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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

GReddyFEST2 - Thanks again!

This Sunday marked our biggest event at our Irvine headquarters, GReddyFEST2!
And we would just like to give another big appreciative "THANK YOU" to all the supporters and attendees. (Especially the patient customers who waited in our Garage Sale line)

Vendors: Mackin Industries, Sparco, NOS Energy, Lots USA, UrbanRacer.com, PromoSpot, Falken Tires, HPI RC, Dsport Magazine, MagicFilm, SP Engineering, Auto Fashion, Five-Axis, 0-60 Magazine & OFNA RC

Supporters: Super Street, Import Tuner, MotoIQ, Octane Report, Jtuned, Toyo Tires, NX Energy, Seibon Carbon, JP USA, S and A Designs and Mother's Waxes and Polishes.

Car Forums: SoCalEvo.net, naGTRoc.org, SupraForums.com, RX8club.com, Zilvia.com, ScionLife.com, NASIOC.com, S2Ki.com, My350Z.com, Honda-Tech.com, GenCoupe.com and @Imports

                         And the individuals and small clubs around the SoCal area.

And an extra special Thanks to our friends at SE Scion Evolution for helping us get all the car meet cars in and parked smoothly.

We are still sorting through all the photos and video, so until we can catch up and post those, here are just a few snap shots from throughout the day!  Thanks again!

More Photos and a re-cap video coming soon!