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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Happy Holidays from GReddy

Please noteOur official online store www.ShopGReddy.com will be open through the holiday break, however any orders made after Wednesday, Dec. 21st will not be process or shipped until Tuesday, Jan. 3rd, 2017

Monday, December 19, 2016

GReddy Exhaust Arriving in January

p/n 10128302

p/n 10118207

p/n 10118500

Nissan  Juke     2010-16     EVOlution GT Exhaust - coming soon!
     10128304    MSRP $750.

EVOlution GT exhaust for the Nissan Juke (FWD) enhances performance, while maintaining excellent sound levels for everyday driving. Power test have shown 10whp/11ft-lbs of torque increase, with a rich throaty sound. While cruising speeds, enjoy very comfortable sound levels, with no drone. The unique design of the compact EVO GT off-set tip muffler, provides ideal piping clearance, even with the large 76mm (3”) diameter piping. Like all GReddy EVOlution GT systems this fully hand-welded 304 Stainless-Steel exhaust carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Lexus   GS-F     2016-17   Supreme SP Exhaust - coming soon!
          10118207    MSRP $895.

Supreme SP for sporty Lexus GS-F offers our renowned exhaust note with graceful but aggressive styling. The straight-through, dual oval muffler system with large free flowing 63.5mm (2.5”) piping produces no exhaust drone. Thanks to the two large SP mufflers, it has excellent sound suppression at idle and cruising. In spirited acceleration, the V8 exhaust note comes to life with a deep rich GReddy sound. The off-set slash-cut tips best match the GS-F’s aero styling. Like all GReddy Supreme SP systems the fully hand-welded 304 Stainless-Steel exhaust carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Lexus   IS-F    2007-15
   Racing Titanium Exhaust
 - re-released!         10118500    MSRP $4495.

This is the ultimate Lexus IS-F exhaust. With full Titanium construction, the GReddy Supreme Ti Titanium Exhaust features our original Dual 60-70mm Titanium piping to Quad 60mm Titanium piping to the two Dual inlet Titanium oval mufflers.  The kit is finished off with 4x burnt-spectrum Titanium tips, but the system can also be used with the factory bumper mounted IS-F stock tips, for a stealthy installation.

Special Re-release pre-sale for Jan. 2017 arrival...

Monday, December 5, 2016

New GReddy Signature Fitted G Caps

Available now in sizes 7" - 8 1/4" 
    on www.ShopGReddy.com...

GReddy Signature G Fitted Caps
GReddy Signature G Fitted Caps

Also see our new color-ways for the Snap-back models...

Thursday, December 1, 2016

GReddy FR-S / 86 / BRZ Total Tune-up Product listing

Designed, Tested and Proven on the streets and on the track.  GReddy full line of Total Tune-up products for the Scion FR-S, Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ...

GReddy by KW Suspension
Coil-overs (6K 7K)
 p/n 14016101
- NEW! - 

GReddy Aluminum Pulley Kit (6pcs.)
 p/n 13512111
- NEW! -

2 pc Water / Alt. Set
 p/n 13512112

GReddy Aluminum Baffle plate
  p/n 13515901
- NEW! -

GReddy Aluminum Water Neck Adapter
 p/n 16401690
- NEW! -

GReddy Manifold Pressure Port Adapter
 p/n 11910100
- NEW! -

GReddy Carbon Suction Tube
 p/n 11910110
- NEW! -
GReddy Aininx Intake Kit
 p/n 12511040

GReddy Air Intake Snorkel
 p/n 125150011

GReddy T518Z Tuner Turbo Kit
 (recommended for stock engines)
 p/n 11510094

GReddy T620Z Tuner Turbo Kit
 (recommended for built engines)
 p/n 11510407
GReddy Supreme SP
2.5" Cat-back Exhaust
 p/n 10118206
 (fits 2017 models)

GReddy Revolution RS
3.0" Cat-back Exhaust
 p/n 10118102

GReddy EVOlution GT
3.0" Cat-back Exhaust
 p/n 10118300


GReddy Circuit Spec Oil Cooler Kit
 p/n 12014634

Ltd. 86 Circuit Spec Oil Cooler Kit
 p/n 12014636
 - Limited Edition Red (86units)

FR-S / 86 / BRZ Oil Catch Tank
 p/n TBA
- coming soon! -


GReddy Oil Block Adapter
 p/n 12002802

GRacer Lip Spoiler - FR-S
 p/n 17010098


 GRacer Lip Spoiler -BRZ
 p/n 17060060

Carbon Hood Dampers
 p/n 18510101

More popular FR-S / 86 / BRZ product listings:

GReddy Racing Lug Nuts (5x M12xP1.25)         p/n  14401320
GReddy Mag Oil Drain Plug (MD-04)                  p/n  13901304
GReddy Sports Oil Filter (OX-04)                        p/n  13901104
GReddy High Press. Radiator Cap (Type N)        p/n  13901001
GReddy Rad. Breather Tank (Type N)                  p/n  12400908
GReddy Radiator Hose Adapter (40mm)              p/n  16401640

Monday, November 14, 2016

GReddy Garage Sale - Nov. 19th

GReddy Garage Sale - 11/19/2016  11am-4pm
GReddy Performance Products, 9 Vanderbilt, Irvine, CA 92618


Join us, this Saturday, Nov. 19th between 11am and 4pm for our #GReddyGarageSALE.  Our first in 2years.  For Sale will be race team parts, R and D samples, factory parts from project builds, and special one day only discounts on select GReddy, Boost Brigade, Pandem, and Rocket Bunny inventory.

