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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New applications of our GReddy Revolution RS, Supreme SP and EVOlution GT exhaust systems are arriving monthly...

Take a look at our newest Dsport ad to see the styling and performance differences.

Revolution RS  with compact round "race" muffler(s)
   - Racing Sport line focuses on maximum performance with an aggressive look and sound.
   - Improved from RS: improved internal and external construction + Limited Lifetime Warranty

Supreme SP  with large oval muffler(s)
   - Street Performance line features a stylish concept of enhanced performance with a refine exhaust note.
   - Improved from the SP Elite: revised tips and welded end-caps and
internal and external construction along with Limited Lifetime Warranty

EVOlution GT with medium sized round muffler(s) with off-set tip(s)
   - Progressive "Grand Turing" line geared toward a dynamic combination of performance, style and sound.
   - Improved from Evo3:
improved internal and external construction + Limited Lifetime Warranty

All three of our new GReddy Exhaust lines feature, our Limited Lifetime Warranty as well as:
  • Superior engine performance
  • More refine exhaust note for a deeper, throaty sound
  • Stylish layouts with quality materials
  • Re-engineered direct straight-though-chambered and fully straight-through mufflers
  • High-quality, precision TIG-welded 304 Stainless-steel components
  • Updated high-temperature, internal sound suppression materials
  • Improved Construction and Design, Inside and Out.
  • Revised tuned muffler, piping diameters and layouts
We also now offer Universal Muffler and Tip options in the Revolution RS and Supreme SP styles, for custom builds, for vehicles we do not offer application specific systems. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

President's Day Holiday

GReddy Performance Products offices will be closed on Monday, Feb. 16th, for the President's Day Holiday. Normal business Hours will resume Tuesday, Feb.17th.

So until, then here's a 2014 Formula Drift review from Ken Gushi's Facebook page. 
  Video by Tomimoto Film's Tommy Babiarz and LoreninHD's Loren and Mark Haleston.

You can also find GReddy products via Authorized GReddy Dealers and our online store www.ShopGReddy.com 

Friday, February 6, 2015

ShopGReddy.com February Special


Contact your favorite Authorized GReddy Dealer or visit our new online store, ShopGReddy.com, for our Special Introductory Pre-order Offers on these new GReddy exhausts...

ShopGReddy.com Offer:
    Pre-Order before Monday, February 23th and $ave!

        Introductory Pricing with Free ground shipping (an additional $60-80 saving)
              Exhaust due in and ready to ship by March 20th!


(Be among the first in the country to have the new Revolution RS for the S2000!)
  Revolution RS for Honda S2000    P/N 10158100  - Light-weight single sided 76mm (3") cat-back exhaust for both the AP1 and AP2 S2000.  Features extra-larger resonator to control sound.  Great increase in performance for both N/A and Turbo S2000s. (buy now)

(We initially got less systems then we were expecting for the 1st shipment of these FR-S/BRZ EVO exhaust back in Feb, therefore we are extending this special for our 2nd shipment arriving in March.  So be sure to act quick, in case they sell out again...)
EVOlution GT for Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ  P/N 10118300  -  NEW EVO DESIGN - 76mm (3") piping to dual 63.5mm (2.5") EVO GT mufflers.  Smooth centralized Y section, with aggressive angle mufflers.  Ideal for forced-induction applications, but still great for N/A street cars.  (Buy Now)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Rocket Bunny Z33 Aero Kit Renderings

Mr. Miura teases with new updated renderings of the Z33 (Nissan 350Z) wide-body areo kit he is working on.  GReddy Performance Products is the Authorized GReddy Dealer for Rocket Bunny aero kits in the USA (available for pre-orders soon via Authorized GReddy Dealers) - Look for updates soon.  http://greddy.com/products/aerodynamics/rocketbunny/?partnum=17020XXX


Thursday, January 15, 2015

All New ShopGReddy.com now also with Mobile site

Buy direct from GReddy via our all new online store ShopGReddy.com

Find Brand New, Current, and Clearance GReddy items as well as hard to find replacement part and promotional items on the all new ShopGReddy.com... now with mobile site option.
We even have Rocket Bunny promotional goods... 
You can also shop from your mobile device with our new ShopGReddy.com mobile site...

