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Friday, September 28, 2012

GReddy Racing Team fun

Here is some raw car to car, GoPro video footage of Takeshi in our GReddy Time-Attack tC chasing Ken in the GReddy X Scion Racing Drift FR-S around the "Streets of Willow" at the 2012 Scion Racing Trackday.

This was filmed a few weeks after the tC returned for the Pike's Peak International Hill Climb and just 2days after the Drift FR-S' firery battles at Formula D, Las Vegas.

The next competition for the GReddy X Scion Racing Drift FR-S is Oct. 12-13 at the "House of Drift," Irwindale Speedway, for the 2012 Formula Drift Rd.7, season finale...

 technical partners

 technical partners
Hankook Tire  |  Ray's Engineering  |  Sparco  |  WPC  |  APR  |  OS Giken  |  TRD  |  Five:AD

Friday, September 21, 2012

GReddy Air Intake System - Momentum Series

For the 2012- Civic Si and 2013-  FR-S/BRZ  GReddy Air Intake Systems, we use the Momentum Series, with computer designed, molded air-boxes with factory air-duct integration and a special dry multi-layer synthetic air filter.

P/N 12559101 - 2012- Honda Civic Si (K24)
*  Large sealed, air-box with factory air-duct integration
*  Aerodynamic rounded-nose, Dry element filter for worry free air intake
*  Polished Aluminum piping with sensor and hose connections

_ ___ _ ___ _ ___ _

(Click here for the matching GReddy Exhausts)

P/N 12519101 - 2013- Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ (4U-GSE / FA20)
*  Large sealed, air-box with factory air-duct integration
*  Aerodynamic rounded-nose, Dry element filter for worry free air intake
*  Variable diameter molded piping with dash sound-tube port option

Optional Sound Port
installed w/o Sound Port Hardware

Monday, September 17, 2012

First Shipment of GReddy Air Intake Systems have arrived

The 1st shipment of GReddy Air Intake Systems have arrived.  These new GReddy Air Intakes are a great match to popular GReddy Exhaust Systems.

For more photos, details and power increases, please click on the application listing below...

 GReddy Air Intake Applications Include                   (Best match fror GReddy Exhausts)

12559101    2012-            Honda Civic Si (Momentum)                   Evo3          SPe
12559002    2006-11        Honda Civic Si                                     Evo3          SPe         RS
12559003    2008-12        Honda Accord                                                        SPe
12539002    2008-13        Mitsubishi EvoX                                   Evo3          SPe         RS
12569001    2008-12        Subaru WRX/Sti                                  Evo3           SPe
12569002    2002-07        Subaru WRX/Sti                                  Evo3                          RS
12519002    2008-12        Lexus IS350 / IS250                            Evo3          SPe
12529001    2008-12        Infiniti G37                                           Evo3          SPe         RS
12519104    2003-06        Nissan 350Z                                        Evo3          SPe         RS
12519104    2003-06        Infiniti G35                                           Evo3          SPe
UPDATE Sept 19, also in are:
12529003    2009-12        Nissan 370Z                                        Evo3          SPe         RS
    2008-09        Mitsubishi Lancer                                                   SPe         RS
12539003    2009-12        Mitsubishi Lancer GTS                                           SPe        RS

Coming soon very soon...
12519101    2013-            Sub BRZ /Scion FR-S (Momentum)        Evo3          SPe         RS
with more applications coming…
12559101  2012-on Civic Si
12529004  2003-06  G35 Cpe

12539002  2008-on  Evo X
12529004  2003-06  350Z
12569001  2008-on WRX/STI
12559003  2008-on Accord 4cyl
12529001  2008-on G37 Cpe.
12519002  2008-on IS350 / IS250
12569002  2002-07 WRX / STi
12559002  2006-11 Civic Si

Monday, September 10, 2012

GReddy Exhaust Test Vehicle Search

GReddy Performance Products is in search of test vehicles for fitment confirmation (and/or) prototyping new exhaust systems. (PDF)

Chosen vehicles used in our testing could receive compensation of a FREE production system for that vehicle. (*or a substitute offered by GReddy, depending on the time and extent of testing)

If you are located in the general Southern California area and your vehicle meets the following requirements (below), Please email us in at tech@greddy.com, using the format describe at the bottom of the page or this PDF downloadable

(Questions can be sent via email to tech@greddy.com)

GReddy Performance Products, 9 Vanderbilt, Irvine, CA 92618 Please follow the instructions below when applying. Submit forms to tech@greddy.com    Thanks!

