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Friday, July 30, 2010

GReddy @ the Irvine, RPM Event Series this Sat.

Coming up on Saturday, Aug. 7th, we will be at the RPM Event Series in Irvine.  In addition to our booth and cars, we will have on-hand the two quickest R35 GTRs .

So if your in the So. Cal area, you don't want to miss this show.  It going to be a new-style  Auto/Lifestyle event with lots of cool stuff, but in an old school car setting the Hidden Valley Event Part, Irvine, CA (where the old-Hot Import Dazes use to be).  Should definitely be a fun time.  We hope to see you out there.

We will also have more info on our GReddy Fest2, Open House Car Meet, so please stop by and talk to one of our staff about the event on Sept 5.

See you there!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

GReddy on Facebook CAR TOWN

Here is another little extra piece of fun for all you car enthusiasts on FaceBook. CAR TOWNhttp://apps.facebook.com/cartown/?cref=FBPostGreddy is a fun Sim game for the car-crazy.
 Customize your garage and car, then race your friends online.

When your building your CAR TOWN Garage don't forget to add the GReddy Posters: see Edit Garage/Signage


Then you can get fancy and trick out your car, like we did...

Or build up your garage like one of ours...

To get you started on your mods, here is an official "GReddy Graphics" for you (if you get an Yaris, Accord or 240SX) to upload in the Customize/Graphics area...(please don't put it on a Donk...LOL)  (you can also purchase a real graphic kit for your ride here.)

While your there, don't for get to add us on your FaceBook at: 

looks like even Edmond's is getting into it...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

FREE Exhaust for Turbo Zs

Attention Z owners, (specifically 350Z DE/HR & 370Z owners who are thinking about forced-induction and more power!)

If you purchase a GReddy Tuner Turbo Kit for your Z, from an Authorized GReddy Dealer, between the dates of July 16th - Aug. 31st, 2010, you qualify for a  large diameter, GReddy Turbo Ti-C Exhaust for FREE.  (a value of $1380-$1590) We'll even ship it directly to you!

GReddy Tuner Turbo Kits
P/N 11520095  '03-'06 350Z (DE)
 P/N 11520094  '07 350Z (HR)

GReddy Turbo Ti-C Exhaust (70mm)
P/N 10127906 '03-'07 350Z (DE/HR)

GReddy Tuner Turbo Kits
P/N 11520096  '09-'10 370Z

GReddy Turbo Ti-C Exhaust (70mm)
P/N 10127911 '09-'10 370Z 

Friday, July 23, 2010

New "GReddy Magdrain" plugs

On our last shipment, we received another new item.  The GReddy Magnetic Oil Drain Plug is a powerful 5000 Gauss neodymium magnet.  The Neodymium magnet is one of the most powerful magnet on the market.    The hard anodized aluminum drain plugs are available in three popular sizes to match most Japanese vehicles.  By using the "GReddy Magdrain" plug, you can help reduce the amount of abrasive materials in your engine, while extending the life of your engine.  (ideal for use with GReddy Hi-capacity Oil Pans)

  •  p/n 13901301  MD-01  M12xP1.25  most -Toyota, Nissan, Dihatsu
  •  p/n 13901302  MD-02  M14xP1.5    most - Honda, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Suzuki
  •  p/n 13901303  MD-03  M20xP1.5    most - Subaru 
  • p/n 13901304  MD-03  M20xP1.5    Scion FR-S & Subaru BRZ - UPDATED

Monday, July 19, 2010

New 94mm GReddy Racing Ti for R35 GTR released...

It's known that a good free flowing exhaust, like our 80mm (3.15") full Titanium GReddy PE-Ti can add great performance to at GTR. But now that we have opened up the power to over 1000hp & 9sec Quarter Mile runs, with our twin TD06SH-20G turbo upgrade, we've decided to offer a huge 94mm (3.7") straight through Titanium exhaust, that is still quiet and comfortable for everyday use.

GReddy Racing Ti Exhaust System for R35 GTR (2009-on)

The dual large straight-through Ti mufflers provide excellent sound suppression.

This version also comes with a huge dual 80mm (3.15") to 94mm (3.7") Y-pipe.

Carefully hand-built 94mm piping is pain-painstakingly "inch-welded" for excellent fitment and flow.

