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Monday, March 30, 2009

EVO X (CZ4A) & STI (GRB) Type-S Suspension Kits

Straight from the TRUST website, is a little sneak-peek of some new applications for the GReddy Type-S street/performance suspension line. Each system is fully adjustable. With adjustable base and spring perches for height, and 16-way dampening for combination rebound and compression. The large 46mm mono-tube design is ideal for comfortable street driving, while still adjustable enough for weekend vists to the track.

Please contact your local Authorized GReddy Dealers for more info on this and other Type-S suspension applicaions.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A new way to install gauges...

Another new item just released is the Sensor Adapter for the INFO-TOUCH (Intelligent Informeter Touch). So now instead of just monitoring what sensors your vehicle offers, you can add additional sensors to read Turbo/Supercharger Boost, Oil/Fuel Pressure, and Oil/Coolant Temperature. This works out well for vehicles who maybe didn't come turbocharged, but added an aftermarket turbo kit. It is also a great way to add modern touch-screen ease to your engine monitoring, without having to find a place to mount multiple gauges. The adapter utilizes the full easy-to read data-logging, peak-value, and warning features already offered on the INFO-TOUCH.

Compact, Easy to use, Customizable
and great
Cool-factor for your interior.

And it's super easy to set-up.

(not compatible with Ver. 1.03 and under, or Non OBD systems)

Friday, March 20, 2009

A container full of more new GReddy products...

Today we received another container full of new GReddy products. Along with new Spectrum Elite SE exhaust systems for the 08+ Lancer, 08+ Accord EX coupe (V6 & 4cycl.), 06-08 Fit, 07+ Sentra SER, 08+ xB and S2000; we also recieved a new addition to the Compition Ti-C line. A 80mm turbo-back exhaust for the 08+ Evo X (with a super big 80mm (3.14") racing downpipe included.

ITEM: GReddy Comp Ti-C Exhaust
VEHICLE: 08+ Evolution X (CZ4A)
80mm downpipe, piping,
& muffler with a 115mm Ti tip and silencer.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Quick Videos on a Mitsubishi Evolution X (Type RS BOV & SE Exhaust)

Today we happen to have a Mitsubishi Evo X in R&D. It sounded so nice we decided to record a couple of quick videos. Check them out...

Here is a GReddy Type-RS Blow-off Valve, with GReddy Hard Piping Kit on an EVO X

And here is the Evo X with our Spectrum Elite SE cat-back Exhaust.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Super Street Photoshoot at GPP

This past Friday we had a pleasant change to the schedule. In addition to the normal workday, we got a last minute Super Street photoshoot arranged. The shoot, brought the lovely Corissa Furr to GPP for some quick snaps with the GReddy Z33 HR Project. Corissa orginally shot with our Z project in it's orginal Grand Turismo livery for the April '08 Import Tuner issue. Now you should see the car and her again in some upcoming issues of Super Street.

As part of the photo-shoot Corissa gave us a hand at topping off the GReddy GR-1 Synthetic Oil in the Z. Check out that blue oil!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Good news from Japan...

Early Wednesday morning, we received some very good news from the TRUST headquarters in Chiba, Japan. Here is a little excerpt:

TRUST President Masaru Ikeda said, “At the official Creditor’s Meeting on March 11th at the Superior Court of Tokyo, TRUST’s reorganization plan was overwhelmingly approved. We are aware there are companies in virtually every industry facing financial challenges, and are fortunate that through a combination of sound leadership, perseverance and the much appreciated cooperation and support from our customers and partners, TRUST was able to complete its reorganization in such a short time. On behalf of TRUST Co., LTD, I want to express my deepest appreciation for all of the years of continued support from our customers. We truly value our relationships and look forward to continuing them for many years to come.”

For the full press release please see our www.greddy.com.

Thank you all for your support of the GReddy brand!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March Special Begins - GReddy Comp Ti-C turbo-back exhaust GDB

As we posted yesterday, we will be offering 1 specially selected and priced item on our eBay outlet store every month. The item will start it's listing at 12:00 pm PST (or 3:00 pm EST), on the 2nd Wednesday of every month. Our 1st listing begins now! Place your order before times up!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Monthly Special Deal - 2nd Wed of Every Month!

Everyone loves a good deal, and beginning tomorrow, and following every 2nd Wednesday of every month, we will be offering a super deal on a specifically selected product through our official GReddy eBay Outlet Store. The offer will feature a special low price one special item for only 1 week max. (while supplies last.) Supplies will be limited, and if they are gone before the week is up, they are gone. (So don't wait!)

For this 1st offer, it will be related to our current Comp Ti-C (free turbo-elbow) for the Evo (CT9A) offer, but it will be for the WRX / STI GDB.

Please check back monthly, for our Special Offer. Remember: It will be the 2nd Wednesday of every month. (unless otherwise stated on our Homepage or Blog.)

There are also other Discontinued, Refurbished, Used, & Closeout Listing on our Official GReddy eBay Outlet Store, throughout the month.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

New GReddy Full Titanium Exhaust Systems...R35, GDB, & CT9A

For the ultimate in high performance exhaust, a Titanium exhaust system is the way to go. GReddy Performance Products is proud to release 3 new GReddy Racing Titanium exhaust systems this week. The light weight, large diameter exhaust systems feature full Titanium Piping, Flanges, Tips and Mufflers (with some systems stainless-steel mounting brackets.)

The R35 GTR system is a great example, weighing only 19lbs (vs. 36lbs.) That is a 46% savings in weight. But it's not only lighter, but with larger 80mm piping it also showed 20+hp gains. Plus the use of dual Titianium mufflers keep sound levels low. It's an amazing exhaust system for an amazing vehicle!

ITEM: GReddy Racing Titanium
VEHICLE: 09- GTR (R35)
80mm piping to dual oval mufflers with quad 115mm tips

ITEM: GReddy Racing Titanium
80mm Ti piping to Ti
mufflers with a 115mm Ti tip


ITEM: GReddy Racing Titanium
VEHICLE: 02-07 Evolution 8/9 (CT9A)
80mm Ti piping to Ti
mufflers with a 115mm Ti tip


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Counterfeit Type-RS Blow-Off Valve Alert!!!

Recently we received some troubling news from some customers who believed was having problems with their blow off valves. During the process of having it sent back for evaluation, we discovered a dishonest eBay seller zd102 ( & timereaction), selling counterfeit Type-RS Blow-off valves complete with GReddy logos and packaging. They were even as bold as to list the items as "100% Authentic or Refund." The appearance of the packaging and outer looks at a glance could even full a real GReddy enthusiast.

If you have purchased a blow off valve from this seller zd102, timereaction, or any unauthorized GReddy dealer, we highly recommend you please see our main Counterfeit Alert on our homepage news. There you will find easy ways to verify if you have a genuine GReddy Type RS blow-off valve or an inferior fake.

If you discovered you have a fake we recommend you contact the (eBay) seller and Paypal immediately for a refund. ( Please also contact us at greddyfakes@greddy.com for other options )

If you have any information on any GReddy products you suspect of being a Counterfeit, you can also contact us at greddyfakes@greddy.com

for a list of Authorized GReddy Dealers, please see www.greddy.com/authorized