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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New GReddy Exhausts for August

New Exhaust Arrivals for August      Due: Friday, Aug 17th   

RS Racing Sport (T) - 2002-05 Acura RSX Type-S  - 10157106
                                     70mm diameter cat-back exhaust with 102mm tip,
                                      ideal for Turbo or High-flow N/A applications


SP Elite  - 2008-12 Honda Accord Cpe. V6  - 10157204
                 60mm diameter cat-back exhaust dual oval mufflers and 102mm tips

SP Elite  - 2008-12 Honda Accord Cpe. 4 Cylinder  - 10157205
                 60mm diameter cat-back exhaust single muffler and 102mm tip

SP Elite  - 2010-13 Hyundai Coupe 2.0T/V6  - 10107200
                  60mm diameter axle-back exhaust dual oval mufflers and 102mm tips
                    fits 2.0T or V6 models