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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Design your own 370Z TT

Many of you have followed along on our blog, watching us twin-turbo Import Tuner's Project 370Z. Well it looks like it is almost complete, but to finish it, the guys at Tuner have asked the help of Forza/Microsoft and you to complete the exterior graphics.

Now you can design and enter your very own art for the real IMPORT TUNER 370Z. (please don't forget the GReddy Logo!)

So if you have an X-Box, Forza Motorsport 3 and a good eye for design, give it a try!

How to enter:

- Send an Xbox LIVE friend request to “ImportTunerMag”.
- In “Forza Motorsport 3,” buy the ’09 Nissan 370Z and choose the option to “Get in the Car”.
- From the Paint menu, paint and apply decals to the Z and create your design.
- Once your design is completed, press the ‘Start’ button in Livery editor.
- From the Save Menu select “Save to Design Catalogue”.
- Name the file: Import Tuner 370Z.
- Exit the Livery editor and go to the Paint Menu. Select “My Designs” and look for your file in your “Design Catalogue”.
- Select it and choose the “Gift” option
- Choose “ImportTunerMag” from your friends list to share the file with me.

Monday, October 26, 2009

SEMA Car Sneak-Peek - 1 week to go!

With only one week left till the 2009 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, we thought it would be a good idea to fill you all in on where you can find the newest GReddy project vehicles for 2010. It's been a mad rush to get all the cars completed (in fact most of them are still being worked on as we speak, but rest assured the cars will be done for SEMA, they always are!)

See below a quick preview of what we have in-store for the show: A special Genesis Coupe Turbo, two twin-turbo'd 370Z's and our heavily modified 4.2 350Z-HR twin turbo.

They will all be in the main center hall of the Racing and Performance Section...

GReddy X Gen. Cpe. Turbo - SEMA booth #24387
Status: Complete and waiting transport to SEMA

GReddy 370Z TT - SEMA booth #21520

Status: Awaiting areo kit and graphics

GReddy 4.2L 350Z-HR - SEMA booth # 20951
Status: Complete and waiting graphics

Import Tuner / GReddy 370Z TT - SEMA booth #24523
Status: Turbo complete, awaiting Import Tuner to finish up...LOL!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

GReddy Powered Hayabusa...Hayabusa?!

This blog entry is one of our more random post, but we thought it was interesting to show how inventive some GReddy dealers are. Technical Shop Pro Shop Tanshaya, in Japan stopped by the TRUST headquarters recently to show-off one of their projects: a GReddy TD04H powered Suzuki Hayabusa. But the really cool part it was tuned using an e-Manage Ultimate.
(Don't be looking for us to do this sort of project here in the USA, but it sure is cool)

For more info please see our Japanese blog.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Formula D 09 Finals at Irwindale, GReddy GTR debut!

This past Saturday was a great opportunity to debut the two GReddy R35's, with our new retro-modern GReddy colors graphics. The Formula D finals was a great, sold out event and we were happy to see so many automotive enthusiast, enjoying the displays and drifting action.

On hand in our booth were two GTRs. The 778whp, twin TD06SH-20G monster from SP and our milder (for now) street GTR. We even had a little sneak-peek of the new "GReddy by Raybrig" lights we will be introducing at SEMA. All the positive feedback was great to hear! Thank you all that stopped by.

On the track the show was great. Some of the best Irwindale Raceway action we've seen in quite a while. Close tandem runs keep the crowds till the very end! Congratulations to the NOS energy drink Team on the Championship. And congratulations to Formula D in a great event. We look forward to more events next season.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

SEMA Car Sneak-Peek - Gen Coupe color-change

With just a few weeks to go before the SEMA Show and with some cool new additions under the hood of the GReddy Gen Coupe Project, it's now time do do a full color change from red to white. Some of you may have seen the Hyundai press release floating around with the intial rendering, but trust me the real car is going to be even better. The new areo is looking great.
Check back soon for more peeks of this Genesis, our 370Z projects, and even a new EVO X project we just started....