Update: you can now use Paypal to buy as well!

Don't forget to also check out our special ShopGReddy.com introductory offers for our new:

Monday, January 12, 2015

New GReddy Exhaust for January

Contact your favorite Authorized GReddy Dealer or visit our new online store, ShopGReddy.com, for our Special Introductory Pre-order Offer on these new GReddy exhausts...

ShopGReddy.com Offer:
    Pre-Order before Monday, January 26th and Save $

        Introductory Pricing with Free ground shipping
              Exhaust due in and ready to ship by January 30th!


  Revolution RS for Mitsubishi Evo 8/9 P/N 10138102  - Non-tapered 76mm (3") piping racing sport cat-back system.  Agressive performance with modest but sport sound. Our quietest system yet for the CT9A.  (Buy Now)

  Revolution RS for Nissan 350Z
P/N 10128100
  -  Now with larger piping - Full dual 76mm (3") dia. cat-back exhaust for the Z33 350Z.  Our largest diameter dual system to date for the Z.  Ideal for forced-induction as well as aggressive N/A applications.  (Buy Now)

  Supreme SP for Mazda RX-8
P/N 10148200
  -  Refined sound - 63.5mm (2.5") piping with smooth central Y section to 2 large tuned Supreme SP oval mufflers.  Specifically for 2004-08 models.  (Buy Now)

Two new options for the Mitsubishi Lancer GT
 - Sporty sound and looks for the 2012-14 Lancer GT - Simple 63.5mm (2.5") axle-back systems with an aggressive Revolution RS muffler or stylish angled Supreme SP compact muffler...
   Revolution RS - PN 10138101  (Buy Now

   Supreme SP - P/N 10138201  (Buy Now)

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

GReddy Superior Spec. 2.1L FA20 / 4U-GSE Stroker Kit

Engine strengthening is crucial for safety and reliability of FR-S and BRZ over the 350hp mark.  GReddy engineers have drawn from our FR-S race experience to assemble a complete stroker kit for the FA20/4U-GSE boxer engine, using only superior components.  The kit features 9.5:1, 86mm bore. 2618 T6 forged aluminum pistons with specially designed shape ideal for high boost applications. This is connected to extra strong H-beam 433OM steel alloy forged connecting rods with a factory style 18deg. split line.  And at the heart of the 2.1L kit is our dynamic balanced, E4340 Cr-Ni-Mo alloy billet steel stroker crankshaft.

P/N 13511600 - GReddy Superior Spec. 2.1L FA20/4U-GSE Stroker Kit  - MSRP $6500

Forged Pistons (4)- 9.5:1 Compression
- 86mm bore
- 2618 T6 high tensile forged aluminum
- ring widths 1.0 / 1.2 / 2.8mm
- .866 x 2.250 free floating carbon steel wrist pins

Connecting Rods (4)
- Strong H-Beam Design with factory style 18deg. split line
- Forged 4330M steel Alloy
- CNC machined, shot peened
- Silicone bronze bushings for full floating pins
- Top quality 3/8" bolts


Stroker Crankshaft (1)
- E4340 Aircraft quality Cr-Ni-Mo alloy billet steel
- Triple heat-treated
- Ion-plasma nitride journals
- High speed straight line oiling system
- Dynamic balanced

and for the full line of GReddy Total Tune Up products for the FR-S/BRZ/86 please see: 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Formula Drift Japan with the GReddy FR-S & GT-R

  • GReddy coverage from FD Japan, with Ken Gushi and Masato Kawabata.
 Kawabata gets a Top4 Finish!
Not ready to end our 2014 Formula Drift season, the GReddy Team decided to ship our GReddy Performance x Hankook Tire x Scion Racing FR-S to Okayama Japan for Ken Gushi to compete in the 2nd Japanese round of the Formula Drift Asia series.

Joining the USA team to compete in FD Japan was none other then 2x D1GP Champion, Masato Kawabata.  And in his debut FD event, Kawabata achieves a 4th place finish with the Team Toyo Tires Drift x TRUST Racing 35RX Dspec GT-R!

