy Exhaust Prototype Vehicle Search

GReddy Performance Products, Irvine, CA is looking for vehicles to prototype new GReddy Exhaust Systems(Supreme SP, Revolution RS, or EVOlution GT)

Approved vehicles will be scheduled for inspection.  We will need access the cars for 2 full business days (starting at 9:00am on the first day and ending at 5pm the second day.  We are closed during the weekend.)  The vehicle will be dyno'ed in order to record the baseline data.  Then fabrication will begin, followed by additional tests and dyno testing.  Once prototyping is complete, the stock exhaust system will be reinstalled.  At that time we will contact you to pick up the vehicle as it was delivered to us.

Depending on production and shipping schedules, it could take between 3-6 months for the sample exhaust systems to be prepared.  Once we have the sample exhaust system, we will contact you to re-schedule additional conformation tests. This consist of fitment testing, possibly more dyno tests and photography (please have the car clean and ready for photos and video to be on our website).  After we have approved the sample, the exhaust system is yours at no cost to you (your stock exhaust system is also returned)

Spring '17 Vehicle Search for: (must be local to So. Calif.
Manual Transmission Preferred.
  • Acura RSX Type-S ’02 - ‘06
  • Honda EK Hatchback with K-swap with Hasport swap mounts
  • Acura DC2  Integra GSR ’94 – ‘99
  • Acura DC2  Integra GSR ’00 – ‘01
  • Nissan 350Z '03-'07
  • Nissan S13 240SX '89-'94
  • Nissan S14 240SX '95-'98
  • Toyota 86 2017
  • Lexus IS250/350 ’06 – ‘13
  • C7 Base Corvette
  • Camaro ’10 – ‘15
  • Mustang 5.0 V8 ’15 +

 How to Qualify:

1.      The car must not have a salvaged title; it must have a CLEAN TITLE
         *No collision repaired vehicles.
2.      The car must be STOCK, no engine performance upgrades,
         NO CEL/ Check Engine Light, no rear bumper modifications
3.      The car must be fueled with 91 Octane and be filled at least half tank.
4.      The car must have less than 100,000 miles.
5.      You need to live in, or near Irvine CA 92618, we may need your car for
         future photos, projects etc.  We will not ship or transport.
6.      You must be 18 years of age or older, or have a parent/ guardian accompany
         you when you drop off the vehicle.  If it is a legal guardian, please have them
         bring the appropriate paper work.
7.      The car must be registered to you, or if it is registered to your parent or guardian,
         then they must be present during drop off.
8.      You must bring your current driver’s license and registration.

If you are interested in possibly being selected, please email prototype@greddy.com & cc: tech@greddy.com
Subject: Exhaust Prototype

         Please also note -Blog, Facebook, Instagram or how you heard of our search.
Full Name:
Phone #:
Vehicle info
You must also attach Front, Rear, Left and Right side photos of the vehicle in the application email.  Photos must be taken during the day.  The whole car must be in the photo, if we receive photos of partial cars we will disqualify the applicant.

*If there is an issue where we will not be able to release the exhaust system and we will need to reschedule for additional testing.  
**During the process, there is a possibility that we may decide to cancel the project; if this occurs we will compensation the owner with equal or lesser value item.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Two New Supreme SP Options for the ND Mazda Miata

Miata Axle-back and Cat-back exhausts arrive this month!

The Supreme SP for the 4th generation ND Mazda MX-5 Miata was designed and engineered specifically to suit the USA spec 2.0l Skyactiv-G engine combination. Unique to this application is the availability of either the pre-resonated axle-back muffler system, for maximum sound control with enhanced flow. Or there is also a full cat-back system, that includes a dual resonated mid-pipe for even more performance and a sportier sound. The full system showed power increase throughout the RPM band, with maximum gains, of 13hp/8ft-lbs, as low as 3500rpm. Both options use the same unique rear section with dual 82mm GReddy exhaust tips. Like all GReddy Supreme SP systems the fully hand-welded 304 Stainless-Steel exhaust carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Both the Axle-back and Cat-back Supreme SP exhausts will begin to arrive by the end of March...

