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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Huf x GReddy Collaboration Event at GPP, 3/3/2024


Based in Los Angeles, HUF has become one of the most respected and pioneering skate and lifestyle brands worldwide. Collaborating with artists, designers, photographers, musicians, and unconventional tastemakers, it’s also a home to a collective of eclectic skateboarders and ambassadors.  HUF represents the progressive vision that has driven Hufnagel since day one. It is renowned for its clean aesthetic, provocative designs, and quality craftsmanship. For over 15 years, HUF has been dedicated to pushing the culture forward, by refusing to conform to it.

Founded in Japan in 1977, The Trust Company LTD transformed the auto industry with its tricked-out take on turbocharged kits. A combination of “Great” and “Eddy,” GReddy defined the Golden Era of aftermarket customization and continues its commitment to preserving tuning culture with a nod to the past and an eye on the future. HUF x GReddy celebrates Formula racing aesthetics and fine-tuned details with custom co-branded art inspired by GReddy's archives and legacy. 



Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Ken Gushi and Greddy team up again for 2024 Formula Drift season.

Ken Gushi and Greddy Performance will be teaming up again for the

2024 Formula Drift season. Ken will be debuting Greddy Performance's new 2jz engine program along with their new turbocharger and accompanying engine accessories.

"I am excited to be back with Greddy for the 2024 season. Working with them for 10 years prior to this, their know-how and expertise in the automotive performance industry is going to make a big difference for me. Although the 1GR engine platform had potential, the new Greddy 2jz has all the elements to perform at this level of competition and beyond. "

Ken Gushi

"We are excited to once again team up with Ken. It's been a few years since we have been away from FD, and we are looking forward to being able to showcase the capability of our products with Ken's program."

Kenji Sumino/President

Greddy Performance Products

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

GReddy is now an Official Artec AUS Pro Dealer

🇦🇺x 🇯🇵 Artec cast stainless-steel turbo exhaust manifolds are now available through GReddy and www.ShopGReddy.com

As announced at this year’s SEMA Show GReddy is a stocking west-coast stocking Pro Dealer for @artecperformance

Artec Performance of Australia is known worldwide for their high-quality, durablility and performance.

Friday, September 15, 2023

Entry-level Warehouse, Shipping and Packaging position.

UPDATE 11/13 (Job opening postponed until after the new year, resumes already submitted will be held in reserve.)

GReddy is hiring!
     Entry-level Warehouse, Shipping and Packaging position.

Part-time 20-25hrs per week.
Flexible hours, example: 5days M-F 9am-1pm or 2-3days M-F 9-6.

Must have the ability to lift 70lbs. Basic knowledge of performance parts a plus. Looking to hire someone immediately.

Please send your resume to jobs@greddy.com (no DMs).

Thank you

GReddy Performance Products, Inc. 
9 Vanderbilt, Irvine CA 92618

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Nostalgic Classics Honda Meet at GReddy

 Thank you to all who attended our Nostalgic Classics Honda Meet on Aug., 26.

It was great to see such a wide selection of cool "Classic Honda and Acura" cars at GReddy. 

For those who couldn't make it, here is some coverage by MotorTrend:

If you missed our Fundraising effort for the Maui Strong Fund, you can now get your decal from our online store www.ShopGReddy.com.  The decal is our GReddy Tri-colors for a unique island style...

Because of the great feedback for the Event Tee, we will be soon re-releasing an other batch online for those who missed them or were not able to attend in person.  Please keep an eye out for its re-release on www.ShopGreddy.com soon! (Now available!)

Congratulations to all our Raffle prize winners,  - (shown Grand Prize Winner - John with his GReddy MOMO Montecarlo Steering Wheel)

Thank you, Rays Wheels (Mackin), Autofashion, Motel, Options Auto Salon, Falken Tire, Evasive Motorsports, Apex, JDM Ego, Mono, Fifteen52, 90's Forever for the awesome Raffle Prizes!

And of course we another huge congratulations to our GReddy Award Winners!

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

GReddy MOMO Montecarlo Collaboration Steering Wheel

GReddy MOMO Montecarlo Steering Wheel (Buy Now)

  • Hand-made in Italy by MOMO exclusively for GReddy 🇮🇹 
  • Unique black Alcantara centering-stripe 
  • Custom GReddy 3-color luxury pattern stitching 
  • GReddy “flush-mounted” horn button 
  • GReddy X MOMO logo branding on lower center spoke 
  • special GReddy message printed on back side spoke 
  • 350mm Diameter black leather 
  • Brushed black Anodized spokes 
  • 40mm wheel dish 
  • 32mm X 28mm grip 
  • Standard “Import” 6-bolt 70mm P.CD. 
  • also includes: Horn button cables, flush horn mounting plate, 6x black flathead Allen bolts and Allen L-wrench 

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Special Limited Run GReddy x Bride Preorder - Ends 2/28/2023

