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Monday, December 29, 2008

GReddy Review - GReddy Fest 2008

As 2009 approaches, we thought it might be the perfect time to recap one of the highlights for us this past year. GReddy Fest 2008!

GReddy Performance Festival was held on February 23, 2008 on the El Toro Air Field, just minutes away from our offices in Irvine. The goal was to expand our GReddy Garage Sale to incorporate an inexpensive way to introduce and experience different types of autosports for car enthusiast. Although it was a huge learning experience for our staff, it was a great and fun event. We had 2,000 guest, over 80 Auto Cross and Drift Drivers, Drift 101, Falken Demo Drivers, 400+ cars for our Car Meet, and a great vendor row with a wide variety of automotive companies for all over.

Please check out our Slide show of images from GReddy Fest...

Here is another slide show of enthusiast in the GReddy Car Meet, Drifter, and Auto Cross Drivers...

Thank you again, all who attended and participated!