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Friday, July 31, 2009

New Circuit (Drift) Spec Intercoolers!

Here is another sneak peek of our new Circuit (Drift) Spec Intercooler System. The goal of this system is to not only keep the turbo boost cool, but also your engine, by directing extra air flow to vital radiators and oil coolers.

This is a definite must have item for Racers who want "more racing laps with less cool-down laps" The kit uses a carefully designed system of air ducts in conjunction with a more compact and light-weight core to provide the total balance of Cooling, Power and Weight!

It is available in the economical Type 31 LS or the super cooling of the Type 31 R -HG cores.

The Circuit Spec I/C had a power increase over the whole RPM range over the stock intercooler.
The Type 31 Circuit Spec has similar cooling efficiency of a Type 24 LS intercooler, while having the quickness in response of a stock intercooler.

The Type-31 HG Circuit Spec even shows a larger increase in torque from the lower to mid RPM, over the Type 24 LS core.
The HG model is recommended for users that want more power with extra cooling.

You can also check out our twitter page for the Drift Tengoku feature on the Circuit Spec I/C (HERE)