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Friday, January 30, 2009

GReddy Shadow CZ4A - Evolution X

The GReddy Shadow Evo X debut last January. Since then the GReddy R&D team has been hard at work developing new products for the new Evolution. In addition to engine work like a piping kit, Airinx kit, intercooler kit, and various suspension parts, that are coming soon. There is an GRacer Aero Lip Spoiler and new Spectrum Elite Exhaust system. With the lip spoilers already released, the highly anticipated SE exhaust is just getting loaded on to containers from TRUST Japan. We expect the new SE systems for the new STI, EVOX, and more to arrive late February. However Authorized GReddy Dealers are taking pre-orders now. Hurry and order yours today!

p/n 17030014 front lip spoiler $260.

. p/n 10137951 SE Exhaust $1150.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

GReddy SR20DET Reference Chart

Although we make many performance products for many applications, still one of the most popular tuning platforms is the Nissan SR20DET.

With the new season of racing and show just around the corner in spring, we thought it might be a good idea to give our suggestions for GReddy tuning your SR20DET power vehicle.

Many of you know some of our most popular items like our Front-Mount Intercooler Kits, MX Downpipes, Hi-Capacity Oil Pan, and Intake Manifold (new '08 revised manifold & top feed fuel rail) for SR20DETs.

But sometimes there are questions when should you add a certain item. Below is a general reference guideline of what order we would install the parts.
(engine condition, tuning, and differences in parts may cause variation in actual results - this is for reference only)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Project Car - GReddy HR-Z (part 3 -4.2L HR-extras)

With the prototype 4.2l Crank, Pistons and Connecting-rods (shown in 1/15 update), it is time to put the engine together. We make most everything we will need for our Total Tune-Up builds, but there always some parts and services we need to put our products into action. For our block we enlisted the machining skills of Millennium Motorsports to prep our Darton International ductile iron sleeves. This will allow for our larger 96mm forged pistons and add some much need strength and reliablity for our HR engine under high boost levels.

Another part of the build you usually don't really get to see, is a very important one. The clutch and flywheel. With the HR being different then the previous DE engine/drivetrain combination, we went back to our Japan connections for a one-off custom light-weight OS Giken triple plate clutch to hold the high torque loads we expect. (notice the small machined teeth on the flywheel under the gears. Thats new on the HR)

Next time well explore the top-end of our HR engine...

(Thank you, OS Giken, Japan, John @ Darton International, and Greg @ Millennium Motorsports )

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dsport Magazine Cover - GReddy Powered Design Craft Time Attack Evo X

Today's mail brought to the office the new March 2009 issue of Dsport. On the cover is the Design Craft/Mitsubishi Time Attack Evo X for the 2009 season. The car features many custom one off parts using GReddy products, like the T67 turbocharger, Type-R wastegate, Type-25 intercooler, electronics and more... We look forward to seeing the car on the track soon. Until then pick up a copy of the March 09 issue of Dsport for the full cover feature... (page 56 and in the FREE DVD bonus)

Soon we will post up a blog feature on the GReddy Shadow Evo X Demo Car...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Project Car - GReddy HR-Z (part 2 -4.2L HR)

Although our original blue twin turbo Z and our 2nd white twin turbo HR-Z were very popular and powerful, we though it would exciting to take things to the next level.

The main idea of the second stage of our HR-Z build up, was to show the real potential of the new Twin TD06SH-20G Tuner Turbo kit. Although the kit works very well on a stock VQ engine with simple tuning upgrades like injectors, a fuel pump, spark plugs, turbo exhaust, boost controller and a tuned e-manage Ultimate (400-425whp range).

The limiting factor for getting over 450hp reliably, seems to be the engine internals. Many of our authorized GReddy Dealers have shared with us the ease of getting 600+hp with a strengthened VQ35DE engine and our Z turbo kit, but we decided show the basic Tuner Turbo Kit can do even more. The idea is to build a stronger 4.2L VQ-HR for even more power. This build will take things to a new level with a tentative goal of 700-800+hp!

Here is a sneak peek at the prototype 4.2L HR-Z parts (crank, pistons and connecting rods)

Next will be to build the engine...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

GReddy exhaust prototyping...

As you all know, one of GReddy's main product line up is our straight-through, bolt-on, street style, exhaust systems. Currently that includes our Spectrum Elite, Racing Ti-C, Turbo Ti-C, and Evolution 2 systems.

As new models are released to the market, we must try to keep up, by prototyping new systems. With our skilled in-house fabricators, we carefully select proper piping diameters, muffler and tip combinations to rough out a guide-line for the Fitment, Looks, Sound and Performance of the exhaust.

For the Fitment and Looks, it involves laying out the system for ground and chassis clearance, while style plays into the looks by properly sizing and mounting the muffler and tip to match bumper body-lines and exhaust tip cut-outs.

Once that is complete, the internals of the muffler are tuned for the best combination of Performance and Sound. This is achieved by altering the internal construction of the straight though muffler and/or add/subtracting extra resonators to perfect the exhaust note.

Then we confirm all aspects of the Fitment, Style, Performance and Sound with a battery of test on the actually USA Spec model.
(One especially import test for the USA market is the under 95dB(A) standard.)

Today in the shop we are working on expanding our application list with a Racing Ti-C system for the new 2009 Honda Fit.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Product Spotlight - GReddy Z33 GT Over-fender Aero Kit

One important key to our Project 350Z HR build is definitely the aggressive look of the GT Over-fender Aero Kit. Although it looks like an aggressive widebody car, the carefully sculpted over-fenders are actually just about 1mm wider then the stock body width 2002-06 or 2007-08 350Z. The advantages of this is the easy of using standard aftermarket wheel fitments, and the ability to be easily street driven. No special parking spaces required. Now this limited edition GT Aero Kit is available for sale in the USA. (only 20 sets)

VEHICLE: 2002-08 350Z
DESCRIPTION: 8 piece FRP Aero Kit =
Front Bumper, Front Over-fenders, Side Skirts, Rear Over-fenders, & Rear Bumper
NOTES: Aggressive look, with easy to manage stock body width
PART NUMBER: 17020247
MSRP: $3550.

SPL Ti-C Exhaust System for GT Aero Kit P/N 110127010 (recommended)

for purchasing please contact your
favorite Authorized GReddy Dealer.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Project Car - GReddy HR-Z (part 1 - History)

Before we expand upon the complete Version2 rebuild of our Project Z34-HR, we would like to share a little of our history with the late-model Z platform.

GReddy Performance Products has been a long time fan of the 350Z. Back in 2003, we were the 1st to twin-turbo the Z33 and debut it in 2002 SEMA Show. This street style blue GReddy 350Z was a hit with features and covers in many magazines world wide.

When the VQ35-HR came out in 2007 we were excited again to build up the car for the 2007 SEMA Show. In this trim it won the Grand Turismo Award for Best Japanese in that years show and graced the cover of Import Tuner.

Now we have decided push the envelop of the HR engine with a built engine and even more horsepower... Please check back soon for more detailed updates of our new Z build.