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Friday, August 23, 2019

GReddy Radiator Caps Superceeded Part Numbers 
       High Pressure 1.3K and Closed Type S and Type N

Old part numbers for the GReddy Radiator Caps have now be superseded by these new Cap numbers below.

The new caps include an extra badge and are offered in 3 cap finishes: Black, Polished, and Brushed.  

  Type S - most Nissan, Subaru, Mazda, Some Toyota, Mitsubishi (late model, 10th Gen Honda)
  Type N - most Honda, some Toy (Scion FR-S/ Subaru BRZ)

p/n 13901000   Type S  1.3K Radiator Cap
Superseded to:
p/n 13911002   1.3K Type S  Black    
p/n 13911004   1.3K Type S  Polished
p/n 13911006   1.3K Type S  Brushed 
fits most Nis, Sub, Maz, some Toy, Mit 

p/n 13901001   Type N  1.3K Radiator Cap
Superseded to:
p/n 13911001   1.3K Type N  Black    
p/n 13911003   1.3K Type N  Polished
p/n 13911005   1.3K Type N  Brushed 
fits most Hon, many Toy & Scion 
Old (Closed) No Relief Radiator Caps will also be superseded by these new numbers below.  
p/n 12400907   Type S Closed Radiator Cap
Superseded to:
p/n 13911008   1.3K Type S  Black    
p/n 13911010   1.3K Type S  Polished
p/n 13911012   1.3K Type S  Brushed 
fits most Nis, Sub, Maz, some Toy, Mit 

p/n 12400906   Type N Closed Radiator Cap
Superseded to:

p/n 13911007   1.3K Type N  Black    
p/n 13911009   1.3K Type N  Polished
p/n 13911011   1.3K Type N  Brushed 
fits most Hon, many Toy & Scion