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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Labor Day Holiday Schedule

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GReddy Performance Products, GPP offices will be closed Monday, September 3rd for the Labor Day Holiday. Normal business hours resume Tuesday, September 4th.


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 GReddy Air Intake Systems                                Multi D/A Gauges      

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Formula D Las Vegas Coverage

Formula Drift Las Vegas was HOT and the GReddy Performance X Scion Racing Drift FR-S was on Fire!  (literally)

After a lot of hard work from the GReddy Racing Team since our final four finish in Seattle, the team was excited to introduce new power upgrades to Ken Gushi's Drift FR-S, the end result after the event, an 8th place ranking in the 2012 Formula Drift Championship, with one event left to go...

The new power really showed with increased tire smoke and the FR-S looked fast in the practice sessions.  Being able to clock in the recorded speed zones, 10mph faster then the required qualifying speed minimum for Speed points.  However the first qualifying run was a bit shaky and the pressure was on Ken to get a high enough score to qualify for Saturday's Top32 tandems.  Ken succeed and scored a 81.5 placing him in the 13th spot.

After the FormulaD Qualifying livestream ended, there was an incident in late night Top32 practice, resulting in an at-the-track Intercooler repair. With the car repaired the Team was again confident to do well in Vegas.

In Top32, Gushi was matched up with M.Fields.  Ken had a great, fast lead run, and went into the following lap with a good advantage.  With an aggressive follow run, Ken ended up driving over a "clipping point" cone and damaging an oil line, causing a dramatic looking fire under the car.  The team worked hard and was able to get the Drift FR-S back up and running for the FDLV opening ceremonies and Top16 eliminations. 

Unfortunately, the earlier damage to the intercooler in Friday's practice cause a silicone hose to leak during Ken's 1st run in Top16.  The car was repaired with a 5 min call and the 2nd run by Ken was even with C.Gunewald, but not enough to move on any further.

In the end, the GReddy Team is proud to have overcome the engine fire in Las Vegas and look forward to a strong finish in the 2012 Championship Finale in the "House of Drift" Irwindale Speedway, Oct 12-13

Congratulations to FD Rd.6 Las Vegas Winners
1st - Rhys Millen    2nd - Fredric Aasbo     3rd - Vaugh Gittin

 technical partners

Friday, August 24, 2012

Now accepting GReddy Air Intake Pre-orders

UPDATE: GReddy Air Intakes are now in stock and avaiable!

GReddy Air Intake Systems will be here towards early to mid-Sept.  Because of high inquires, we have decided to start pre-sales for these systems.  To pre-order yours, please contact your favorite Authorized GReddy Dealer or click on the "Buy Now" hyperlink on our Homepage Intake listing.

For more photos, details and power increases, please click on the application listing below...

 GReddy Air Intake Applications Include                   (Best match fror GReddy Exhausts)
12519101    2013-            Sub BRZ /Scion FR-S (Momentum)       Evo3          SPe         RS
12519002    2008-12        Lexus IS350 / IS250                            Evo3          SPe
12529001    2008-12        Infiniti G37                                           Evo3          SPe         RS
12529003    2009-12        Nissan 370Z                                        Evo3          SPe         RS
12519104    2003-06        Nissan 350Z                                        Evo3          SPe         RS
12519104    2003-06        Infiniti G35                                           Evo3          SPe
12559101    2012-            Honda Civic Si (Momentum)                    Evo3          SPe
12559002    2006-11        Honda Civic Si                                     Evo3          SPe         RS
12559003    2008-12        Honda Accord                                                        SPe
12539001    2008-09        Mitsubishi Lancer                                                   SPe         RS
12539003    2009-12        Mitsubishi Lancer GTS                                           SPe        RS
12539002    2008-13        Mitsubishi EvoX                                   Evo3          SPe         RS
12569001    2008-12        Subaru WRX/Sti                                  Evo3           SPe
12569002    2002-07        Subaru WRX/Sti                                  Evo3                          RS
with more applications coming soon… Update April 2014
12559101  2012-on Civic Si

12539002  2008-on  Evo X
12529004  2003-06  350Z
12569001  2008-on WRX/STI
12559003  2008-on Accord 4cyl
12529003  2009-on  370Z
12539001  2008-09 Lancer
12539003  2009-on Lancer GTS
12569002  2002-07 WRX/ST

12529004  2003-06  G35 Cpe
12529001  2008-on  G37 Cpe

12559002  2006-11 Civic Si
12519002  2008-on IS350/IS250
12519101  2013-on BRZ

also see:  http://greddy-usa.blogspot.com/2012/07/greddy-air-intake-systems.html

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

3rd Party Testing- MotoIQ Project GD STI, 29whp / 23ft/lb gains with just GReddy RS Exhaust

"This exhaust really makes a lot of power!"  - MotoIQ's Mike Kojima

During a recent 3rd party test, online magazine, MotoIQ.com installed and tested the GReddy RS Exhaust on their MotoIQ Project GD STI.  They selected the GReddy RS (Racing Sport) stainless-steel cat-back exhaust, because they wanted good power gains, great sound and weight savings for their daily driver, at an affordable price.

But after they dyno'ed just the RS Exhausts by it's self, they were "amazed to see that it produced average gains of 29whp... The engine gained an amazing 23lb/ft of torque in a solid fat wide band..."

for the full MotoIQ.com story on the GReddy RS Exhaust for the GD WRX/STI, please see: http://www.motoiq.com/magazine_articles/id/2657/project-gd-subaru-sti-part-three-making-more-power-with-greddy-and-cobb-tuning.aspx

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Formula D, Seattle Battles for the Drift FR-S

In case you missed the Formula Drift live stream action from round 5, Seattle.  Here are the tandem runs of Ken Gushi in the GReddy Performance X Scion Racing Drift FR-S on it's way to the team's best 4 finish...

