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Friday, January 12, 2018

Tokyo Auto Salon 2018

Here's a quick look at some highlights coming to this year's Tokyo Auto Salon from the TRUST GReddy booth at the Makuhari Messe Convention Center.  January 12-14, 2018

GReddy 34RX

R34 GT-R 19 years since its release also. Review the parts that were developed at that time, it introduced a demo car in order to brush up the parts where you can enjoy even R34 GT-R in the future. In the future, is scheduled for release performs a renewal of RB26 products.
(Stage 1 of a special Skyline (R34) GTR project with Japan's GTR Magazine)

GReddy patrol

As the promotion of SUV parts development, which started from last year, vehicle that was targeted the 2000 horsepower as SUV tuning the ultimate machine project. The TB48 of 4.8L straight 6 reinforced with MANLEY made engine parts, turbine to generate 2000 horsepower T88H38GK twin GReddy maximum size.

 GReddy Kouki 86 Turbo  /   GReddy Swift Sport ZC33S   /   GReddy Alto Works  HA36S


A traveling stage a street, is a specification that an emphasis on ease and usability ride. Power, suspension, this remains a circuit run is possible because it is subjected to the total tune until the brake.


Develop a firm play Swift from city riding to circuit concept. We will from time to time release the parts.

[TAS 2018 - K Car compact car division Grand Prize Winner]

Development aimed at ALTO WORKS that play well on the track even in the city riding. Foot around and cooling system parts performs a circuit test, such as the nationwide event do self-propelled, demo car of the user car point of view to carry out the test in a variety of shoe Chue Activation.

and of course the twin GReddy 35RX Drift GTRs will have demostations outside at the D1 Kick Off

Check back soon for a full GReddy event review...

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy New Year! 2018

We are back from our Greddy-GPP Winter break and we are excited for 2018!  Let's start off the new year with some new GPP exhaust additions:  the Greddy Performance Products RS-RACE and RS-Titanium to our existing GReddy EVOlution GT, Supreme SP and Revolution RS exhaust lines...


For the ultimate in ultra-high performance racing sport exhaust, Greddy Performance Products is proud to introduce the RS-Ti exhaust line. GPP RS-Ti systems feature premium ultra-lightweight Titanium piping, muffler and tip in extra large 80mm and 76mm piping diameters. By utilizing intricate precision ‘inch-welding” and titanium mandrel bends to follow proven purposeful designs, creates super light-weight pieces of exhaust art. Improve performance comes through weight-saving and freeing up torque and horsepower through the high-flow, straight through design. High quality 2-bolt titanium flanges and sturdy stainless muffler-ring-mounts are used to improve connections and fitment. Each system is beautifully accented with a burnt-Titanium finish on the GPP-embossed muffler canister and removable RS-Ti tip. The secure tri-bolt tip mounting feature also adds the ability to take advantage of optional RS muffler silencers and different RS tip options.


Designed to target competitive racers, but also offer an economical option for budget-mined tuners, the Greddy Performance Products RS-RACE exhaust line is engineered for absolute performance at a minimal price point. GPP engineers utilize proven, compact, high-flow straight-through, Racing Sport muffler canister and extra large 304 stainless-steel mandrel-bent tubing; 80mm (3.14”) diameters for turbocharged vehicles and 76mm (3.0”) normally-aspirated race applications. The RS-RACE systems offer our most aggressive sound quality. To further maximize performance enhancements, weight-saving details, like: simplifying the layout and lightening-up the exhaust flanges and mounting hangers are also considered. The RS-RACE even features our proven removable Tri-bolt tip mounting system to allow for customizing the systems with a variety of optional Titanium or Stainless-steel tips and unique large diameter RS silencers to further control sound emissions.