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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

GReddy Performance Products offices will be closed Thursday, Nov. 26th and Friday Nov. 27th, for the Thanksgiving Day Holiday.
   Normal business Hours will resume Monday, Nov. 30th.

But the official GReddy Online Store, www.ShopGReddy.com is always open.  Check out the  
   ShopGReddy [ BLACK FRIDAY SALE ]  

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  - Exhausts  - Boost Controller  - Blow-off Valve  - Shift Knobs  - Lug Nuts  - Mag Drain Bolts  - Carbon Hood Dampers  - Rocket Bunny aero and Tees

Offers ends Nov. 29th...


Also launching Friday, Nov. 27th will be new special limited edition BOOST BRIGADE "Gold Pack" collection on

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Now accepting pre-orders for the first Pandem aero kits

You can now pre-order kits and components from the latest creations from TRA Kyoto from our official USA online store, ShopGReddy.com.  Building and refining the Rocket Bunny line, the PANDEM brand comes from Mr. Miura's TRA Racing Traditions.

Expected to arrive early 2016, these new aero kits were debuted earlier this month at the 2015 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.  Now we have released official Pricing and details for the first release of these aero kits through ShopGReddy.com

First up is the Pandem S30 aero kit for the 240Z.  Made famous by (Fast and the Furious Movie Series Star) Sung Kang's Fugu Z - ( 2015 SEMA "Best in Show" Gran Turismo Awards ) 


The second is also the 2nd R35 GT-R kit from Mr Miura, the Pandem R35 full aero kit was debuted by X-Games star Coco Zurita's #CZGTR77


Also new and available through ShopGReddy.com is the new BMW E36 and E46 Blister Kits.  Special order full kits or components...


Thursday, November 12, 2015

GReddy Annoucements from the 2015 SEMA Show

In addition to the success and popularity of the GReddy-built Fugu Z at the 2015 SEMA Show(Gran Turismo GT Award "Best of Show" ) the GReddy booth displayed some new additions for 2016 GReddy Line-up.

For more on the Fugu Z check out the Speed/Fox Sports egarage 5part documentary, Z Dream with Sung Kang. (here) 

GReddy Coilovers by KW Suspension
click to expand
Building on the success of our Formula Drift racing program with technical partner, KW Suspension, GReddy is pleased to announce the introduction of our new performance coilover line.  By collaborating with renowned  suspension manufacturer, KW, GReddy can offer high-quality, tuned systems at an affordable price to enthusiasts.   
GReddy Performance Coilovers by KW Suspension combine the best from around world for your Japanese import vehicle.  Designed for the optimum balance of traction, comfort, and adjustability for American roads and tracks, these groundbreaking systems incorporate years of Japanese tuning knowledge with highest-quality German innovation and construction standards. 
- Look for popular applications coming early 2016.

Stage 2 Tuner Turbo Kit for the Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ

On display at the 2015 SEMA Show was our the latest addition to our FR-S/BRZ Tuner Turbo kits.  Designed around a powerful Garrett GTX-2871-R (with a rated range of 340-560hp), this revised kit features a larger centered Type-24 intercooler and all the necessary hardware for a versatile tuner kit that will be an ideal fit for both stock FR-S/BRZ engines as well as built FA20 engines.

 Profec MAP - Electronic Boost Controller Expansion Module 
The GReddyProfec MAP connects to the current GReddy Profec and, through boost maps, provides even finer control over your vehicle’s boost pressure. Boost correction is not the only added function in the addition of the Profec MAP! The following features have been added:

- All parameter settings can be set by PC via USB cable (sold separately)
- Display Gear Position, Speed, RPM, Engine Temp and Throttle Position
- Backlight dimming and scramble boost switching functions
This unit brings out the full performance of the GReddy Profec through its high-level functions that results in a more advanced boost ■PC Connection
By using the USB cable (sold separately) and connecting to a PC all parameter settings and data logging features can be accessed.

BOOST BRIGADE by Greddy - automotive active-wear
Launched at the Formula Drift finale back in October, our new Boost Brigade automotive active-wear styles were previewed in our 2015 SEMA Show booth.  Fugu Z owner, Sung Kang could be seen throughout the week wearing his Boost Brigade "G" coach's jacket. 