Top 32 - Ken Gushi vs. Kenneth Moen

Top 16 - Ken Gushi vs. Toshiki Yoshiyoka

Great 8 - Ken Gushi vs. Conrad Grunewald

Final 4 - Ken Gushi vs. Ryan Tuerck

Final 4 One More Time - Ken Gushi vs. Ryan Tuerck

Consolation Round - Ken Gushi vs. Rhys Millen

Next round, Formula Drift - Las Vegas, Aug. 24-25

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New GReddy Exhausts for August

New Exhaust Arrivals for August      Due: Friday, Aug 17th   

RS Racing Sport (T) - 2002-05 Acura RSX Type-S  - 10157106
                                     70mm diameter cat-back exhaust with 102mm tip,
                                      ideal for Turbo or High-flow N/A applications


SP Elite  - 2008-12 Honda Accord Cpe. V6  - 10157204
                 60mm diameter cat-back exhaust dual oval mufflers and 102mm tips

SP Elite  - 2008-12 Honda Accord Cpe. 4 Cylinder  - 10157205
                 60mm diameter cat-back exhaust single muffler and 102mm tip

SP Elite  - 2010-13 Hyundai Coupe 2.0T/V6  - 10107200
                  60mm diameter axle-back exhaust dual oval mufflers and 102mm tips
                    fits 2.0T or V6 models


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

GReddy X Scion Racing tC at Pike's Peak Int'l Hill Climb

As part of a two car Scion Racing effort at this year's 90th running of the famous Pike's Peak International Hill Climb, the GReddy X Scion Racing turbo tC challenged the Exhibition class in the "Race into the Clouds."

The Aug 12th, 2012 PPIHC was the GReddy X Scion Racing tC & Takeshi Aizawa's 1st time running of the full course.  Takeshi (a GReddy R&D technician and Ken Gushi's Formula D spotter/mechanic) joined the more experienced Andrew Comrie-Picard ACP in the tramac-spec, GReddy turbo'ed Sparco RallyxD and Ken Gushi in the Lexus CCS-R in successful run up the 14,110ft high, 12.42mile course.
Takeshi got faster and faster every time in the car, especially towards the top of the hill.  Finishing the course in a respectable 12:08.60.  Look for more photos and video coming soon from the Scion Racing team.

Photos from Scion Racing

 technical partners
Hankook Tire  |  Ray's Engineering  |  Sparco  |  WPC  |  APR  |  OS Giken  |  TRD  |  Five:AD

Friday, August 10, 2012

Pike's Peak story by ScionOwners.com

FROM: http://scionowners.com/web/guest/scion-insider-article?articleId=502200

GReddy Performance x Scion Racing Turbo tC2 (Video)

Greddy Performance x Scion Racing Turbo tC2
When GReddy built a 2011 Scion tC for the SEMA show in November 2010, it was just the beginning. At the time there were no plans to continue the car into a racing program – but when GReddy recognized the potential of the tC platform that's just what they did.

GReddy's goal was to keep the tC a "street-able track car" that could be replicated by any Scion Owner. In building it, the GReddy team used products available for purchase as much as possible, alongside some R&D components.

When racing, this car is in the hands of driver Takeshi Aizawa. Takeshi just happens to be one of the GReddy R&D masterminds as well as Ken Gushi's spotter during Formula D events with the GReddy FR-S. During the 2011 Time Attack Season, the team took home 1 win and multiple 2nds. This year they've continued with the Redline Time Attack events and have added another challenge, Pike's Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC).

Not only does the grueling 156 turns of the PPIHC take utmost driver skill, it also takes a car that can endure the 4,720 foot climb in a mere 12.42 miles – resulting in a 30% power drop at the top due to thin air. To prepare for this race, the only major change was a new weld in roll cage and some other safety features along with Hankook Z221 Tires (265/35/R18). The GReddy tC has shown so far it's success as a street-able racing platform, and with the GReddy race team we know it will make us proud at the PPIHC.

GReddy Performance X Scion Racing Turbo tC2
  • Chassis: 2011 Scion tC (AGT20)
  • Engine: Turbocharged 2.5L (2AR-FE) / 6 speed
  • Power: 364hp / 325ft/lbs

GReddy Equipped:
  • TD05H-18G Tuner Turbo Kit with SUS exhaust manifold & Type-T external wastegate and Type 28 V-Spec front-mounted Intercooler & Airinx AZ-MB
  • e-Manage Ultimate Engine Control
  • 70mm RS Racing Sport Exhaust System
  • prototype 13row Oil Cooler Kit with pump
  • prototype forged pistons and connecting rods
  • custom roll cage
  • Full Auto Turbo Timer II
  • Inforrmeter TOUCH engine monitor
  • Type-S Coil-over Suspension System
  • High Pressure Radiator Cap
  • Oil Catch Tank - SL
  • Sports Oil Filter
  • Magnetic Engine Oil Pan Bolt

  • Hankook Z221 Tires - 265/35/R18
  • Rays Engineering - Volk Racing G2 wheels
  • TRD - Big Brake Kit
  • TRD - Anti Sway Bars
  • OS Giken - Clutch Type LSD
  • OS Giken - Twin Plate Clutch
  • WPC - Engine and Transmission surface treatment
  • Five:AD - Aero Kit
  • Papadakis Racing - FRP Roof
  • APR - GT Wing
  • APR - Front and Rear Carbon Splitters
  • Sparco Evo Seats, Harnesses, & Steering Wheel
  • Energy Suspension - Bushing Set

Keep an on the Greddy tC's racing performance by: checking out ScionRacing.com, visiting GReddy's Blog, or following Scion Racing on Facebook.