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Friday, June 5, 2009

GReddy Turbo Powered Cars in D1

A few weeks back the top Japanese drifters gathered for a D1GP exhibition match in Odaba, for the annual Tokyo Drift event. A cool thing we noticed is, of the Top 30 entries, over 36% of the cars (11/30) are powered by GReddy T-Power Turbos!

3 of these top cars were also the past 3 D1GP series champions:
* 2008 Champion, Diago Saito - with a GReddy T88
* 2007 Champion, Masato Kawabata - with a GReddy T67
* 2006 Champion, Nobushige Kumakubo - with a GReddy T67

Check out the slideshow below with the specs for of these incredible machines. With their GReddy T67, T78, & T88 turbos, they are producing some great horsepower for drifting. Ranging from 520hp to 900hp!!!

Original images from www.d1gp.co.jp, for more info on D1GP USA see www.d1gp.com

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