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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fight heat soak with new GReddy GTR I/C

The Nissan R35 GTR is a very efficient machine in stock form. And for stock boost levels the GReddy GTR Intercooler upgrade offers moderate gains, however for long boost duration and warm weather, that is when the benefits of having larger cores show their benefits. To help fight against heat-soak, we offer the taller thicker Type 6R cores (H266 x W260 x D115mm).

And for GTR owners who plan to boost up the VR38, the added capacity have larger gains in cooling and power as the boost goes up.

ITEM: GTR upgraded Intercooler Kit
VEHICLE: '09 Nissan GTR
DESCRIPTION: Type-06 R-spec. HG
NOTES: Twin front mounted cores, HG-high grade polished, bolt-on upgrade, bumper diversion
PART NUMBER: 12020483
MSRP: $3,700.

GReddy Intetcooler Kits