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Thursday, November 20, 2014

GReddy Winter Holiday Schedule

The GReddy Performance Products offices will be closed Thur, Nov. 27 & Fri, Nov 28 for the Thanksgiving Day Holiday. Normal business hours resume Monday, Dec. 1st.

Their will also be a winter break from Wed., Dec. 24th through Thus. Jan. 1st.  We will start off the new year on Friday, January 2nd.

But you can still follow us over the breaks via our Social Media:

and our Online Store:

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Rocket Bunny RC and RCF Aero Released

As we announced last week at the SEMA Show, Mr Miura's next creations in the Rocket Bunny line-up are for the new Lexus RC and RC-F.  Authorized GReddy Dealers will now be accepting Pre-orders for the 1st batch of complete kits...

P/N 17010250    Lexus RC (F-Sport)  

Rocket Bunny
  Front Lip
   Side Skirts
   Front Over-fender set
   Rear Over-fender set
   Rear "ducktail" Wing
   Front and Side Canards

MSRP $8,600.00


   Front Lip
   Side Skirts
   Front Over-fender set
   Rear Over-fender set
   Rear "GT Wing
   Front and Side Canards

MSRP $12,000.00

Friday, November 7, 2014

New GReddy products introduced at the SEMA Show

In our previous post, we showed some of the project cars we worked on for the SEMA Show. (Lexus Tuned X GReddy RC and GReddy X Garrett GT-R)

Now let's show you what was in our booth. For the 2014 SEMA Show, GReddy Performance Products introduced:

  • Lifetime Warranty for Exhaust
  • GReddy GTX-R Turbo Kits
  • GReddy DIY Fabrications Components
  • New Rocket Bunny Kits

Staff: Takeshi, Andrew, Aaron, Kenji, Quincy

The biggest News is our GReddy Limited Lifetime Warranty that is now included with all application specific Supreme SP, Revolution RS and new Evolution models. 
(Sneak Peek at the new 76mm Evolution Ver2 Exhaust for the FR-S / BRZ)

Other big news that we mentioned earlier in the year was GReddy's new partnership with Turbo By Garrett.  By adding Garrett GTX-R turbos to our Turbo Kit line-ups, we are able to maintain top quality performance, with more power range options.  Our first two GReddy GTX-R Turbo kits will be updates to our R35 GT-R Twin Turbo Upgrade and our FR-S/BRZ Turner Turbo Kits...

Other big news is our new lines of GReddy DYI Fabrications Materials.  These are the same high quality raw materials we use in constructing our application specific kits.  
Soon we will offer a complete line of Stainless-Steel materials for fabricating custom exhausts.  Including similar high Quality Supreme SP and Revolution RS universal mufflers/tip combos, U and J bends, flanges, hangers and gaskets. 
And in the cooling department, we will have large high-quality tube and fin Intercoolers and Oil Coolers, along with supporting items like Aluminum bends, piping and elbows, couplings, fittings and thermo-block adapters.

And #GarageFRS explored our new products for the FR-S/BRZ.  Air Intake Snorkel, 2.1L Stroker FA20 engine parts, new 76mm Evolution exhausts and GTX-R Tuner Turbo Kit...

And of course since GReddy Performance Products is the Authorized Distributor of Rocket Bunny, we got to debut some new Aero Kits (NSX, RC F, RC Fsport, S15) as well as the limited edition Takata X Rocket Bunny seats...

GReddy Girl - @thevivs

Thursday, November 6, 2014

GReddy Wins another Grand Turismo Award at SEMA

For the 2nd consecutive year, and 3rd time, the GReddy Team has built a Gran Turismo Award Winning vehicle for the SEMA Show.  This year it was our joint build with Kolab Agency for the Turbo By Garrett booth.  The "Best Asian Import" winning R35 GT-R features the new GReddy 1,000+hp GTX-R Twin Turbo Upgrade Kit for the VR engine.  

Kolab's GReddy X Garrett R35 GT-R - 2014 Gran Turismo Best Asian Import at SEMA

In 2013, GReddy won the same Grand Turismo Award with another Rocket Bunny kitted car, the GReddy 750hp 2JZ-powered Scion Racing FR-S Prototype.  And in 2007, GReddy won for the "Best Japanese Import" (previous title) for the 750hp GReddy/GRacer 350Z HR

The 2014 SEMA Show runs from Tuesday, Nov 4th through Friday, Nov. 7th... GReddy Booth #25175

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

GReddy at the SEMA Show part 1

Here are two of the vehicles we helped build for the 2014 SEMA Show.

The first is the Lexus Tuned X GReddy RC F-Sport.  It is being displayed in the Lexus USA booth #21601.  It features 1st ever Rocket Bunny RC aero kit, GReddy custom "old school version" of our Supreme SP exhaust, and our prototype Air Intake Systems.  It also uses new Enkei 6666 19" wheels and Toyo Tires.  Suspension is a custom KW coilover with the KW HLS (Hydraulic Lift System).  The interior is by edirb (Bride)

The other vehicle, is the GReddy X Garrett R35 GT-R built for the Turbo By Garrett booth #24863.  Along with the Rocket Bunny GT-R widebody kit, Nitto Tires and Advan wheels and new GReddy Supreme Ti exhaust, the car features our new GTX-R Twin Turbo Upgrade Kit for the R35 VR38DETT.  To see the kit better, an duplicate engine is displayed in our GReddy Booth #25175.