The overseas trip saw the GReddy FR-S land at our TRUST/GReddy HQ in Chiba just days before the event.  From there the GReddy Team transported the two race cars 10hrs south-west to a very cold Okayama International Circuit for the Formula Drift Japan / Motor Games event.

The Okayama course was a long challenging high speed course with many crucial turns.  But it was the 1st sweeper that would prove to the key point in the track in tandem battles with the unpredictable cold weather conditions.

Friday Qualifying had Gushi and Kawabata in 22nd and 24th respectively.  Ken performed well under pressure in his Q2 run, after an over aggressive bobble in his first qualifying pass.  Kawabata was still feeling out the Judging requirements for his first Formula Drift event.

Saturday, Ken Gushi's Top32 battle (1:55.50) was with Japan's Tomokazu Hirota's JDM 4door. Although Ken had a dominate lead run, it was not enough to overcome the off line bobble from getting too close to Hirota in the first sweeper of his chase run.  For Top32 (0:38.00) Masato Kawabata received a bye run against Tetsuya Hibino to move on.  http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2ciari_formula-drift-japan-okayama-top-32_auto

The next round for the GReddy Team was a battle of the 2013 and 2014 D1GP Champions. Sweet16-  Masato Kawabata vs. Kuniaki "Kuni" Takahashi   This was a great pair of battles, but it was Kawabata that was able to gain better proximity in the chase position for the clear win.

In the FD Japan Great8, Kawabata went up against the event's #1 Qualifier, Tstomu Fujio in a R34 Skyline.  Again Kawabata showed great skill following behind Fujio, eventually forcing some errors and moving the GReddy Team onto the next bracket.


In his first Formula Drift event, Masato Kawabata drives the Team Toyo Tires Drift x TRUST Racing 35RX GT-R into the Final4 against another FD/D1 Champion, Diago Saito.  Race scouting showed Saito's new JZX100 Chaser to be one of the fastest cars of the event.  This motivates Kawabata to go for more speed.  In the end he pushes a little too hard in the crucial first sweeper and moves Saito into the Finals.  All in all it was a very challenging and exciting event for both GReddy Teams... we look forward to what the 2015 race season brings.

Congratulations to the FD Japan Okayama Event finalist:
1st - Masashi Yokoi
2nd - Daigo Saito,
3rd -  Fredric Aasbo (& new FD Asia Champion)
4th - Masato Kawabata

Thursday, December 11, 2014

New Stainless Steel GReddy Shift Knobs

GReddy Billet CNC Stainless Steel Shift Knobs are here and just in time for the holiday season.
The perfect gift for the driving enthusiast!


Optimized for ergonomic comfort and weighted for driving feel these GReddy 304 stainless steel shift knobs come in two distinct styles and surface finishes.  And all have CNC'd GReddy logo on top.

The Sphere shaped ball design measures 45mm in diameter with a 10mm tall, 25mm dia. base.  The material, size and shape allows this compact shift knob to weigh 415g (.915lbs)
This benefits the driving feel by counter-weighting the shifter. 

The second design is a modern evolution of our classic Diamond shaped shift knob, originally found on our GREX race sequential gearboxes.  The revised shape now measures 45mm in diameter, with a shorter height of 45mm and weighs in at balanced 385mm (.85lbs.)

* D385 - 304 Stainless Steel Diamond Shift Knob (polished)

And for the ultimate in protection, each style is offered in an optional "black nickle" finish.  The polished stainless steel undergoes a high performance coating process known as PVD or Physical Vapor Deposition, (where solid metal is vaporized to plasma and then deposited onto the knob in a vacuum.)  This produces a unique uniform finish that encases the metal and offers superior resistance to wear, corrosion, and chemicals.  It is also very hard and will not chip, tarnish or fade.

Each GReddy CNC Stainless Shift Knob is offered in 3 of the most common thread sizes to suit most Japanese manual transmission shifters.  Compatible with 5 and 6 speeds with
various gate patterns.