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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New applications of our GReddy Revolution RS, Supreme SP and EVOlution GT exhaust systems are arriving monthly...

Take a look at our newest Dsport ad to see the styling and performance differences.

Revolution RS  with compact round "race" muffler(s)
   - Racing Sport line focuses on maximum performance with an aggressive look and sound.
   - Improved from RS: improved internal and external construction + Limited Lifetime Warranty

Supreme SP  with large oval muffler(s)
   - Street Performance line features a stylish concept of enhanced performance with a refine exhaust note.
   - Improved from the SP Elite: revised tips and welded end-caps and
internal and external construction along with Limited Lifetime Warranty

EVOlution GT with medium sized round muffler(s) with off-set tip(s)
   - Progressive "Grand Turing" line geared toward a dynamic combination of performance, style and sound.
   - Improved from Evo3:
improved internal and external construction + Limited Lifetime Warranty

All three of our new GReddy Exhaust lines feature, our Limited Lifetime Warranty as well as:
  • Superior engine performance
  • More refine exhaust note for a deeper, throaty sound
  • Stylish layouts with quality materials
  • Re-engineered direct straight-though-chambered and fully straight-through mufflers
  • High-quality, precision TIG-welded 304 Stainless-steel components
  • Updated high-temperature, internal sound suppression materials
  • Improved Construction and Design, Inside and Out.
  • Revised tuned muffler, piping diameters and layouts
We also now offer Universal Muffler and Tip options in the Revolution RS and Supreme SP styles, for custom builds, for vehicles we do not offer application specific systems.