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Thursday, April 2, 2009

New RalliArt mini project.

This week we picked up a new RalliArt Lancer from Mitsubishi USA, to start-off on a little mini-project. Plans are not for a full on demo car, but a more modest, street build for a fun, quick, daily driver. (so check back with us for updates)

As a base car, we noticed the vehicle is pretty quick on the street with it's rated 237hp RalliArt 4B11 MIVEC turbo engine and 6 speed twin clutch sportronic shift transmission. This is the same trans that comes in the Evo X MR, but for a price tag about $10K less. From the EVO X, there are many differences in suspension, brakes, interior, turbo, and ecu, but for an inexpensive base AWD turbo car, it's a great choice to start a very quick and reliable street car. And that is what we are looking for in this mini-build.

We already have a few plans for new products to develop for the car, but if you are a Lancer RalliArt owner and you have some suggestions, please let us hear them, so shoot us an email at greddyusa@greddy.com.