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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2 cool JDM Features in the Aug Dsport

Recently we got in the new Aug '09 issue of Dsport magazine, inside we found two really cool JDM features of the RE Amemiya "Super GReddy 3" (p.84) and the Team Orange D1 Evo X (p.92) Both are fine examples of GReddy T-Power Turbo use in Japan. As well as great use of other GReddy Totol Tune-up parts. Check it out on news stands now...

Friday, June 26, 2009

20Gs for the IT 370Z!

This week R&D work continued on the Import Tuner 370Z Project. And we are happy to say with a little tweaking, the new Hearts of the Z are in place. The 370 is definitely a more compact space to work on, but with some adjustments the big 20G Turbos are in!
The next big challenge is going to be getting all necessary piping fabricated and placed... 2 sets of of Air intake piping, 4 sets of intercooler piping (to and from each turbo to the intercooler and then to the throttle body), 2 downpipes, and wastegate dump-pipes! This is going to be a lot of R&D work. Lucky for you 370Z owners, we are planning to make a simple bolt-on kit for you, since all the R&D work will be done.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Limited Edition JDM Drifter Pink Oil Cooler Kits

It's a well know fact that many Japanese drifter seem to love the color Pink. (They even have all pink drift contest with all the entry vehicles painted pink.) One of the most famous Pink drifters is the (Drift Heaven) Drift Tengoku Magazine's Pink and White JZX90 beat-up drift missile. So, after numerous requests, TRUST has decided to offer a limited run of Pink-colored Oil Cooler Kits in this Pink drifter style.

On a very limited, special order basis, GPP will be allowing Authorized GReddy dealers to special order these Limited Edition Pink Oil Coolers, in North America. So, if you are need of a rare JDM addition for your car, please contact your favorite Authorized GReddy Dealer for more details.

A few posts ago, we went over the basics and benefits of a high performance oil cooler kit. You can click here to read up a bit more on it.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dai's Driving Academy 2 @ El Toro.

This past weekend we were happy to come out and see first hand, Dai's Driving Academy 2. It was a great little event. It was the perfect opportunity for driving enthusiast to get a safe environment to learn better driving skill for both drifting and autocross.
Started by Option Magazine's Founder Daijiro Inada, Dai's Drift Academy 2 had great local drivers like Hiro Sumida and Ross Petty on hand to help out beginner drivers. While there were also more advanced course to entertain even pro drivers. We saw over a 100 drivers out there and it looked so fun. We even saw the new owner of the GReddy CT9A, having some fun on the Auto Cross course. There was even a great little Raffle, with some high end prizes. One lucky lady even won a new GReddy Informeter Touch.
We recommend you watch out for the next one. Maybe in a city near you. We know we will.
(for more info check here : http://www.jdmop.com/ )

Friday, June 19, 2009

GReddy Oil Coolers Kit 101

An important, but often overlooked, performance upgrade is an engine oil cooler kit. And a GREX Oil Cooler Kit is the best choice you can make.
(The unique blue colored core has been a popular sight in the Japanese tuning scene for many years)

No matter how excellent the engine oil; on turbocharged or high performance engines, during performance driving conditions, with wide open throttle and high RPMs, the engine oil temperature increases dramatically. Increased oil temperature will cause a loss in pressure and will decrease the oil's ability to properly lubricate your engine. In order to protect your oil, engine and turbo from these conditions, the installation of a GReddy oil cooler is a must.

That's 16.2 C (61.16 F) cooler on the highway and 23.4 C (74.12 F) cooler on about a 1/4 mile run. Quite a big difference!

But, decreasing the oil temperature is not the only important factor. Similar to intercoolers, minimizing the flow restriction and maximizing the heat transfer is critical compromise in oil cooling. To achieve a high heat dissipation and minimal pressure drop, the GREX oil cooler kits utilize a high capacity GREX core with our unique "off-set" internal fin design and large high performance -10 braided oil lines with  AN fittings. Various core sizes help us match up the best characteristics for each application.

Another key feature on a GREX Oil Cooler Kit is our included thermostat. To maintain constant oil temp and quick engine warm up, a free flowing thermostat is incorporated inline on the oil block adapter for the standard type and on an external unit for the remote oil filter type. The valve is shut below 70 C (158 F) and smoothly opens completely at 80 C (176 F), to insure optimal oil temperatures.

GREX is a product brand of GReddy's engine componet line.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tuner's 370Z Oil Cooler Kit and Turbo Ti-C done.

