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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Burnt Titanium Tips for the RS Exhaust

Back by popular demand! 
GReddy burnt Titanium tips, now available for the GReddy RS Exhausts
Optional GReddy burnt Ti tip for RS Exhaust
GReddy RS Racing Sport Exhausts are a great full stainless steel, high flow exhaust system.  But many requested the the more stylish burnt Ti look from the previous GReddy Racing Ti-C model.  Now with the release of these high quality RS Ti Tip, you have the option to switch between the standard Stainless Steel Tip and the optional Titanium Tip. (tools required 3mm Hex wrench & 8mm Wrench)
Burnt Titanium Tip
Specifically for the RS Exhaust

P/N 11001113     Optional RS Titanium Tip -Dia.102mm X L120mm            MSRP $95.
                            (compatible with most 60mm and 70mm Dia. RS Exhaust Systems)         (Available now!)
                                   (Buy it Now - ShopGReddy.com online store)


P/N 11001114     Optional RS Titanium Tip -Dia. 115mm X L120mm            MSRP $95.
                            (compatible with most 80mm Dia. RS Exhaust Systems)                        (Available Mid Feb)