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Friday, May 29, 2020

New Universal Dry Airinx Air Filters

Airinx M available with 70mm, 80mm, & 100mm inlets  
Airinx S available with 50/60mm, 70mm, & 80mm inlets

GReddy introduces a new updated dry filter to the popular Japanese Airinx line. The new Airinx will eventually replace the previous application-specific GReddy Airinx AY-MB and Airinx AY-SM kits with the new Airinx M and Airinx S elements. The larger Airinx M currently comes in three popular adapter diameter sizes: 70mm, 80mm and 100mm. The smaller Airinx S also comes in three popular adapter diameter sizes 50/60mm, 70mm and 80mm. Both sizes include the optional GReddy badge to attach to the side of the filter. These dry filter elements work well for both normally-aspirated and forced induction systems and are easily washable with water and mild detergent.

12500631 - Airinx M   - 70mm dia. inlet
12500632 - Airinx M   - 80mm dia. inlet
12500633 - Airinx M - 100mm dia. inlet

12500601 - Airinx S - 50/60mm dia. inlet
12500602 - Airinx S      - 70mm dia. inlet
12500603 - Airinx S      - 80mm dia. inlet

Also includes GReddy side emblem 

Cleaning Maintenance:
- Recommended small amount of common neutral kitchen detergents.
    (Strong industrial detergents are not recommended as they can damage the material.)
- The new filter is a dry type, so be sure to dry it completely before  re-installing.
- Air blow is recommended for in-between washing maintenance.

Size similarly to the older Airinx AY-B filters

Previous Airinx AY-SB & AY-MB size:

Thursday, May 14, 2020

50-State Street Legal! - GPP Intercooler Kits for the 10th Gen Civics

 Street Legal in all 50 USA States - CARB EO D-397-11

Greddy Performance Products Upgraded Intercooler Kits for the FK8, FC1, FC3, FK7 Civic

Now in addition to the high quality construction, simple install,  improved cooling and stylish looks, the Greddy Performance Products Civic Intercooler kits for the '16-'19 Civic Sport / Si and '17-'19 Civic Type-R are now 50-state street legal via California Air Resources Board Executive Order D-397-11. (as of 4/21/2020)

The Greddy Performance Products Intercooler Upgrade Kits for the 10th Gen. Civics (FK8 Civic Type-R, FC1/FC3 Civic Si, and FK7 Civic Sport Hatchback) include upgraded replacement aluminum hard-piping and feature our world renown “tube and fin” intercooler cores with our carefully matched “inner-fin” structure for an ideal balance of high cooling with low pressure drop (not cheaper extruded inner tubes). This effective design is not only light-weight and efficient for cooling down air intake temperatures of turbo boost, but it’s external aerodynamic tube and fin profile helps keep vital cooling systems like the radiator feed with cool ambient air-flow, when in motion or with just the stock fan. This contributes to an overall more effective cooling solution for the a turbocharged Civic in many types of applications (road course, autocross, drag, etc...)

To keep engine power up and consistent, lap after lap, it is important to address the stock intercooler. The latest generation of Honda factory turbocharged engines make great power when cool, but use a compact OEM intercooler, which tends to easily retain heat. This “heat soak” along with the ECU’s sensitive safety protocols reduces engine power by compensating with lower boost levels and retarded timing. During our “back to back to back” tests, the OEM factory intercooler saw loss in power of up to: -25hp/20ft/lbs for the K20 (CTR) and -20hp/12ft/lbs for the L15 (Sport/Si). While our larger more heat-soak-resistant, GPP intercooler kits, maintained consistent gains over stock of through the lower-mid to high RPM range, even after more than 3 consecutive dyno runs.

