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Monday, December 6, 2010

Recent Sunday Events

Our last 2 Sundays have been pretty busy.  This past week with the Battle of the Imports and last week with the ID Auto Fest Industry Sale.  Here is a little review of both...

ID Auto Fest, was quick event that brought out over 20 top aftermarket industry vendors for an impromptu swap meet of sorts.  You can say a 1st of it's kind Black Sunday Sale for Japanese Car Enthusiast.  Plus it had some great Car Show and Car Meet Prizes... $1000 for each!  as well as FREE raffle with prizes from all the vendors... If you missed it, you definitely missed out on some super deals.

And just this past Sunday, we returned to the Battle of the Imports 2010 season finale at the Auto Club Dragway in Fontana.  The turn out of local grassroot drag racer was huge!  It's good to see import drag racing is still alive locally on the westcoast.  It was also amazing to see so many quick FF drag cars go against old school VWs...  (Thank you BOTI for inviting us out!... Don't miss it, if they are in your area next year!!!)

With 2010, closing up, we can't wait till we are back out at the events... See you there!  (and if you like what we are doing at events, don't forget to follow us on Twitter for more coverage and info)