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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

GReddy GTR Turbo Kit Update! 778 WHP!

GReddy GTR Turbo Kit Update!
Couple weeks ago, we posted that one of our GReddy Master Tuner Shop, SP Engineering was able to tune our GReddy Turbo upgrade kit for GTR R35 to 700+whp with 643.9 ft/lbs at just 1.45kg/cm2. Well, They continued their research with the fuel management and by re-tuning it, they were able to achieve 778 whp with 738ft/lbs @1.6kg/cm2 boost!!!! This test was made on 4WD dyno and with 10-15% power loss correction, this beast is making close to 900hp engine power! Still completely stock engine! We just might have to call this kit GR900sp! This kit will be available with in a month through GReddy Master Tuner Shop.
Expect more updates on this kit as we continue to learn more about the capabilities of this GTR and it's VR38DETT

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

450whp Tuner Turbo Kit for 370Z coming soon!

Still hard at work, building all our SEMA show projects. This week we took our Twin TD06S-20G Z34 370Z to a 3rd party dyno to confirm the horsepower readings. Since this is the GReddy/Import Tuner street/time attack build we headed over to SP Engineering's dyno for the test. On SP's dyno the base Tuner Kit with the optional pre-programed emanage Ultimate fuel kit and full dual 70mm Turbo Ti-C exhaust the Z put down a healthy 449.5whp! at just 0.45kg/cm2, on a conservative 91 pump gas tune.

Not only is it great on the dyno for a stock VQ37HR engine, but its also a great ride on the road. We have been breaking in our new GTR in stock form and we think this Tuner Turbo kit for the Z feels even more fun!

Look for more updates on the Import Tuner/GReddy Project 370Z and the GReddy 370Z Tuner Turbo Kit coming soon!

youtube version

Monday, September 21, 2009

1st weekend out with the GTR

Well it's been a fun 1st weekend with the our new Project GTR.
From being a completely stock GTR at the beginning of the the week, the car has begun it's exterior transformation. Most notably the Volk G2 wheels, prototype GReddy BL lowering springs and some cool TiTek carbon parts.
It was sales manager, Quincy's task for the weekend to brake the car in and send it on a little tour of local So. Cal events.

Saturday's main stop was the GTR meet at authorized GReddy Master Tuner Shop, SP Engineering. It was really cool to see so many GTRs in one spot. And of course the twin TD06 Turbo, 700+hp GReddy/Titek GTR was there too!

Sunday's main stop was at El Toro airfield for Daijiro's Driving Academy. It's always good to see and interact with enthusiast doing what they love... Performance Driving (and in a safe environment) for more info on the next driving school contact: info@jdmoption.com

So until next time, keep your eyes open for more updates on the GReddy GTR...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Introducing the GReddy GTR R35

The GTR has always been a favorite for GReddy. And the R35 GTR is no exception. We since it's release, we have work on many high profile R35's.
From the TRUST's Shadow R35, to the 800+ built GReddy/Saurus, and the SP Engineering stock engine 700+whp GTR. Now it is time for us here at GPP, GReddy Performance Products to join in on the fun!
We are proud to introduce our latest flagship project car. Here is a "before" picture, because what till you got a hold what we have planned... more new products, more power, and much much more!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Demo Cars, time to get working...

As summer comes to an end, so begins our rush to building new Demo vehicles for this year's SEMA show. In previous years, we pretty much keep everything under wraps, until the show, but his year you can follow along with us as we progress the new cars from their stock forms to their new, more powerful, GReddy versions. Follow us on twitter or check back on our GReddy USA Blog as we continue to apply the GReddy "Total Tune-Up" to the cars.

We have even more cars in our schedule to build for the big show, but for now, check out these two: 1.) Genesis 2.0T Coupe and 2.) another twin turbo 370Z!

just finished the early evaluation in stock form and moving on to fabricating a turbo upgrade and SUS turbo manifold and downpipe.

Again after the stock evaluation, comes the turbo kit and onto Type S Coil-over suspension kit and big GReddy Brake Kits.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

USA Spec R35 GTR turbo kit coming soon!

If you have been follow us on Twitter, you might have heard, we have recently confirmed the pricing for our new TD06SH-20G twin turbo upgrade kit for the R35 GTR. The kit is set for release in Oct.'09 with a MSRP of $9,800 and will only be available through approved Authorized GReddy Master Tuner Shops.
(beware internet shops pre-selling our kits, that are not official GReddy Master Tuner Shops)

One such GReddy Master Tuner Shop is SP Engineering and they have been giving us some feedback on a pre-production kit they have on a USA-spec GTR, with a stock engine. With their tuning methods they were able to increase horsepower by 305whp and 643.9 ft/lbs at just 1.45kg/cm2. That makes a 700+whp GTR. We are looking forward to seeing how much more they and the other GReddy Master Tuner Shops can make with our GTR twin turbo upgrade kit!

Other great tuning options for the GTR include our:

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Congrats to Team Subaru Rally USA

Subaru Rally Team USA driver Travis Pastrana has mathematically secured his fourth consecutive Rally America National Championship with a dominating win at the Ojibwe Forest Rally in northern Minnesota this weekend. Pastrana and his co-driver Christian Edstrom cruised to victory in their 2009 Subaru Impreza WRX STI. The win, his fifth of the season, hauled in sufficient championship points to place Pastrana mathematically out of reach to his closest challengers and thus securing his fourth consecutive Rally America national title. Pastrana has won each of his Rally America championships (2006-2009) behind the wheel of a Subaru Impreza WRX STI rally car.

Congrats to the Subaru Rally Team USA!

Speaking of STI s, this week should be very entertaining on TV as well. Looks like there will be a Block/Dyrdek Gymkhana Ver. 2.5 on this weeks episode of MTV's Fantasy Factory. We love the detail on the Kart body. It even has a tiny GReddy logo on the fenders like the big car...

the episode trailers look awesome.