2.0L Turbo Civic Type-R

1.5L Turbo Civic Si and Civic Sport

1.5L Civic Sport                     2.0L Civic Type-R

GPP offers two sizes of intercooler cores for each application to choose from: a medium sized core and a larger core. Both kits will offer more consistent cooling for stock turbo and moderate boost up applications, however for high boost levels with more intense tuning, or large turbo upgrades, the larger core option will often be the ideal choice. However, when lower-end boost response is a priority the medium size selection is preferred. GPP Intercooler kits offer efficient, light-weight performance gains, with an easy bolt-on installation.

Civic (FK8) Type-R Intercooler Kit
(Med) Type-28 p/n 12058101  /  (Lg) Type-24 p/n 12058103



Civic (FC1/FC3/FK7) Si / Sport Intercooler Kit 
(Med) Type-31 p/n 12058100  /  (Lg) Type-28 p/n 12058102

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Ken Gushi's 2020 GR Supra Formula D Challenger

UPDATE 6/11 - V3.0 Revised 2020 Formula Drift Schedule (here)

UPDATE 5/27 - 2020 Livery revealed... 

Ken Gushi Motorsports GReddy Toyota Gazoo Racing GR Supra

Ken Gushi Motorsports set to debut GR Supra to be campaigned in the 2020 Formula Drift

Championship. The team took home a memorable win at the 2019 Finals in front of a sold-out home-
town crowd. While the 86 proved to be a winning contender, the team will now shift their focus and swing the momentum into the all new GR Supra platform.

“I am beyond excited to introduce to everyone our new Toyota Gazoo Racing GR Supra that we will be campaigning for the 2020 Formula Drift season. The Supra is an iconic name in the import car scene and I couldn’t be any happier to be given the opportunity to pilot such a legendary brand. I will miss driving the 86 as that car will always have a special place in my heart. With the help of our new and existing partners, I believe we have built the ultimate drifting machine. “

The build took place at Greddy Performance HQ in Irvine CA. The team took delivery of the GR Supra late December of 2019 and wasted no time in stripping down the car for chassis and roll cage prep. Our goal as a team was to take everything we learned with the 86 platform, and apply it to the GR Supra.

Starting with the B58 engine program, we worked closely with Bluemoon Performance out of Costa
Mesa to build a powerful, yet reliable engine using parts and components from our partners over at
RunBC, Supertech Performance, JE Pistons, and Motul USA. These brands have been a key
component with the success we had through our 86 campaign. Powered by a BorgWarner EFR 9280,
the B58 straight-6 will propel the GR Supra running on Achilles Radial 123S tires, which brought the
team huge success and performance in 2019.

“I am confident this GR Supra will be a great successor to our faithful 86 that brought us a win at
Irwindale last season. I already know this car has huge potential and I can’t wait to show you guys
what it’s all about” says Ken.

Formula Drift Pro Championship
Entering its 17th season, Formula DRIFT is recognized as North America's professional drifting
championship series. As the first official series in North America, Formula DRIFT has taken competitive motorsports to the extreme, attracting fans and car enthusiasts from all walks of life and establishes itself as the worldwide leader for the Sport. This high-skilled, high-powered motor sport where drivers intentionally maneuver their cars into well executed, controlled sideways slides at high speeds through a marked course, has professional drivers & teams competing in eight championship competitions in 2020.

Round One of the 2020 season will now take place at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta on July 3-4,
which is reminiscent of the first season of Formula DRIFT in 2004, which kicked off of at the same

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Real Burnt Titanium GReddy Emblems

18000201 - High quality "3D Laser Etched" Titanium GReddy Badge
18000203 - New smaller size, Titanium 3D GReddy Badge - increased radius corners, better for installing on the interior and exterior. - UPDATE 06/05/2020

Optional "Burnt Ti" Titanium GReddy Logo Emblem - Similar size of our GReddy Intake Manifold emblem. Ultra thin 3M self- adhesive tape back, heat-colored Titanium, with brushed finish. Laser-etched 3D GReddy logo (machined) Rectangular shape with lightly radiused corners.

Can also be used to decorate on other areas under the hood, inside the interior, on the external body or even your tool box...

Size: 105mm x 20mm - 1mm thick

Made in the USA