A few posts back we showed you some previews on how the Import Tuner 370Z build was coming along with a prototype oil cooler and Turbo Ti-C exhaust. This is how they ended up looking.
With oil temps datalogged, it's time to get started on the turbo kit!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Import Tuner and Super Street on your phone...

A few people here at GPP have the iphone, and with the new 3.0 update coming tomorrow, we happened to fine a cool FREE App in the itunes store. Basically you can get features, tech, models and from past Import Tuner and Super Street issues straight to your iphone or itouch. We thought it was pretty cool, so just thought we pass the info along.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Working hard on the IT 370Z Project.

R&D has been working hard on our new Import Tuner 370Z project. This week has been filled with prep work. First off, we wire up an e-manage Ultimate and used it's data-logging feature to record how the vehicle runs in stock form. This will give us a good baseline, to make sure the car runs as smooth with the our turbo upgrades in normal driving conditions as well as under boost.

Then we turned out attention towards more bolt on parts, in preparation for the turbos. At the left is a prototype Turbo Ti-C for the 370Z, full dual 70mm (2.75") piping and Ti-C mufflers. after that was complete, we started work on a GReddy Oil Cooler Kit. At the right is it in very early stages.

Check back with us soon for more updates.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Good news, now lets look forward to the future...

At 11:05am, June 10th, GReddy Performance Products, Inc. received the court’s confirmation to exit from it’s Chapter 11 status. This was done with 100% vote from both it’s secured and unsecured creditors. Under the approved reorganization plan, GReddy now officially operates independently without the court oversight. This announcement comes just two short months after its parent company TRUST Co., made similar strides in Japan.

The entire GReddy and TRUST staff would like express our deepest appreciation to you enthusiast that stood by us these past few months. We look forward to many more years of bringing you high performance parts for your vehicle. Please, stay tuned for all the new stuff we have coming...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New RalliArt Intercooler upgarde coming to MOD '09

To the right is a close up image of our new RalliArt intercooler kit upgrade. Well have more details soon on the GReddy Type-31V intercooler soon, but we just wanted to give you Mitsubishi enthusiast a little reminder for the Mitsubishi Owner's Day coming up next month, on July 11th.
Don't forget come visit our booth and our RalliArt mini-project. Well have more info on new parts for the RalliArt and Evo X...

Mitsubishi Owner's Day 2009

Date: July 11th, 2009
Time: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Admission/Parking: Free

Location: Mitsubishi Motors, North American Headquarters
6400 West Katella Avenue
Cypress, California 90630

Friday, June 5, 2009

GReddy Turbo Powered Cars in D1

A few weeks back the top Japanese drifters gathered for a D1GP exhibition match in Odaba, for the annual Tokyo Drift event. A cool thing we noticed is, of the Top 30 entries, over 36% of the cars (11/30) are powered by GReddy T-Power Turbos!

3 of these top cars were also the past 3 D1GP series champions:
* 2008 Champion, Diago Saito - with a GReddy T88
* 2007 Champion, Masato Kawabata - with a GReddy T67
* 2006 Champion, Nobushige Kumakubo - with a GReddy T67

Check out the slideshow below with the specs for of these incredible machines. With their GReddy T67, T78, & T88 turbos, they are producing some great horsepower for drifting. Ranging from 520hp to 900hp!!!

Original images from www.d1gp.co.jp, for more info on D1GP USA see www.d1gp.com

GReddy Turbochargers

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fight heat soak with new GReddy GTR I/C

The Nissan R35 GTR is a very efficient machine in stock form. And for stock boost levels the GReddy GTR Intercooler upgrade offers moderate gains, however for long boost duration and warm weather, that is when the benefits of having larger cores show their benefits. To help fight against heat-soak, we offer the taller thicker Type 6R cores (H266 x W260 x D115mm).

And for GTR owners who plan to boost up the VR38, the added capacity have larger gains in cooling and power as the boost goes up.

ITEM: GTR upgraded Intercooler Kit
VEHICLE: '09 Nissan GTR
DESCRIPTION: Type-06 R-spec. HG
NOTES: Twin front mounted cores, HG-high grade polished, bolt-on upgrade, bumper diversion
PART NUMBER: 12020483
MSRP: $3,700.

GReddy Intetcooler Kits

Monday, June 1, 2009

New GReddy 370Z Collaboration Project

While it's about that time of year again to start off on some new projects. Today we got in our new Import Tuner Magazine 370Z project and before all the work begins, Henry, the Sourcelink Ace photographer was here to shoot some initial pictures. Now that the before photos are all done, we can get busy adding some more power to the Z. How about some twin turbos?