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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Limited Edition JDM Drifter Pink Oil Cooler Kits

It's a well know fact that many Japanese drifter seem to love the color Pink. (They even have all pink drift contest with all the entry vehicles painted pink.) One of the most famous Pink drifters is the (Drift Heaven) Drift Tengoku Magazine's Pink and White JZX90 beat-up drift missile. So, after numerous requests, TRUST has decided to offer a limited run of Pink-colored Oil Cooler Kits in this Pink drifter style.

On a very limited, special order basis, GPP will be allowing Authorized GReddy dealers to special order these Limited Edition Pink Oil Coolers, in North America. So, if you are need of a rare JDM addition for your car, please contact your favorite Authorized GReddy Dealer for more details.

A few posts ago, we went over the basics and benefits of a high performance oil cooler kit. You can click here to read up a bit more on it.