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Monday, March 28, 2011

156+ SoCalEvo.net Evos at GReddy!

Yesterday (Sunday, March 27th) started off as an unexpected rainy day in Southern California, but that did not keep away the 156 hardcore SoCalEvo.net enthusiasts from bringing out their CT9A & CZ4A Evos for some fun.

(At GReddyFEST2, this past September, the SoCalEvo.net group won our Scavenger Hunt for a private group meet.)

With the help of avid SoCalEvo.net members like "AlphaKennyBody" Ralphy and his crew, convoys of SoCalEvo members from Los Angeles, San Diego, Inland Empire and Orange County gathered at the GReddy HQ for a huge SoCalEvo.net car meet and dyno-day.
- Also in attendance was NOS Energy Drinks, Mackin Industries (Ray's/Advan/Project Mu distributors,) and Dsport Magazine.

The day was filled with car enthusiast mingling with GReddy staff and talking about Mitsubishi Evos and GReddy performance products.

One of the highlights of the day was the GReddy "Guess the HP!" game, where everyone in attendance had a chance to guess the HP of 6 Evos that were put on the GReddy Dyno!
The Closest guess for each won a GReddy Goodie Bag! 
Congratulations again to : SoCalEvo's
 "allblackevo," "Fernani," "Fernani2," "Evobros," "Viet-man," & "JDMjunkies42" 
for your awesome guesses!

The winner of the Dyno Contest was SoCalEvo's :

  • "Departed" for the Evo Xs - 357.6hp
  • "ReeseTuning" for the Evo VIII / IXs - 623.3hp

Thanks again SoCalEvo.net for having your Meet at GReddy.
It was a pleasure meeting you all!