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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We need your exhaust photos

We are currently working on the updating our homepage: www.GReddy.com And we know we could use more good photos of our GReddy parts in use. That is where you can help us.

Send us an image you have taken of your GReddy Exhaust on your Car and if we end up using the image, we will send you some FREE GReddy swag!

1. What we are looking for in a good GReddy exhaust photo is:
2. Minimum Size: W:600 x H:400 pixels at 72dpi
3. Clear view of a GReddy Exhaust : SE, Ti-C, Racing Ti, EVO2, etc...
4. The easiest angle is usually on the ground shooting slightly upward like our examples.
5. It also helps if you place a white (or light) piece of poster paper on the ground under the exhaust.
6. It is also good if we can tell what kind of vehicle is in the photo (don't worry we will blur out your license plate)
7. By submitting your photos, you agree that you have the rights to the images you are sending and you give GReddy full rights to use the images for our websites and promotional materials.
8. And most importantly we need a full description of all your info.

• Name: Eddy Rex Racer
• Your Location: California
• Vehicle Make: Infiniti
• Vehicle Model: G37
• Vehicle Year: 2008
• GReddy Exhaust Type: SE

Email to 

greddyusa@greddy.com (Subject: Exhaust Photo)

Here are some good examples of what we are looking for at different angles...
(click on any of the images for a larger view of our examples)

Or you can also "Share" & "attach a photo" directly to our "Fan Wall" on our
GReddy Fan Page on Facebook

Thank you and we look forward to seeing your submissions!