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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Product Release - Street Legal S2000 Turbo Kit(s)

We have just released our new Street-Legal T518Z Turbo Kit for the 2006-08 S2000 (p/n 11550042). This kit was adapted and updated from the current 00-03 (AP1) and 04-05 (AP2), which are covered under CARB E.O. #D397-9, for the newer "drive-by-wire" 2.2L engine found in 06-08 AP2 S2000. The new CARB E.O. for this model is # D-397-10.

The 50-State Street Legal kit includes: GReddy T518Z-10cm2 turbocharger, Type 28V front-mounted intercooler, cast-iron exhaust manifold, oil filter relocation kit, aluminum piping, plug-and-play e-Manage Ultimate with 550cc fuel injectors and all the necessary hardware.

(shown with optional equipment)

Monday, December 29, 2008

GReddy Review - GReddy Fest 2008

As 2009 approaches, we thought it might be the perfect time to recap one of the highlights for us this past year. GReddy Fest 2008!

GReddy Performance Festival was held on February 23, 2008 on the El Toro Air Field, just minutes away from our offices in Irvine. The goal was to expand our GReddy Garage Sale to incorporate an inexpensive way to introduce and experience different types of autosports for car enthusiast. Although it was a huge learning experience for our staff, it was a great and fun event. We had 2,000 guest, over 80 Auto Cross and Drift Drivers, Drift 101, Falken Demo Drivers, 400+ cars for our Car Meet, and a great vendor row with a wide variety of automotive companies for all over.

Please check out our Slide show of images from GReddy Fest...

Here is another slide show of enthusiast in the GReddy Car Meet, Drifter, and Auto Cross Drivers...

Thank you again, all who attended and participated!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays form GReddy

GReddy Holiday Bussiness Hours:
  • Open 9:00am-6:00pm PST, Dec. 22-23, 26, 29-30, & Jan 2.
  • Closed Dec. 23-24, 31 & Jan 1.
Normal Business Schedule (M-F 9-6 PST) resumes Jan. 5th

Monday, December 22, 2008

New Product Release - EvoX & STI lip spoilers and more SE exhaust

This being a short week with the Holidays, doesn't mean we are not busy getting more new products in from TRUST. Due to arrive this week is something many CZ9A EvoX and GRB STI owners have been waiting for... the new GRacer Aero Lip Spoilers.

p/n 17030014 Evo X (CZ9A) GRacer front lip spoiler $260.
p/n 17060054 STI (GRB) GRacer front lip spoiler $260.

Other additions on this weeks container are new SE Exhaust Systems for the:
  • 10117951 Lexus IS300 2001-05
  • 10117952 Lexus IS350/250 2006-on (dual)
  • 10127951 Nissan 300ZX 2+2 1990-95 (dual)
  • 10127952 Nissan Sentra SER 2002-06
  • 10127953 Nissan Maxima SE 1995-96
  • 10127954 Nissan Maxima SE 1997-99
  • 10127955 Nissan Maxima SE 2004-07 (dual)
  • 10137950 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT V6 2002-05
  • 10157954 Acura Integra GSR 1994-99
  • 10157953 Acura Integra LS/RS 1994-01

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Product Spotlight - GReddy Shift Knobs

From the responses of our last product spotlight, we noticed it may have been a little specific with a Titanium AE86 header. So this week we decided a feature a product that would cover just about everyone...the GReddy Shift Knobs.
(plus they make a great last minute gift for your friends!)

Basically there are three basic styles of GReddy Shift Knobs:
  1. Traditional : Wt.= 175g / Dim.= dia. 30-40-28 x h68mm / (1) Badge dia. 25mm / MSRP $41.25 - diamond shape, chromed billet Aluminum - JDM style & comfort
  2. Counter-weighted : Wt.= 376g / Dim.= dia. 40 x h54mm / (3) Badge dia. 27mm / MSRP $41.25 - counter-weighted, ball shaped, twilight-metallic Brass - smoother quick shifts
  3. Super-Light : Wt.= 75g / Dim.= dia. 40 x h40mm / (3) Badge dia. 25mm / MSRP $25.75 - super light-weight, ball shaped, white Duracon composite - race car feel and looks

All GReddy shift knobs are designed to screw onto the factory shift linkage via OEM style threading. There are 3 main sizes for each shift knob style, but some vehicles vary depending on specific shifters. (For many of those we have specialty applications that may required provided adapters for the traditional type, so they fit perfect- i.e. SW20 MR-2, Subaru, etc. )
(It is important to screw on the shift know securely before attaching the badge appropriately)
  • Type A - M12 x P1.25 - most Toyota, Scion, & Subaru
  • Type B - M10 x P1.25 - most Nissan, Mitsubishi, & Mazda
  • Type C - M10 x P1.50 - most Honda & Acura
The type and sizes, there are choices in the shift badge emblem.
For the standard 5 speed shift pattern we offer:
  • Traditional - you have a choice of Red, Blue or Pearl White 25mm dia. badge.
  • Counter-Weight - comes with 3, Black, Titanium, or Pearl White 27mm dia. badges.
  • Super-Light - comes with 3, Red, Blue, or Pearl White 25mm dia. badges.
In addition to these standard configurations that fit most Japanese vehicles we offer a few specialized applications for some popular models:
  • Traditional - 6speed Supra twin turbo & R34 Skyline GTR
  • Counter-Weighted - 6speed Honda / Acura
For a complete list of applications please see the online GReddy catalog (HERE)
or for Purchasing please see your local Authorized GReddy Dealer

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Super Street Magazine - GReddy "Shadow" Car Features

In the mail today, we received our January 2009 issue of Super Street Magazine with a bonus 2009 Super Street Calendar. Inside it, as the January/February spread is the GReddy Shadow R35. This reminded us of the great features all 3 of the GReddy Shadow Cars received this past year. So here are the features in case you missed them: GTR - May '08, Z33 - June '08, and Evo X - Sept. '08.

