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Monday, November 29, 2010

Show you are a GReddy Supporter! - UPDATE

 UPDATE#2:  Thanks to our FB fans and Twitter Followers, we hit our month goal in less then one week!  Now we are shooting for even more...  Please join us at:


UPDATE: as a suggestion offered by one of our Facebook Fans, we will be posting cool Random GReddy images for the rest of the month. like this...

And if you like that, we have even more pictures on our Twitter


With 2011, coming soon, we would love to finish out 2010 on another high note!  We thought a internet target goal of 20,000 Facebook [Like]s for our GReddy FB Fan page would be great!  As of today we are at 19,569!  That leaves us about 32days get 431 more to join our GReddy Fan Page!  Help us reach our mark.  Recruit your friends.  Just click on the [Like] button towards the top of the page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/GReddy-Gpp/132974131302

And if you are already our FB Fan, maybe you can Join us on Twitter.  Our secondary target is to reach 1,500 GReddy Twitter Followers!  As of today we are at 1,447.  That leaves us 32days for only 53more. Again, help us get there! Just click the [+Follow] button at: http://twitter.com/#!/greddy_power

Thank you all for your Support!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Multi-Company Mega Sale, this Sunday!


We know it might be a kind of last minute, (but for chance like this, it will be well worth the trip!) recently GReddy has been invited to a special,  1st of it's kind Multi-Company Import Mega Sale, ID AUTO FEST for this Sunday, Nov. 28th; and we would like to also invite you to attend as well.

So in addition to a last chance Sale from us, you can also buy Manufacture Direct Sales form other premium companies like: Ray's Wheels, Tein, Apexi, Seibon, ARC, Advan Wheels, Cwest, 5 Zigen, KW, Sparco, Koyo, Ings, Cusco, Carbonetic, Defi, Veilside, Bride and more... 

Over 20 different Manufactures offering 1 Day Special Deals. 
Admission is FREE.  Plus there is a FREE Raffle with prizes from all the Vendors. 

This Sunday, Nov 28th!
Sale hours: 9:30am-3:30pm
  Toyota Speedway, Irwindale, CA
  13300 East live oak Avenue Irwindale, CA 91706

For all the details please see:  http://industryday.org  

*And here is a tip from us:  If you bring your vehicles for the Car Meet, you'll get premium parking and a chance to win many prizes:
Car Meet vehicles must arrive between 8:15 and 8:45 for roll-in  (cars will be divided by Make)  When checking in, be sure to tell them if you are with any Car Forums

Car Meet Prizes!  (if you belong to the 3 largest Car Meet Groups, everyone in each of those groups will be entered into another special Raffle to win)

    1st $500.00 Event Gift Certificate (to be used with any vendor(s) at the show.
        2nd $300.00 Event Gift Certificate (to be used with any vendor(s) at the show.
        3rd $200.00 Event Gift Certificate (to be used with any vendor(s) at the show.

Car Clubs Welcome, for Special prizes as well: (there will be a separate staging line for Car Clubs with priority parking (as available)

     *Car Club Prize -  $400.00 Cash prize for the Car Club that brings the most (modified) cars to the meet.
    **Car Club Prize -  $400.00 Cash prize for the Car Club that brings out the most impressive group of cars.

Friday, November 19, 2010

GReddy 2010 Holiday Office Schedule

Happy Holidays!

GReddy Performance Products offices will be closed on Thursday, Nov. 25th and Friday Nov. 26th for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Normal business Hours will resume Monday, Nov. 29th.

The GReddy Online Store (www.ShopGReddy.com) will be open and taking orders, however will not be able to ship any order placed after Nov 23,  until Nov 29th.

You can also contact and visit our Authorized GReddy Dealer Network for help.

And for those of you who are SoCal locals, look for some Super Deals this Sunday, Nov. 28.  At the 1st ever ID Auto Festival Industry Mega Sale.  It will be held from 9:30-500 at the Toyota Speedway, Irwindale, CA.  There will be a car meet, and a host of Top Brand Aftermarket Performance Companies all in one spot.  And ADMISSION IS FREE!
For more Details please see: http://industryday.org/

*NOTE: The GReddy Performance Products offices will also be closed from Friday Dec. 24th through Jan. 3rd.  Normal business hours will resume Tuesday, Jan. 4th 2011.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy 20th! Battle of the Imports (UPDATE)

UPDATE:  BOTI, Fontana, Season Finale postponed till DEC. 5th!

POSTPONED till Dec. 5th!

This Sunday, Nov. 21st, is the '09 Battle of the Imports Season Finale.  This marks the 20th year of Sports Compact Drag Racing History! 

Come out with us at the World Famous Battle of the Imports at the Auto Club Dragway, at California Speedway, Fontana, CA.  We will be there displaying our new 2011 Turbocharged Scion tC (it's first public event after SEMA)

 GReddy Performance products, has also had a long history with Battle of the Imports.  With the 800hp GReddy RX R32 back in 1995!  (the original Street Tire Rocket GTR!)

Then GReddy also worked a long a host of famous Battle of the Import race cars.  Some of you might remember the A & L Racing Drag RX-7

and Steph Papadakis' ground breaking Unlimited Front Engine Front Wheel driver monster in it's original DVS/Matix/GReddy liveries...

Come join us at BOTI this weekend, as we look forward to the keeping Sport Compact Drag Racing going!  Support the Originators!

Friday, November 12, 2010

GR9 GReddy R35 GTR visits the 1/4mile

In between building our new 2011 tC for this year's SEMA Show, the GPP staff found a little time to also bring out our GReddy R35 to the Drag Strip for some testing.  And we are happy to report it did very well for it's 1st trip out; easily making it into our GR9 club.  We now look forward to taking the build to the next level!  Look for more big news very soon.

Until then, here is a little video we pulled together with our GoPro and SLR Cameras.  Enjoy!

GReddy R35 Product Line-Up

also coming soon... GReddy Built Engine Programs for customers. GReddy Exclusive R35 GR-9 Blog

Friday, November 5, 2010

Our Trip to 2010 SEMA Show

We'll as we write this entry the last day of the 2010 SEMA Show is finishing up.  And we are happy our new 2011 GReddy Turbo tC was displayed in the Scion booth.
The build was definitely one of our quickest in past years, but it worked out well.  The hard work of our GReddy R&D staff, put together a great street style vehicle in just 25days. (But the work isn't done, big plans coming for this 2011 tC...stay tuned!)

We also couldn't have made the tight deadline without the help of Scion Racing, TRD, Five:AD, Toyo Tires, Rays Engineering, Sparco, Mother's, and S&A Designs!  Thank you guys!

In addition to our car, here are some of our personal stand-out favorites from the 2010 SEMA Show... (we are sure our friendly media sources will have complete coverage soon, but until then here are a few of our pictures...)
The newly re-bodied Seibon/GReddy 370Z-TT, the Hybrid 0-60 GS racer, the Honda Design CR-Z, a new LF-A, Toyota's Swagger Wagon Supreme and the Wrativo "hell-flush" R35.

And the new product we would love to try out is the GoPro 3D Camera setup!
We even had some time for a little afterhours fun this trip, at Club XS