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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Quick GReddy SEMA 09 Review

After scooping out the 2009 SEMA Show for 2days, we are back at the office with a quick review of the show, (GReddy style)

Here is the office reveal of the GReddy Gen Cpe project in the Hyundai booth. Accompanied by a cool new poster. (check the video coverage on UrbanRacer.com)
The GReddy 2.0T has been upgraded with a prototype 20G turbo kit, front-mount intercooler kit, intake-manifold, strut tower bar, Type-S adjustable coilover suspension, 6 and 4 piston GReddy Brake Kit, SE exhaust, and a host of GReddy electronics. (on Autoblog)
Next we have the 450whp Import Tuner/GReddy Tuner Turbo 370Z. Look for it next at the Super Lap Battle next week on the 11th, in Button Willow. (Street Class)
Then there is the 758whp GReddy Total Tune-up! 350Z-HR TT with it's new stand alone Haltech ECU
And then in the Seibon Booth is another 450whp twin turbo GReddy 370Z. Behind it you can see samples of the parts with it.

In addition to looking for our cars and parts, we selected a few really cool parts we saw at the show that would work really well with a GReddy R35, 350Z, 370Z twin turbo kit...(set to be released soon)

OS Giken and Spec clutches make VQ-HR clutches, Darton has some new VQ and VR sleeves, OS Giken has a R35 LSD, and Hatech has a new 350Z,370Z and R35 pro ECUs. and last but not lease is our new GReddy by Raybirg LED light kit.

And finally here are some of our favorite cars from the the show. 5-Axis Scion DJ xB, Lexus LF-A supercar, RMR mid-engine V8 Genesis and Ken Blocks STI trax sled.