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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

GReddy Event Coverage from Formula Drift FDTX 2016

With the 2016 Formula Drift Pro Championship Irwindale Finale coming up quickly in early October, let's take a quick review at what happened at the last round, rd.7, on Sept. 9-10 at the Texas Motor Speedway...

The race week started off great for the team.  Thursday practice went well and the GReddy Racing - Nexen Tire - SR by Toyota 86 was dialed in quickly, for the high speed FDTX track.  Friday Qualifying also went well with Ken earning a top scoring of 96pts to tie the top four drivers for 4th place going into Saturday's tandem battles.

(Click here to watch the top 5 Qualifying runs from FDTX)

But during Saturday's final morning practice, a mechanical issue arose. It was discovered the back-up 2JZ engine would have to installed.  But with little time for an engine swap before the Top32 bracket, the team decided to take the risk to run the hurt engine in Top32.  Luckily for the team, Gushi tandem opponent had conceded the battle due to a similar engine problem, requiring Ken to just run a solo lap to move onto the next bracket.  This gave the GReddy team enough time to make the need engine change and get Ken out in time for the FDTX introductions and Top 16...

The #4 Qualifying, GReddy Racing - Nexen Tires - SR by Toyota 86 of Ken Gushi faced off, for the first time in competition, Kristaps Bluss' E46 BMW.  That BMW was one of the fastest vehicles on the course that day.  The two were evenly match and the battle were very close, so close, the Judges requested them to re-run a OMT battle. (1st match up - Video by Network A)

Again the 16-OMT battle was very close.  And with the excessive smoke trails and darkness it may have been difficult to evaluate the entirety of the runs, but in a divided decision, Bluss got the win, ending our event much earlier then we had hoped. (OMT battle - Video by Network A)

With what could be the very last Formula Drift finale in the "House of Drift," Irwindale Speedway, Ken Gushi and the GReddy Racing - Nexen Tire - SR by Toyota 86 head into the event in 6th place overall in the Championships, to close out the 2016 season.  The GReddy Team will be hard at work to try help bring the Nexen Tire their first FD Tire Manufacturers Championship (which we currently lead by just 10pts) and SR by Toyota a repeat FD Manufacturers Championship (2015 Manufacturers Champion.)  Plus the GReddy Team and Ken Gushi want that top of the podium really bad, especially, since we were so close, with a 2nd place finish, at last year's finale...

2015 Formula Drift Finale - SR by Toyota Driven 2 Drift E8