Presale for Limited production run, GReddy X Bride seats ends Feb. 28th 2023

(as displayed and debuted at the 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon)
Each all black seat has both GReddy and Bride embroidery along with Blue stitching
 (STRADIA III, Zeta IV and Zieg IV seats have silver shell back and a GReddy Logo on the back)

Two Reclining Seat (Classic Euroster II & Premium Stradia III)
and Two Bucket Seat Styles (FIA Zeta IV and wider Zieg IV)

* ETA for preorders to arrive at GPP, Irvine CA is currently looking like June-July 


Racing Bucket Seat - Standard Size
  P/N 70723019
Presale Price

Racing Bucket Seat - Standard Size
Black Seat with Blue Stitching
FRP silver shell
Seat: Black GReddy logo (front and back)\
Flame-retardant fabric used
Safety standard compliant model
FIA standard acquisition model
LOWMAX system
Made in Japan
Weight: about 7.4kg


Racing Bucket Seat - Wider Size
P/N 70723021
Presale Price

Racing Bucket Seat - Wider Size
Black Seat with Blue Stitching
FRP silver shell
Seat: Black GReddy logo (front and back)
Flame-retardant fabric used
Safety standard compliant model
FIA standard acquisition model
LOWMAX system
Made in Japan
Weight: about 8.0kg


Classic Sport Reclining Seat
P/N 70723023
Presale Price $1,250.00

Classic Sport Reclining Seat
Black Seat with Blue Stitching
Luxury suede fabric
Seat: Black
GReddy logo (front only)
Flame-retardant fabric used
noT seat heater model
Safety standard compliant model
FIA standard acquisition model
Made in Japan
Weight: about 14.6kg


Premium Sport Reclining Seat
P/N 70723025
Presale Price


Premium Sport Reclining Seat
Black Seat with Blue Stitching
Steel frame
FRP silver shell
Seat: Black GReddy logo (front and back)
Flame-retardant fabric used
Safety standard compliant model
LOWMAX system
Made in Japan
Weight: about 14.0kg

Thursday, September 8, 2022

GReddy Team Exhibits again at the Japanese Classic Car Show

 Come out and visit the GReddy Team as the Japanese Classic Car Show returns to Long Beach.


    JCCS, Sat. Sept. 10, 2022 Marina Green Park, Long Beach, CA

Special Event Releases:

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

GReddy A/F-Type Airinx Air Filters for Updating Airinx AY-B Filters in Suction, Intake or Turbo Kits

Designed specifically for use with popular JDM air flow meters which require application specific bolt-on adapters (or a more compact filter size, like the previous "mushroom" shaped Airinx AY-B), is the GReddy Airinx Air-Flow Meter Type System. The basic system is comprised of a specially-sized, large opening GReddy Airinx air filter, matching base plate along with an application specific molded Airinx AY airflow-meter adapter(s). GReddy offers two specific filter sizes, a smaller Airinx S with a 136mm dia. outlet to replace previous Airinx AY-SB filters and a medium sized Airinx M with a 172mm dia. outlet to replace previous Airinx AY-MB filters. This is especially ideal, when upgrading older GReddy Suction/Intake and Turbo kits which utilized previous Airinx AY-SB or AY-MB dome filters with application specific Airinx AY air-flow meter adapters.


The Airinx dry element filter with the molded polyurethane frame incorporates a specially-designed inverted structure with 3-layers of high-performance filtering elements in two specific compact sizes. The 136mm dia. A/F-type Airinx-S measures a compact H85 x T110mm dia. x B136mm dia. to approximate the dimensions of the previous “mushroom”-shaped Airinx AY-SB. (A/F-type Airinx-M: H105mm x T136mm dia. x 172mm dia. to replace Airinx AY-MB) The filter is decorated with molded GReddy Airinx logos and includes an additional GReddy emblem that can be attached to anywhere along the side of the filter element, 360deg. The dry Airinx element is ideal for air-flow meter use and is easily serviceable regular cleanings with mild soapy water and blowing with compressed air.

The key to getting these A/F-type filter bodies to work with the previous AY adapters is the use of a required, matching 136mm dia. baseplate adapter for the Airinx S or 172mm dia. baseplate adapter for the Airinx M. These powder-coated formed-metal baseplate adapters allow the use of the existing molded Airinx AY air-flow meter adapters (that you may already have from a GReddy suction/intake or turbo kit.) The baseplates also have provisions for mounting brackets and a port for optional sensors, if necessary. 

There are two series of S and M-sized Airinx AY molded-polyurethane adapters. They come in various application specific shapes to match many popular Japanese air-flow meter types, like for the RB26, Z32, RB25, RB20, SR20, VQ35, 1JZ and 4G63. Also available are standard round adapters that range from 50mm all the way up to 100mm diameter, if you eventually decide to eliminate the factory air-flow meter in the future. (or have space confinements and require a lower-profile air filter assembly, than the standard Airinx S or M.)

Click on the images below for a full list of Airinx AY-S and AY-M adapters.


See the full line of Airinx Air Filters on greddy.com