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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Get that orginal GReddy look

Proud of your or Radiator?  By using this GReddy Logo Stencil, you can easily get that JDM look for your vehicle's front end.  Perfectly sized W23' x H11" poster card, holds two perforated GReddy Logos to match almost any bumper and intercooler combination (W 15' x H 21/8" & W 221/2" x 31/8" )  The stencil is also reversible for real-JDM mirror image GReddy Logo look.

Use stencil and additional making tape to mask off possible over spray areas, then use your choice of colored spray paint to brand your intercooler or radiator.

Stencil Size: 23"x11"
Logo Size(s): (W 15' x H 21/8")  (W 221/2" x 31/8" )
Reversible, same stencil included with most Kits


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