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Monday, July 24, 2017

Learn more about the GReddy Sirius Gauges

Now readily available in North America, GReddy Sirius Gauges...

A GReddy Sirius Control Unit is required for Sirius Vision, Sirius Meter, and Sirius Unify. One Control Unit can up to 3 Sirius Visions and up to 8 Sirius Meters (ll total). The Control Unit allows the user to control which parameters are displayed, as well as set and control peak-hold recall and warning settings.

  16001721     GReddy Sirius Control Unit - required for use

The award-winning, GReddy Sirius Vision is designed around our advanced thin-film electro luminescent display. The unique clear screen with intense yellow lighting allows the unit to be used as a heads-up display or to be combined with an analog Sirius Meter to overlay additional information. (*sensors sold separately)

16001720     GReddy Sirius Vision - Thin film multi-display

GReddy Sirius Meter evolves the classic, easy-to-read, analog GReddy gauge dial with three-dimensional elements to bring vital engine readings to life. The improved form allows the unit to be combined with a Sirius Vision to overlay additional information.

    GReddy Sirius Meter - Turbo Boost
16001731     GReddy Sirius Meter - Water Temp
16001732     GReddy Sirius Meter - Oil Temp
16001733     GReddy Sirius Meter - Oil Press
16001734     GReddy Sirius Meter - Fuel Press

GReddy Sirius Unify
By unifying and overlaying the advanced thin-film electro- luminescent display of the Sirius Vision over one of our Sirius Analog Meters, multiple key engine parameters can be viewed clearly and easily from one gauge position.

     GReddy Sirius Vision and Sirius Meter - Turbo Boost

16001741     GReddy Sirius Vision and Sirius Meter - Water Temp
16001742     GReddy Sirius Vision and Sirius Meter - Oil Temp
16001743     GReddy Sirius Vision and Sirius Meter - Oil Press
16001744     GReddy Sirius Vision and Sirius Meter - Fuel Press

*Optional Sirius Sensors and Harnesses
16401940     Sirius Boost Pressure Sensor and Harness Set
16401941     Sirius Oil / Fuel Pressure Sensor and Harness Set
16401942     Sirius Oil / Water Temp Sensor and Harness Set

16401935     Sirius Daisy-Chain Extension Harness +1m
16401411     Sirius Temperature Sensor Extension Harness +1m
16401412     Sirius Pressure Sensor Extension Harness +1m