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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Top Secret / GReddy CRZ Turbo Kit Collaboration

     TOP SECRET X GReddy TD04H Turbo System for CR-Z

Over the past few months the famous Japanese Tuning Magazine "Option Magazine" has been running some CR-Z Tsukuba Battles between two Tuned CR-Z to see the potential for aftermarket performance.  GReddy/TRUST Japan, was happy to work along side the legendary Smoky Nagata's TOP SECRET team with a GReddy TD04H Turbocharged challenger (tuned with e-Manage Ultimate) against a Supercharged opponent.

We are pleasantly surprised of how well matched the TD04H matches with the Hybrid CRZ engine for both overall torque, power and response for performance driving.

Here are a few pages from the articles (Option 12/2010, 01/2011. & 02/2011) :

Round #1 -  200hp Battle around Tsukuba Circuit
                         The Turbo CR-Z was boosted to 0.45kg/cm2 for 204.0ps (+70ps over stock)
                         The test driver loved how well the power-band matched well with the car
                         Best Time of 1:08.364 (2.264sec quicker then the other CRZ)

Round #2 - 300hp Battle around Tsukuba Circuit
                        The Turbo CR-Z was fitted with a strengthen engine and boosted to 1.3kg/cm2
                        for 306ps
(+172ps over stock)
                        Best Time of 1:06.368 (0.672sec quicker then the other CRZ)

Round #3 - 300hp "All-out" Battle around Tsukuba Circuit
                       The same power setting, with more suspension, tuning, & custom modifications
                       Incredible Best Time of 1:05.795 (within 0.172sec of the other CRZ)

Stay tuned for more info regarding our up and coming CR-Z Turbo Kit.  Coming Soon...