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

New Exhaust for Febuary 2017 - Evolution GT Z06 Corvette

  Arriving state-side late-Febuary 2017

The EVOlution GT, for the C6 Chevrolet Corvette, combines the best of GReddy’s 40 years of exhaust design expertise, in one unique system. Increased performance, refine exhaust note, and a substantial weight savings come through a creative layout with our distinctive dual EVO mufflers. Large 76mm (3”) mandrel-bent piping is configured with a superior “X-pipe." It is then linked to a set of our compact, but highly-efficient, straight-through, mufflers and twin center-exit, 115mm (4.5”) GReddy slash cut tips. In dyno tests, the system gains the Z06, 27.2whp / 34.7ft-lb of performance, while producing just an 8-10 decibel increase in sound, (at idle and our test RPM = ¾ redline, 5250). By eliminating the heavy OEM valve system and unnecessary tips, weight is reduced by 34% (-24.2lbs.) Fitment and installation is top notch and straight forward, with better-then OEM investment cast stainless-steel GReddy flanges. (There is no cutting or sloppy slip-on joints to figure out.) Like all GReddy EVOlution GT systems, they are all made from fully hand-welded, 304 stainless-steel and each exhaust carries a GReddy Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Monday, January 16, 2017

TOKYO AUTO SALON 2017 Trust/GReddy booth report

OVERSEAS REPORT:   TOKYO AUTO SALON 2017 Trust booth report

Thank you to all who visited or searched online about our 2017 TRUST/GReddy Auto Salon booth.

The Tokyo Auto Salon is Japan's largest custom car event.  This year it was held over three days from January 15 at the Makuhari Messe Convention Center "Tokyo Auto Salon 2017".

The booth featured the new upcoming Sirius meter line( to be released in Japan in February, )  parts development for the 86KOUKI (2017 Toyota 86 M/C),  and the new products for domestic Japanese K cars and 4WD vehicles.

GReddy Sirius

The star attraction for the TRUST/GReddy booth was again the GReddy Sirius Meter Series...

86 KOUKI (minor change Toyota 86) parts

Front lip spoiler and new products products like: pulley kits, new intake and exhaust products.

JDM 4WD exhausts & K Car Parts

A display of parts for sport K, and a new line: "GReddy Xross muffler" also parts for the S660 and Alto Work.  Look for more applications coming soon...


The first demo runs for the 2017 TRUST Racing Team was held at a special outdoor venue.
Kawabata and GReddy 35RX SPEC-D, and  Fujino with the TOYO TIRES DRIFT TOYOTA 86
The Toyo Tires drift performance was very were received.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Happy Holidays from GReddy

Please noteOur official online store www.ShopGReddy.com will be open through the holiday break, however any orders made after Wednesday, Dec. 21st will not be process or shipped until Tuesday, Jan. 3rd, 2017

Monday, December 19, 2016

GReddy Exhaust Arriving in January

p/n 10128302

p/n 10118207

p/n 10118500

Nissan  Juke     2010-16     EVOlution GT Exhaust - coming soon!
     10128304    MSRP $750.

EVOlution GT exhaust for the Nissan Juke (FWD) enhances performance, while maintaining excellent sound levels for everyday driving. Power test have shown 10whp/11ft-lbs of torque increase, with a rich throaty sound. While cruising speeds, enjoy very comfortable sound levels, with no drone. The unique design of the compact EVO GT off-set tip muffler, provides ideal piping clearance, even with the large 76mm (3”) diameter piping. Like all GReddy EVOlution GT systems this fully hand-welded 304 Stainless-Steel exhaust carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Lexus   GS-F     2016-17   Supreme SP Exhaust - coming soon!
          10118207    MSRP $895.

Supreme SP for sporty Lexus GS-F offers our renowned exhaust note with graceful but aggressive styling. The straight-through, dual oval muffler system with large free flowing 63.5mm (2.5”) piping produces no exhaust drone. Thanks to the two large SP mufflers, it has excellent sound suppression at idle and cruising. In spirited acceleration, the V8 exhaust note comes to life with a deep rich GReddy sound. The off-set slash-cut tips best match the GS-F’s aero styling. Like all GReddy Supreme SP systems the fully hand-welded 304 Stainless-Steel exhaust carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Lexus   IS-F    2007-15
   Racing Titanium Exhaust
 - re-released!         10118500    MSRP $4495.

This is the ultimate Lexus IS-F exhaust. With full Titanium construction, the GReddy Supreme Ti Titanium Exhaust features our original Dual 60-70mm Titanium piping to Quad 60mm Titanium piping to the two Dual inlet Titanium oval mufflers.  The kit is finished off with 4x burnt-spectrum Titanium tips, but the system can also be used with the factory bumper mounted IS-F stock tips, for a stealthy installation.

Special Re-release pre-sale for Jan. 2017 arrival...

Monday, December 5, 2016

New GReddy Signature Fitted G Caps

Available now in sizes 7" - 8 1/4" 
    on www.ShopGReddy.com...

GReddy Signature G Fitted Caps
GReddy Signature G Fitted Caps

Also see our new color-ways for the Snap-back models...