We will also have Raffle prizes and special demo cars on display...

For more please see our Facebook Event Page:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1681277502185469/

Friday, November 11, 2016

GReddy at the 2016 SEMA Show

GReddy Booth, Nov. 1st - 4th, Las Vegas Convention Center

In case you missed the 2016 SEMA Show, here is our GReddy re-cap...

The SEMA Show standout announcement was for the January-February release of our new GReddy Sirius Vision and Sirius Meter series.  The gauge line includes our innovative Sirius Vision with our vivid multi-display, which can be used with our Sirius Control Unit independently or combined with our one or more of our 5 classic analog Vision Meters, to monitor Turbo Boost, Fuel Pressure, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, Water Temperature and more...
(1x Sirius Control unit can control upto 4x Sirius Vision and 8x Sirius Meter units)  -  VIDEO FROM SEMA

Sirius Vision is designed around our advanced thin-film electro luminescent display. The unique clear screen with intense lighting allows the unit to be used as a heads up display or to be combined with a Sirius Meter to overlay additional information.

Sirius Meter evolves the classic, easy to read, analog GReddy gauge dial with three-dimensional elements to bring vital engine readings to life. The improved form allows the unit to be combined with a Sirius Vision to overlay additional information. 

Built to revisit RB26 platform, this rear-wheel drive GReddy Boost Brigade R32 Skyline sedan was front and center in the GReddy booth.   GReddy will now be reviving and updating popular RB26 parts for the North American market.  

The first batches of GReddy by KW Suspension kits are now available for purchase.  Applications include: Scion FR-S / Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ,  Lexus IS-F / IS350 / IS250, Nissan 350Z / 370Z, Mitsubishi Evolution X (with more new models, like the '15-on Subaru WRX/ STI and Honda S2000 coming soon...)

For more see: greddy.com

The GReddy Exhaust line-up will continue to expand the GReddy Supreme SP, Revolution RS and EVOlution GT applications with some exciting new models, including... domestic makes like the Chevy C6  Corvette...Camaro and Mustang...

Another new feature we will be integrating will be cast-stainless steel GReddy flanges...

The GReddy Racing - Nexen Tire - Toyota Racing 86 of Ken Gushi was displayed with its now Pandem (Rocket Bunny) V3 aero kit in the Nexen Tire exhibit, while new GReddy FR-S/86/BRZ products, like our 6pc billet Pulley Kit, Oil Baffle Plate, Carbon Suction Tube, Intake and Snorkel kit...

And building on the success of last year's Fugu Z, GReddy is proud to have been able to contribute to Sung Kang's 2016 SEMA Show project.  The 2.3L  EcoBoost Under Dog Project, a 1970 Ford Maverick was turbocharged by our GReddy Special Products Department and won the prestigious Ford Design Award.              

Under Dog Project Video - Episode 5

 Boost Brigade Winter Preview - HNRS, Las Vegas

Thursday, October 27, 2016

2016 SEMA Show - GReddy Booth 20671

Visit the GReddy Booth #20671

To our Valued Customers and Industry Friends,

Please come by the GReddy Performance Products SEMA Show booth, #20671 inside the Racing & Performance section in the Central Hall.  We will be introducing new GReddy products; including our new GReddy-KW performance coil-over suspension kits, new FR-S/86/BRZ parts, the highly-anticipated SIRIUS Meter Series and the re-release of classic JDM GReddy products for the RB26 / 2JZ...


We will also have a BOOST BRIGADE "Pop-up Shop"
11/1 - 11/4  |  11:00am - 7:00pm
8174 Las Vegas Blvd., Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89123

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

New GReddy Exhausts for September

The first batches of Supreme SP for Lexus RC350
     and Revolution RS for the Subaru (GVB) WRX/STI.

The Supreme SP for the 2015-on Lexus RC350 features up to a 10whp gain, with a sophisticated exhaust note and an aesthetically artistic design.  The classic dual oval muffler axle-back system with large free flowing 63.5mm (2.5”) piping produces no exhaust drone. Thanks to the two large SP mufflers, it has excellent sound suppression at idle and cruising.  In spirited acceleration, the straight-through design makes the exhaust comes to life with a deep rich GReddy sound.  The unique quad tip configuration, using two different diameters in an unique layout, best matches the styling of the vehicle.  Like all GReddy Supreme SP systems the fully hand-welded 304 Stainless-Steel exhaust carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

 - - - - - - -


The Revolution RS for the Subaru WRX/STI sedan features full 3.0” diameter piping for superior performance. Dyno test have shown increase in 12hp and an amazing 32ft-lbs of torque. The purposeful single-sided cat-back layout with minimal bends produces a cost-effective, light-weight system. Classic GReddy styling positions the muffler and tip stylishly underneath the right side of the car while matching the profile body-lines perfectly. Like all GReddy Revolution RS systems the fully hand-welded 304 Stainless-Steel exhaust carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

  P/N  10168101     2011-14 Subaru (GV8) WRX/STI Sedan   76mm cat-back system           $  725.00