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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A 202.5mph record for the GReddy 35RX debut...

This past weekend (Sept. 18th) the GReddy team debuted our JDM-spec, 1,100ps, 4.3L GReddy 35RX GTR at the 2011 GTR Magazine R's Meeting at Fuji Speedway. (more from the event)

Driven by World Champion Time Attack Challenge pilot, "Tarzan" Yamada, the GReddy 35RX posted a new record for top speed at the Fuji Speedway in it's class.  326km/h, that's 202.5mphNot a bad way to debut a new project car...  (video clips coming soon!)

The GReddy 35RX is another GReddy for pushing the limits of the R35 GTR... for more info on GReddy R35 products please see: (here) including our GReddy-built 4.3L stroker VR engine, TD06 Twin Turbo Upgrade, Type-29 cross-flow Intercooler kit, DCT trans cooler and more... or also see our GReddy R35 specific blog: http://greddy-gr9.blogspot.com/