 To purchase from our Fall 2015 Collection or the Official Fugu Z merchandise,
please see: www.ShopGReddy.com 

STREITER - Exotic Ti-22 Titanium Exhausts
STREITER Ti22 for Audi V10 shown
GReddy Performance Products is proud to announce the exclusive distribution of the STREITER exotic tuning brand to North America.  The STREITER philosophy is to enhance the inherent “Fighting Spirit” found in high performance vehicles, using only the finest materials and design.
From the atomic number of Titanium, 22, the STEITER Ti-22 line of full Titanium exhaust is constructed entirely from high-quality American and Japanese Titanium raw materials.  Intricate precision ‘inch-welding” following proven purposeful designs, create super light-weight pieces of exhaust art.  Improve performance comes through weight-saving and freeing up torque and horsepower.  The added byproduct of a STREITER Ti-22 system is an amazing exhaust note under spirited driving, while maintaining a tame tone for everyday cruising.
- Applications for : Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Audi, and others coming soon...

PANDEM aero kits - designed and produced by TRA Kyoto (Rocket Bunny)
- Distributed by GReddy Performance Products in North America -
New for this SEMA Show is TRA Kyoto's latest aero designs.  Branded "Pandem" by Rocket Bunny's Kei Miura, six new applications were introduced.  
Pandem S30 kit shown on the 1973 Datsun 240Z (Fugu Z)

Pandem GT-R kit shown on X-Games star, Coco Zurita's CZGTR77 R35

Pandem RCF kit shown on the LexusTuned RCF in the Lexus USA booth

as well as a few Pandem Euro Renderings. (coming soon)

Also with some classic Rocket Bunny aero kits were the 3 GReddy Feature Vehicles of Boss S14, S13 V2FD3S and Ken Gushi's #2 ranked Scion Racing FR-S in the Rays Engineering booth.

Thank you to all who followed our 2015 SEMA Show coverage on the @GReddyRacing Facebook and Instagram...

Friday, November 6, 2015

2015 GT Award Best of Show - Sung Kang's GReddy Racing Fugu Z

2015 GT Award's "BEST OF SHOW"- SEMA Show
Top honors goes to Sung Kang's GReddy Racing Fugu Z project at the 2015 GT Awards.
(see our previous post for the preview at the GReddy HQ)

Update : The Fugu Z to be a playable vehicle in PS4. 

This marks GReddy's 4th GT Award for Best Asian(Japanese) Import in the GT Award's 13year history at the SEMA Show.  This 3rd consecutive win, also gives us our 1st Best of Show title and the right for the Fugu Z, to be immortalize in the Grand Tursimo game for the PS4.

For more on the background of this modern day take on a 1973 Datsun 240Z, follow the Fugu Z build in the egarage/Fox Sports/Speed 5-part documentary series Z Dreams -

For  more on our other GT Award wins see:


Thursday, October 29, 2015

GReddy preparing for the 2015 SEMA Show

SEMA Show - Nov. 3rd - 6th, 2015 
GReddy Performance Products
Booth #34271 - Upper South Hall

Hashtag #GReddy34271

GReddy Display Vehicles
  • GReddy Performance x Hankook Tire x Scion Racing FR-S
       - Mackin Industries / Rays - Booth #22913 (Center Hall)
  • Sung Kang (Han from the Fast and Furious series) Fugu Z
       - Driving Line - Booth #61043 (outside South Hall)
  • LexusTuned GSF / LexusTuned RCF
       - Lexus Booth #21601
  • Import Fest FD3S RX-7 - Feature Vehicle
  • Neo Sunny S14 - Feature Vehicle
  • Coco Zurita CZGTR77 - GT-R - TBA

Catch up with the Sung Kang's Fugu Z build via the Z Dream documentury series:

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ken Gushi and GReddy Racing finish 2nd in the Finale for 2nd in the Championship.

Ken Gushi and the GReddy Performance X Hankook Tire X Scion Racing FR-S advanced to the finals for a 2nd place in the Irwindale Speedway, Rd.7 finale to secure 2nd overall in the 2015 Formula Drift Pro Championships. (with 433pts.) just behind Scion Racing / Hankook Tire teammate Frederic Aasbo.

