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Friday, May 17, 2013

New GReddy Exhaust for May

Six new GReddy Exhaust Systems for May!  
Take a look and listen to the new exhaust arriving late May... 
  * Evo3        for (ACT10) tC | (HGC38) Genesis Coupe V6 | (HGC20) Genesis 2.0T
  * SP Elite
  for (FG4) Civic Si Coupe | (JA32U) Lancer GT
  * RS
           for (JA32U) Lancer GT
(Please contact your favorite Authorized GReddy Dealer or ShopGReddy.com for pre-orders...)

Also coming back in stock for May: (Pre-order Now)
      SP Elite: Lancer GTS & RX8 | RS: S2000 | Evo3: FR-S & tC2

NEW for May!  (due by 5/27)

Evo3 - 2004-10 Scion (ACT10) tC - 10117304

     [ORDER NOW]
  Larger 70mm dia. high-flow 3-piece Evo3 cat-back exhaust

SP Elite -12-on Honda (FG4) Civic Si Cpe. - 10157206

     [ORDER NOW]
  Larger 70mm high-flow 2 piece SP Elite cat-back exhaust

RS -12-on Mitsubishi (JA32U) Lancer GT - 10137103

     [ORDER NOW]
 60mm dia. angled round 1-piece RS axle-back exhaust

SP Elite -12-on Mitsubishi (JA32U) Lancer GT - 10137202

     [ORDER NOW]
 60mm dia. compact oval 1-piece SP axle-back exhaust

Evo3 -10-12 Hyundai (HGC38) Genesis Cpe V6 - 10107300

     [ORDER NOW]
 2x 70mm - 80mm - Dual 70mm dia mufflers 3-piece Evo cat-back exhaust

Evo3 -10-12 Hyundai (HGC38) Genesis 2.0T -10107301

     [ORDER NOW]
 70mm - 80mm - Dual 70mm dia mufflers 3-piece Evo cat-back exhaust

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