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Friday, October 30, 2020

GPP Live - Replays and Giveaway Winners

Thank you to all who watch our Facebook Live, yesterday Oct. 29th, GPP Live

If you missed the Oct. 29 Facebook livestream, you can see Part I, Part III on the GReddyPerformance Facebook page.

For Instagram users, we also made condensed raw Live overview, GPP Live (IG) on Friday, Oct. 30th.

To find a specific GPP Live segment, follow the list below to skip to the correct time:


  1. GPP Live Introduction - 15:20
  2. New 370Z Twin Turbo Kit - 19:20
  3. New CNC Cylinder Head Program - 22:00
  4. Tech: Valvetrain  - 23.28 
       with Martin at Supertech 
  5. Feature: Ed Lu's R32 GT-R  - 30:35
  6. New CNC Billet Engine Components - 35:15
  7. Feature FuguZ  with Dustin W. - 38:22
  8. New Complete Engine Program - 40:55 (or IGTV)
  9. Feature Dustin William's R32 GT-R - 47:20
  10. Feature Satoshi Tauchi's R33 GT-R - 50:42
  11. Tech: Clutch and LSD - 52:30
        with Sean at OS Giken
  12. Tech: Vehicle Importing (R34) - 1:04:40
         with Sean Morris at Top Rank 
  13. GReddy Sirius Meter Series- 1:09:00
  14. Feature  Mike Chung's R35 GT-R- 1:10:43 
  15. GReddy Profec & Profec MAP - 1:14:59
  16. Feature Fugu Z II with Sung Kang- 1:17:33 (or IGTV)
  17. GReddy GPP Oil Cooler & Accs. - 1:26:54
  18. Tech Oil Cooling - 1:31:14
         with Alex at Koyo
  19. GReddy GPP Intercoolers - 1:38:31
  20. Feature Evasive Pikes Peak 86 - 1:42:39
  21. Feature Dai Yoshihara AE86-R - 1:48:36
  22. Tech Racing Seats - 1:49:40
           with Alan at Sparco
  23. New GPP S2000 Turbo Kit - 2:00:42  (or IGTV)
  24. Feature GPP S2000 Demo Car - 2:04:53 (or IGTV)
  25. Tech Performance Wheels - 2:06:19
           with Eddie at Titan 7
  26. GReddy by KW coil-overs - 2:14:54
  27. Tech: Performance Suspension - 2:17:34
            with Chris at KW Suspension
  28. Feature Daniel Wu's S800 - 2:19:37
  29. Exhaust  Supreme SP - 2:27:17


  1. Welcome back - 1:46
  2. Exhaust  Evolution GT - 2:33
  3. Exhaust  Revolution RS - 4:24 (or IGTV)
  4. Exhaust  RS Race - 6:14 (or IGTV)
  5. Exhaust  RS Tip Accessories - 8:09 (or IGTV)
  6. Exhaust  DD-R - 9:59
  7. Exhaust  GPP Titanium - 12:08
  8. Feature Brian Jannusch's JZA80 - 13:16
  9. GReddy Blow-off Valves - 20:16
  10. GReddy Intake manifolds - 29:13
  11. GReddy Cooling (water) - 30:57
  12. More Greddy Products - 32:26
  13. Feature Jun Imai's 510 1:1- 33:12
  14. GReddy Accessories - 42:17
  15. Greddy Type A Shift Knobs - 43:55
  16. Feature Mickey Andrade Cappuccino - 46:27
  17. Feature Kenji Sumino's EF Civic - 51:33
  18. Feature Ken Gushi's FD A90 Supra 1:03:56
  19. GPP Live Closing Group Discussion - 1:07:36
       w/ Kenji, Mickey, Sung, Daniel and Jun

PART 3.  -  Quick IGTV walk through

Look for more video and livestreams coming to the GReddyUSA Youtube, and our social media outlets.

The GPP Live Giveaway Winners are....


#1 – Kaido X GReddy 510 SAMPLE (25 sold out the day before the event on shopgreddy.com)


                  Winner (FB): Benny Shapiro


#2 – Greddy Type A Shift Knobs (2x)


                  Winners (FB):   Lawrence E Jr

                                           Moe Drennon



#3- Steering Wheel Pair


                  Winners (FB): Jennifer Nguyen &  Brent Nguyen


#4 – Greddy Crate with Meguiar’s Car Products


         Winners (Youtube):  10 Winners

Daniel Aguayo

Under Rated Projects

Paul Garcia



Chris Perez

Fujiwara Tofu Café

Galen W

Royce Josafat

Nathan Luong


#5 – Sung Kang Autographed – Fugu Z Hot Wheels (12x)


          Winners (FB) :

Jack Chien

Ahad Mirza

Phillip Murphy

Junior Aspere

Kevin Guevara

Richard Truillo

Ry Zhu

Ying Vang

Margareth Silva

Alberto Rio Rico

John Christian Silva

Seul Lee


#6- Kaido X GReddy Civic EF  (1/1)


                  Winner (IG):  @photo_md

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS - We will contact you shortly. Or you can also contact us at shop@greddy.com for verification. 

Friday, October 9, 2020

GPP Live - Facebook Live Oct. 29 - Noon

 Join us on Facebook Live October 29th at 12 noon Pacific Time for GPP Live!

at www.facebook.com/greddyperformance

GPP Live is our Livestream event from the GReddy Performance Products, Inc. USA HQ.

GPP President, Kenji Sumino will explain and take questions regarding new and existing GReddy products, feature new coming projects and converse with leading industry partners from the likes of:  Titan7, KW, OS Giken, Sparco and more...

There will also be special give-a-ways and special merchandise releases, exclusively for the live viewers. (including: a Kaido House X GReddy limited ed model car release)

Streaming from out doors will be our Feature Vehicle Host, Mickey Andrade from Throtl.

Confirmed Special Guest and Vehicles include:

Fast & Furious franchise star / GPP friend: Sung Kang (Han) and the FuguZ V1.5

          Actor/Producer/Director, Daniel Wu and his classic Honda S800 

Legends Media's Dustin William and his track BNR32

Evasive Motorsport's Pikes Peak Hill Climb-winning Toyota 86

Drift Champion, Dai Yoshihara's AE86-R

TopRank Int'l Vehicle Importer's Brian Jannusch and his JDM Supra

Kaido House Garage's Jun Imai and his  KaidoHouse 510

Ed Liu's R32 Skyline GT-R

Kenji Sumino's personal Civic EF "Super Treasure Hunt"

and much more....

Click on our Facebook Event Page link for more updates (here)!