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Monday, April 13, 2009

Drift Weekend - Drift Day back at El Toro

This weekend marked the start of the 2009 Formula D Pro-Drift Series. It was cool to see all the new pro cars and drivers for this year back in Long Beach. After watching a great show Saturday, it was really great to see the Drift Association Staff, Sunday in our local community at the El Toro Air Field. (You might recognize the El Toro, form our GReddy Fest last year or from the popular online Ken Block Gymkhana videos floating around.)

Drift Association is a great grassroots source for the not only experienced drivers, but novice drivers, who want a safe environment to drift there tuned vehicles. Plus even if you don't have your own drift car, (or don't want to drift your car) there is Drift 101 for beginners to learn the key basics. To get started and for more info please see: www.driftday.com

GReddy is a proud friend of Drift Association and we hope to come out and visit them again soon. Who knows we might even convince them to help us out on some more GReddy driving events at El Toro...

(images form http://www.driftday.com/ )