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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

TRUST TIMES 2010 Vol. 1

GReddy brings back the JDM TRUST TIMES, to report the news for Japan.
2010's Vol #1 talks about some of our new GTR parts.

For example, to the bottom-right is some info on the R35 GTR stock mount intercooler upgrade.
Boosting up with bolt-ons it is possible to reach towards the 600hp range in a R35, this intercooler upgrade is an ideal addition to this result.

The larger twin Type-6 cores have a slightly larger area, but being over an 1" thicker, provide over 20% better cooling with only a 0.05kg/cm2 (0.7psi) increase in pressure drop. (That's over 10deg C cooler then the stock core)

As well as good gains in hp and torque throughout the powerband. click on the image to check it out...

At the bottom there is also a sneek-peak at our new GReddy T620Z compact turbo for a JZX100 Chaser, but that might make a good upgrade turbo for some of our other existing TZ turbo kits =)