GReddy burnt Titanium Logo and quad staggered Tips complete each 94mm R35 GReddy Racing Ti System.

GReddy Racing Ti Exhaust System for R35 GTR (2009-on)

Part # 10128194


Full Titanium Y-back Exhaust System
Ti Y-Pipe: 2x 80mm (3.15") to 94mm (3.7")
Ti Mid-pipe: 94mm (3.7")
Ti Muffler Section: 94mm (3.7") to 2x 80mm (3.15"),
(Ti Mufflers: 2x large diameter 80mm (3.15") oval mufflers)
(Ti x4 80mm (3.15") to x4 Burnt Ti 115mm double wall tips.)
3 piece Exhaust System with V-Band Connections
Total Y-back Weight: 29lb (Stock: 60+lbs)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

GReddy now on foursquare

With all the social media around, why not add another one to our list. Now you have just another way to keep up with the GReddy crew, as we "check-in" on our visits.

You too, can become our friend on foursquare, here: http://foursquare.com/user/-2089054

Monday, July 12, 2010

GReddy MOD 2010

As our Blog and Twitter subscribers, might know, we just got back from another great visit with thousands of Mitsubishi owners and fans at MOD 2010, this past Saturday.

It was great seeing so many enthusiast in one spot. Hopefully a lot of them will be able to make it out to our GReddy Fest2, Open House on Sept. 5th!

In addition to our display booth with the GReddy Evo X MR SE, (which you can have a chance to drive, if you pass and qualify through the Jim Russel Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Challenge.) We were happy to see the new owners of the GReddy Evo IX (circa. 2003) and GReddy Eclipse GSX (Circa 1997) enjoying their cars. Another 2 lucky people won $250. each worth of GReddy products, that day in the official MOD raffle. Congrats!

We had a great time and hope to see all those Mitsubishi owners again soon!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

GReddy Simulation App for iPhone

GReddy Simulator for iPhone and iPod Touch from Bonobo on Vimeo.

If you were wondering what the GReddy Sim App does, here is a short video of just some of the features in action (Manual Mode). You can see how it simulates the Look and Sound of many real GReddy products like our

GReddy Turbo Gauges, GReddy PRofec B-SpecII, & GReddy Type-RZ Blow-off Valve.

*Not shown on this video is the Drive Mode. Wait till you see that, it's even cooler! In the Drive Mode, it uses the iPhone/iTouch's internal accelerometer to calculate when you are accelerating and when you let off the throttle. The app then shows you on the gauge or boost controller the simulated boost and a simulated turbo spooling sound. Then when you let off the accelerator, it gives you the much wanted Blow-off Valve sound!
For those of you who already have our App, send us a video link of you using it in Drive Mode on our car, and well send you some FREE SWAG! (greddyusa@greddy.com)

Or to get the App for your phone, search GReddy in the Apple App Store, or just click this link.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

See GReddy at MOD2010 this Sat

Come see the GReddy Staff and our GReddy EVO X MR this Saturday at the 2010 Mitsubishi Owner's Day. It's at the Mitsubishi USA Headquarters in Cypress, CA. The event is free to attend and if you enter the MOD Raffle you'll have a chance to win 2 GReddy Gift Certificate for $250. ($500. up for grabs!)

The GReddy EVOX MR, will also be at the Mitsubishi Jim Russell Lancer Evolution Experience driving school, this summer. The mildly tuned 300+whp MR will allow students to get a taste of how an upgrade MR can feel on the road.

Friday, July 2, 2010

4th of July Holiday Break.

Happy 4th of July! In honor of the national holiday, GReddy Performance Products, Inc. office hours will be closed on Monday July 5th. Normal business Hours will resume Tuesday, July 6th

(and here is just a little photoshop fun...)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

GPP Showroom remodel

In anticipation of our GReddy Fest 2, Open House Meet in Sept., we have begun to remodel our showroom. The big plan is to bring back a display showroom for our visitors to check out the GReddy Product Line-up.

So far, we have cleared it out and painted, now the fun begins with new displays...

(below you can see the last layout for our rain-out indoor garage sale, this past Dec.)

New GReddy Performance Products Customer Show Room :
Sept. 2010 Opening!