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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

ShopGReddy.com Clearance Outlet List


Part # Special GReddy Sale Item Type Discount
13500066   660cc Fuel Injectors Closeout  67% off
13911023   Billet Oil Cap Chrome  Scion Closeout  55% off
12034810   EvoX MR SST Trans Cooler Overstock  60% off
12034811   EvoX MR SST Trans Cooler w/ MSS Overstock  58% off
14012203   AE86 Type-S Coil-over Suspension Kit Clearance  18% off
14012201   IS300 Type-S Coil-over Suspension Kit Clearance  33% off
14022206   350Z Type-S Coil-over Suspension Kit Clearance  32% off
14042202   RX8 Type-S Coil-over Suspension Kit Clearance  31% off
15920001   Turbo Timer Harness TT-14-21 (280Z, R33, SR Silvia...) Closeout  50% off
15920012   Turbo Timer Harness TT-14-22M (300ZX, R32...) Closeout  50% off
15940001   Turbo Timer Harness TT-14-31 (FC RX7, Cosmo...) Closeout  50% off
15930013   Turbo Timer Harness TT-14-43M (Evo 8,9, Eclipse GSX, GST...) Closeout  50% off
15930004   Turbo Timer Harness TT-14-44 (Evo 1,2,3, FTO...) Closeout  50% off
10127101   240SX (S13) RS Exhausts 80mm Overstock  50% off
10106819   Audi A4 1.8T FF  G2S Exhaust Closeout  62% off

      and more…

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

GReddy's 2014 TAS Promotional Booth Videos

For more on GReddy at the 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon please see:
      TAS Blog Post #1 Booth Vehicles and #2 Product Announcements

Extended TRUST/GReddy Time Attack FR-S Turbo in-car footage of the 58.740 Tsukuba lap with Tarzan Yamada

Thursday, January 16, 2014

GReddy Product Annoucements from 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon

New product offerings for GReddy in 2014 (Part 2 - Product Announcements)

Part 1 - Booth Vehicles
In addition to the 7 booth cars (see our previous blog post for more) in the GReddy TAS booth, (including the Best Concept Car Award winning D-Concept GT-R for the 2014 D1 Grand Prix,) we featured our products for the 86/BRZ/FR-S, R35 & RB26 GT-Rs, and the Swift. 

Exciting news on new additions for GReddy were also announced...

- TRUST/GReddy named as an Official Garrett Turbo Performance Kit Manufacturer.

GReddy is proud to be able to offer high performance Garrett turbochargers in the development and production of new GReddy Turbo Kit packages for 2014 and beyond...

The match of GReddy's decades of aftermarket turbocharging experience and quality, with the advance technology and wide-variety of Garrett turbochargers, will bring a new unmatched level of Turbo Kits to the market.

Look for new GReddy Turbo Kits applications with Garrett turbos in 2014...

- TRUST/GReddy to distribute AEM Electronics in Japan.

GReddy expands it's export range of American performance products to Japan, with the innovative AEM Electronics product line.

Now Authorized GReddy Dealers in Japan will have reliable access to AEM tunning solutions like the new Infinity and Series 2 plug & play engine management systems, data-acquisition and fuel componets.

For more information please contact our TRUST Overseas dept. (overseas@trust-gr.co.jp)

- TRUST/GReddy to continue distribution of Rocket Bunny and BenSopra Aero Kits...
including the new Rocket Bunny R35 aero, FR-S/86/BRZ Ver2 & DAI Edition canards and the new BenSopra Z33 350Z aero kit.

Dannie Riel of Hot Import Nights Fame

2014 is shaping up quickly to be a monumental year for GReddy brand, both in new products and racing... don't forget to follow us via social media at @greddyracing...

Thank you to all who visited or followed our 2014 TAS exhibit...

Monday, January 13, 2014

GReddy Vehicle Highlights from 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon

    Another successful showing for the TRUST/GReddy Team! (Part 1 - Booth Vehicles)

The new year brings big new from GReddy!  At the 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon we had a great display and huge new announcements for the future of the brand.  (See our next blog entry for the new GReddy product additions for 2014)

TRUST President, Masaru Ikeda revealed the GReddy R35 RX Spec D-Concept GT-R and the return of TRUST/GReddy to D1 Grand Prix competition with 2007 & 2013 D1GP Series Champion, Masato Kawabata and the Team Toyo Drift.

The GReddy D-Concept GT-R also won GReddy's 2nd TAS Best Concept Car Award (the GReddy RX35 GT-R won this in 2012) 

Special Thanks to our aero partner Rocket Bunny for the aggressive GTR aero.     - For large format desktops and additional information on the D-Concept GT-S see this Speedhunters.com feature. (http://www.speedhunters.com/2014/01/forget-4wd-trust-drift/

Displayed next to the GT-R was the newly revised TRUST/GReddy Time Attack Turbo FR-S, with it's new modified Rocket Bunny aero and retro-GReddy Racing livery. The 505ps / 66.6kgm turbocharged FA20-powered FR-S recently ran a 58"740 sec at Tsukuba Circuit with Time Attack ace, Eji "Tarzan" Yamada, making it one of the quickest ZN6 cars to lap the famous track.

 Our 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon booth video:

Also on exhibit were the popular Japanese grassroots projects like the TRUST Swifts and a new Jimny...

Two more TAS crowd pleasing vehicles in the GReddy booth were the joint projects; BenSopra's new Z33 aero kit and Mr Miura's Rocket Bunny Ver2 with the optional DAI Edition canard set. (more info to come on both kits in the coming weeks...)

Check back with us later this week for Part 2 of our GReddy TAS Highlights...

A big THANK YOU to all who visited our booth or followed us online at TAS2014!!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

GReddy at TAS 2014

UPDATE: Debut TOYO Tires X GReddy R35 RXspec D Concept GT-R

2014 Tokyo Auto Salon with NAPAC - TRUST/GReddy Booth #916, Hall 9 
   with Rocket Bunny, Bensopra 
           and special guest appearance by Import Model, Dannie Riel
Makuhari Messe International Exhibition January (10th Media) 11-12th

This weekend GReddy will announces regarding:
  • Special New Product Introductions
  • TRUST/GReddy RX Spec D-concept
  • TRUST/GReddy Time Attack FR-S Turbo
  • TRUST/GReddy Swift Sport Turbo
  • TRUST/GReddy Jimny
  • Rocket Bunny 86 Ver.2
  • BenSopra Z33
  • and more...  
      • check back soon for updates

Monday, January 6, 2014

GReddy Racing Clips

The GReddy Racing Teams are looking forward to adding some more exciting racing in 2014.  Look for new race projects to be announced at the 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon, Jan.10-12th.   (Building 9, Booth 916)