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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

GReddy GTR Turbo Kit Update! 778 WHP!

GReddy GTR Turbo Kit Update!
Couple weeks ago, we posted that one of our GReddy Master Tuner Shop, SP Engineering was able to tune our GReddy Turbo upgrade kit for GTR R35 to 700+whp with 643.9 ft/lbs at just 1.45kg/cm2. Well, They continued their research with the fuel management and by re-tuning it, they were able to achieve 778 whp with 738ft/lbs @1.6kg/cm2 boost!!!! This test was made on 4WD dyno and with 10-15% power loss correction, this beast is making close to 900hp engine power! Still completely stock engine! We just might have to call this kit GR900sp! This kit will be available with in a month through GReddy Master Tuner Shop.
Expect more updates on this kit as we continue to learn more about the capabilities of this GTR and it's VR38DETT