The 1-2 Scion Racing Championship finish also contributed to Scion's 2nd consecutive Formula Drift Manufacturer's Cup title and Hankook Tire's 3rd consecutive Formula Drift Tire Manufacture's Cup title.

While receiving his 2nd place overall Cup for the 2015 season at the  the Formula Drift post season award banquet, Ken also was also awarded the Spirit of Drifting Award by his peers.  GReddy Team leader Kenji Sumino, was awarded Team Manager of the Year Award and team member, Nate Taskon received the Crew Member of the Year Award to finish off the 2015 Formula D season.

2015 saw the GReddy Team gain 4 podiums with 2 finals and 2 Top Qualifiers.

For more on the hard fought battles of the Formula Drift season finale at the "House of Drift" Irwindale Speedway, stay tuned for another blog post coming soon...

Congratulations to FDIRW event winners:
   1st Fredric Aasbo, 2nd Ken Gushi and 3rd Forrest Wang  

And 2015 Series Champions:
   1st Fredric Aasbo, 2nd Ken Gushi and 3rd Chris Forsberg 

 technical partners
Ray's  | KW Suspension | 
Garrett |  Rocket BunnySupertechTRUST  |  Wisefab

The FuguZ - 2015 GReddy SEMA Show Special Project

This year the GReddy Team is working on a very special project with Sung Kang (Han from the Fast and Furious Movie Series).  Named, the Fugu Z, this 1973 Datsun 240Z project will be displayed at the 2015 SEMA Show in Las Vegas from Nov. 2nd - 6th.

Checkout the Z Dream Teaser below...
For the full first episode see the GReddy Racing Facebook page:

Z Dream is a 5part online series documenting the build of Sung Kang's Fugu Z.  Stay tuned for more updates...

Friday, October 2, 2015

Formula Drift Finals at the House of Drift

Ken Gushi and the GReddy Performance X Hankook Tire X Scion Racing FR-S go into the 2015 Formula Drift Series Finale in 2nd place... Cheer on the GReddy Team by watching the Livestream: http://www.formulad.com/live

Also look out for the Launch of the Boost Brigade by GReddy - GPP! 
     Instagram: @Boost_Brigade  https://instagram.com/boost_brigade 
     Facebook: BoostBrigade https://www.facebook.com/BoostBrigade 
Formula Drift - Rd. 7 Finale
Irwindale Speedway, CA
Oct. 9 - 10

  Driven 2 Drift - Episode 7


Thursday, September 24, 2015

GReddy Supreme Ti Exhausts

94mm Full Titanium Exhaust - R35 GT-R

GReddy Supreme Ti - P/N 10128194

The ideal light-weight exhaust (just 29lbs.) for the R35 GT-R is the 94mm GReddy Supreme TI. The design provides great performance for upgraded GT-Rs but still comfortable for milder, daily-driven GT-Rs. The large dual oval mufflers provide excellent sound suppression and sound quality, while large piping frees up power for the twin turbo VR engine. This version comes with a huge dual 80mm (3.15") to 94mm (3.7") Y-pipe. The construction is made up of carefully hand-built 94mm piping is pain-painstakingly "inch-welded" for excellent fitment and flow. Revised larger 125mm quad staggered Tips complete each 94mm R35 GReddy Supreme Ti system.

2x 60-70mm x 4x 60mm Full Titanium Exhaust - Lexus IS-F

This is the ultimate Lexus IS-F exhaust. With full Titanium construction, the GReddy Supreme Ti  Exhaust features our original Dual 60-70mm Titanium piping to Quad 60mm Titanium piping to the two Dual inlet Titanium oval mufflers. The kit is finished off with 4x burnt-spectrum Titanium tips, but the system can also be used with the factory bumper mounted IS-F stock tips, for a stealthy installation. Full Titanium Exhaust (9pcs - including 4x removable Ti tips) 2x 60-70mm - 4x 60mm - 2x Oval mufflers - 4x 90mm burnt-Ti tips 50% weight savings over the stock IS-F exhaust (35lbs vs. 70lbs) High flow, straight through design, with improved sound quality Dyno Gains over averaged base line and averaged with exhaust: +16.4hp / 16.8ft.lbs