Test Vehicle Search Summer 2012: 

 Years Make Model Chassis
2012- MIT  Lancer GT
2012- SUB STI 5dr.
2012- SUB  WRX 5dr.
2013- HYN Genesis Cpe V6
2013- HYN Genesis Cpe 2.0T
2010-12 HYN Genesis Cpe 2.0T
2013- NIS 370Z
2008-12 INF G37 Cpe
2009-12 NIS Maxima
2007-12 LEX GS350
2007-12 LEX GS450

*But even if your vehicle is not listed above, please feel free to email us your contact info. if you meet the following requirements.  We may have other searches for different vehicles in the future.

1. The vehicle and owner must be based in the greater Southern California area
    (preferably in the Orange or L.A. Counties)
2. The vehicle must be in good mechanical working order. (no “Check Engine Lights”)

3. The vehicle must not have a "Salvaged Title"
4. The vehicle must have the following:
    Factory engine
    Factory exhaust manifold
    Factory catalytic- converter
    Factory exhaust system (or a GReddy exhaust system)*
    Factory rear bumper (without damage)**

     *There should be NO modifications to the stock exhaust system
       (exhaust manifold, catalytic converter muffler and piping, including flanges).
   ** The rear bumper must be OEM without add-on valences, lip spoilers or body
       kits of any kind.
 *** Sorry no vehicles with "Salvage Titles" please.
5. The vehicle’s suspension should not be lowered below 2”
6. The vehicle must be available for 1-2 full work day(s) (9am-6pm, Mon-Fri),
    Drop-off in the morning, pick up next morning.

E-mail Format: to tech@greddy.com
1. E-mail Subject Line: “Exhaust Prototype
2. Within the Body of the email: (please include all of your information shown below)   

Example :
Vehicle Information Contact Information
Make:    Honda                    Name:                John Doe
Model:   Civic 4dr.                 Email:                 jdoe@email.com
Grade:   Si                           Street Address: 123 Home Street, Apt. A1
Year:     2008                        State, Zip:          Irvine, CA 92618
Transmission:  Manual         Day Time Phone: (714) 123-4567

3.  Other Modifications: ...Pictures of the vehicle,
Please include a clear image of the following:
a.) Rear bumper including exhaust
b.) Profile view of the rear bumper/exhaust

    ****All information submitted to GReddy Performance Products, Inc. is
        confidential and will not be shared or used with any other companies.

Thank you for your interest, E-mail tech@greddy.com with any questions.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Evo3 Exhaust for September

Two more new Evo3 Exhaust Systems to add to the GReddy Evo3 line-up.

    10157301  -  2012-on   Civic Si cpe.
    10117302  -  2013-on   FR-S / BRZ
    10117300  -  2011-on    tC
    10117301  -  2006-09   IS350 / IS250
    10137300  -  2008-on   Evo X
    10157300  -  2006-11   Civic Si cpe.

with more coming soon...

370Z, 350Z, Altima cpe, Maxima, G37, G35, GS, STi, WRX...

Evo3 -  2012-  Honda Civic Si  - 10157301   [ORDER NOW]
  70mm (2.76") diameter stainless steel piping with Evo off-set tip muffler and 102mm tip

Evo3 - Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ - 10117302   [ORDER NOW]
  70mm to dual 70mm diameter stainless-steel piping to dual Evo mufflers and 102mm tips

GReddy Evolution3