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Monday, July 22, 2013

Formula D Round 5 - Evergreen Speedway, WA

   - Monday Coverage from Formula Drift #FDSEA : Seattle, WA

Over the weekend the GReddy Performance X Scion Racing Team competed in the North-West, near Seattle at the Evergreen Speedway for round 5 of the Formula Drift Pro Championships...

If you are familiar with the current Formula D qualifying process. The first round of Qualifying scores lock the top 16 cars into the top 16 positions, then the rest of field (17-on) make a second run to determine the rest of the field.  So with Ken Gushi getting a surprisingly lower then expected 77.5pt for 16 spot, we end up with a tough elimination bracket.  The highest scoring driver (89pt.) in the second round of qualifying for Top32  (who is usually a top driver that just made a mistake in the 1st run) followed by the Number One qualifier (97.5pt) from the first qualifying session in Main 16 eliminations bracket. So this was the situation for round 5...

In the morning Top32 eliminations, driver Ken Gushi drove hard against the #17 Qualifier, Denofa, in his turbocharged straight 6 BMW to take a close win, advancing him to the Main event and Opening ceremony festivities. 

After some frantic repairs over the "half time break" Ken was back in the FR-S for Opening Ceremonies and the Main 16 Eliminations, against #1 Qualifier, McNamara in his V8 powered S14 Silvia.  Knowing it would be a fierce battle of high speed drifting, Ken drove hard but came into the infield section a little too "hot," knocking down a "Zero point" cone to end his chances to continue on.   

We would like to thank all the fans and partners for their support.
Photos via Scion Racing / Andrew Bohan

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