Don't forget to pick-up the new Jan '09 Issue of Super Street for their bonus Calendar...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Project Car - GReddy GRB STI

Chassis: 2008 Subaru STI (GRB)
Engine: 2.5L EJ25 6spd.
Turbo: GReddy TD06S-L2-20G 8cm2

(click for GRB slide-show)

GReddy Total Tune-Up:
* TD06S-L2-20G 8cm2 Turbo Upgrade Kit
* SUS Exhaust Manifold Header

* Type 28 Spec R- HG Front-mounted Intercooler Kit
* Airinx AY-MB Air Intake

* Spectrum Elite, SE-Exhaust System

* e-Manage Ultimate - Engine Control Unit

* v-Manage - Variable Cam Timing Controller

* PRofec B-Spec 2 - Boost Controller

* Full Auto Turbo Timer

* 60mm Warning Meters
* Aluminum Racing Radiator

* Oil Breather Tank

* Racing Oil Filler & Hi-press Radiator Caps

* 10row Oil Cooler Kit

* GR-2 Full Synthetic Oil & Sports Oil Filter

* Counter-weighted Shift Knob

* Type-R Full Suspension Kit (prototype)

* GReddy Brake System (330mm/6piston)

* Light-weight Racing Lung Nuts

* GRacer Areo Lip Spoiler

Special Additions:
* Enkei GTC Wheels (18x9.5)
* Toyo Proxe R1R Tires (265/35/ZR18)
* Bride Racing Seats and Rails
* ACT Flywheel and HDSS Clutch
* Innovative Air/Fuel Meter
* Mother's Polishes and Waxes
* Vinyl Mayhem GReddy Graphics

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cool Part Spotlight - AE86 Titanium Exh.-Mani.

This will be our first installment of a new series of weekly post "GReddy Cool Part Spotlight", that will feature lesser known, but very desirable JDM products that are actually already available for sale here in the USA. Supplies maybe limited so please check with your favorite Authorized GReddy Dealer for more details.

ITEM: Titanium Exhaust Manifold
VEHICLE: Toyota AE86 4A-GEU 1600cc
DESCRIPTION: 42.7mm to 60mm piping
NOTES: weighs only 5lbs., 4 to 1 design
PART NUMBER: 10511200
MSRP: $1,798.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Just in time for Christmas...the Info-Touch is here!

Great news this morning and just in time for Christmas. We recieved our 1st shipment of the all new Intelligent Informeter TOUCH. This much anticipated unit, monitors factory OBD2 ECU readings on a cool 3.5" touch screen. It is not only easy to install and use, but very handy with all the different screen patterns and features.

Check out your favorite Authorized GReddy Dealer now for purchasing this unit before it sells out! www.greddy.com/authorized/

For more info on the Info TOUCH please see:

Friday, December 5, 2008

0-60 Mag's IS-F comes home for a Visit

Today we got a nice surprise. Gordon form 0-60 Magazine dropped by in their GReddy Suprcharged IS-F. The vehicle was built for the Lexus SEMA display and should be making it's rounds on the Auto Show circuit, in a city near you, very soon. Some of the trick modifications are a prototype quad-tip SE exhaust system, new Info-TOUCH, and a Design Craft adapted GReddy GS430 supercharger kit. For more on this vehicle, grab a copy of the Winter '09 issue of 0-60 Magazine (p.101)...

(Images courtesy of Lexus USA)
(Sneak-peek at the prototype SE exhaust for IS-F)
Do we have any IS-F owners interested? Shoot us an email at greddyusa@greddy.com

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Informeter Touch - Dsport Quick Tech

We just got news the 1st USA shippment of GReddy Intelligent Informeter TOUCH(s) will be arriving very soon. We were able to sneak one out of Japan early for the staff at Dsport Magazine to do a quick test. In case you didn't see it here is the article.

Look for page 46. of the December Issue of Dsport with Michelle Zen on the Cover (she is one of our favorites too...so there is a bonus picture at the bottom)

Look for the new Info-Touch to hit stores late this month...

(BONUS Picture: 2007 TRUST Calendar Shoot - Michelle Zen / GPP FG2)

Monday, December 1, 2008

FREE '09 Catalog and Decals

On our very 1st Blog entry we posted our papercraft Shadow R35 with an offer for a Free Catalog and Decals for builders who emailed us pictures of there completed work. Below are a few examples we got. We have lot's of catalogs and stickers, so lets see your submissions. We might even have a grand prize for the best photo and build image we see by Jan 1st.
Send images of your GReddy Shadow R35 Papercraft work to greddyusa@greddy.com

(while supplies last)
(Click in the image below, print out, and follow the printed directions)

(Doug from Miami with a standard build)

(Scot form Irvine with one bigger then a 1/10 RC car)

(Evan from Missouri, with a black and white version)