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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

GReddy Air Intake Systems

          Arriving August  (FR-S Sept.)  - Now accepting Pre-Orders

GReddy Air Intake Systems are designed to be the perfect complement to free-flowing GReddy Exhaust. Increased intake flow will give added benefit to larger diameter exhausts like our new Evo3 and RS models, as well as our more refine SP Elite systems. And just like in our exhaust development, we make sure each application is carefully studied and tuned. All systems are made with high quality materials, careful craftsmanship, and designed for ease of installation.

GReddy Air Intake systems improve horsepower and torque through a cool air-charge and smoothly increasing intake air-flow. Our new multi-layer synthetic, deep pleated, dry filter element offers improved filtration. It also provides high flow, but without the worry of MAF sensor contamination. Performance gains are attributed to the careful air filter placement along with tuned aluminum piping or variable diameter molded piping. Other tuning aids, (depending on application,) include: heat-shields, air-box covers, or in our new (M) Momentum series, high flow sealed air-boxes, with integration to factory air-scoops.
2013- FR-S / BRZ (M)