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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Also just in this week for the R35

With more and more modified R35 GTRs in the 600-900hp range, it was important for us to offer a XL Intercooler option. The new Cross-flow design not only looks good, but cools great!
Now that these new Type-29 R-spec intercoolers are here and for sale, here are the details...
Complete extra-larger intercooler for upgraded GTRs

Helping push the limits of the R35 GTR, GReddy is proud to announce the release of their new extra large front‐mounted Intercooler Upgrade Kit for modified GTRs. The complete kit features an extra large, high cooling Type‐29, R‐spec intercooler core, which is ideal for over 900hp. Four specially designed light‐weight 3‐piece end‐tanks smooth out the flow for a side‐to side cross‐flow set‐up for increased efficiency; while the configuration keep upper grill area open for vital engine cooling.

The kit includes: twin 40mm Type‐RZ Blow‐off Valves, 3‐ply silicone hoses, large highly‐polished aluminum piping, end‐tanks, and core.

Available now at GReddy Master Tuner Shops.

Part #12020486 GTR R35 Intercooler Kit SPEC-R HG T-29 Full kit (w/pipe kit and Type-RZ BOV) LIST $3900

• Full complete kit with piping from turbo to throttle with 2 Type-RZ Blow Off Valve
• Extra Large Type-29 core. DIM: Height 302mm(12in) x Length 710mm (28in) x Width 115mm (4.5in)
• High Quality Spec-R inner fin core
• High polished core tubes and end-tanks

• Cross-flow type set-up, more efficient than turn flow
• Airflow meter extension is required to swap the airflow meter sensor signals to the opposite banks (Wires included)
• Designed for GReddy turbo kit (part# 11520101), also compatible with stock turbos (and most upgraded stock turbos)
• Made in Japan

Part #12020487 GTR R35 Intercooler Kit SPEC-R HG T-29 Conversion Kit LIST $3200
• For vehicles which already have the GReddy Hard-piping Kit with Blow-off Valve.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Add 175hp to your 370Z today

It's time to add an extra 175-500hp to your 370Z. The new GReddy Tuner Turbo Kit for the 370Z came in today! That's a 535hp 370Z! (452whp @ 6.5psi) As seen in the April Issue of Dsport and an upcoming issue of Import Tuner (on the Import Tuner 370Z Project-car)

Here is our official Press Release for the Kit.

Easily add an extra +175HP! to a 370Z

with the GReddy Intercooled-Twin Turbo TD06SH-20G Tuner Turbo Kit

Introducing the latest addition to GReddy’s line of “Tuner Turbo Kits,” the 370Z Twin-Turbo system boasts an impressive 175 horsepower increase at a mere 6.4psi of boost (That's a 535hp 370Z!). Tuner Turbo Kits come standard with high quality components: twin TD06SH-20G turbocharger, heavy duty cast turbo manifolds, Type-T external wastegates, Airinx intake system, x-large Type-29 R-Spec intercooler, smooth flowing aluminum piping, and a large capacity cast aluminum oil pan. Paired with the optional tuning kit utilizing e-Manage Ultimate, plug-n-play harness, fuel system upgrade, and true dual 70mm Turbo Ti-C exhaust system, it is a fearsome street machine harnessing 452 wheel horsepower and 344lb-ft of torque. With additional engine work and tuning, this tuner kit has the potential of making 850 plus horsepower (over 500hp increase!) just as we were able to achieve on the GReddy Twin Turbo 350Z HR.

Remember the Teaser Video we had back in early February, well now the Kits are HERE!

Friday, March 26, 2010

New important parts coming this week

We are very excited to post, the news of the arrival of our new 370Z Tuner Turbo Kit and R35 GTR XL Cross-flow Intercooler Kit, for this week.

Finishing up all the info and specs on the two kits. Should launch on the homepage, early this week.

So, in the meantime here are a few sneak-peeks...

P/N #11520096 Twin TD06SH-20G Tuner Turbo Kit for 370Z

P/N #12020486 Type 29 R-spec Cross-flow XL Intercooler Kit for R35 GTR

Thursday, March 25, 2010

GPP Thursday Quickie Week 0322

For this week's GPP Thursday Quickie, we have rough clip from our Japanese headquaters.
We have been working hard on both sides of the Pacific on new R35 tuning developments...

p.s. : New info on the new XL R35 Intercooler Kits, coming very soon...

Monday, March 22, 2010

from XDC-REMIX this Sat.

Over the weekend, we were at the very 1st XDC / REMIX event at Irwindale Raceway. Thank you all who stopped by.

It was fun watching the action of the new up-and-coming drivers to the sport of Drifting. Congratulations to drivers: 1st- Dave Briggs, 2nd- Quoc Ly, 3rd- Jeff Jones

When the Drifting comp ended, we though it would slow down, but in fact that is when the REMIX area really grew. Then prime attention went towards the REMIX Car Show, with it's tons of Import models and finely tuned cars. We look forward to seeing both show grow over the year. Look for them when they com to your town. See: XDC & REMIX

for more drift photos, you can check out our friends at Wrecked Mag too.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

GPP Thursday Quickie Week 0315

This week's Quickie is an old Option Video clip from a few years back when the D1GP Rd. 1, was at Irwindale Raceway. It has D1GP Champion, Masato Kawabata driving the T67-powered, GReddy TRUST D1-S15 on a 100pt. qualifying run. Check out that speed and precision. Tearing down banners! WOW!

This weekend will also be the opening of the XDC Xtreme Drift Circuit season for American Pro-Am drivers. Good luck to all the up and coming USA Drifters! For more info. on the XDC see: (HERE) Rd. 1, Irwindale Raceway, CA 3/20/2010.

We will be displaying at Rd. 1 XDC at Irwindale this Saturday. Come by visit us, if your at the event.

It would also be nice to make Irwindale, the official Rd. 1 again...

GReddy D1-S15 (ver.1)

The drift machine eventually progressed to making 560hp with the T67

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New GReddy Keychain, Available Now

This week we just received our new GReddy Logo Emblem Keychain. It is avaiable now on our GReddy Online Store. (Sorry the GTR Key is not included)

Also available are our GReddy Turbo Badge Key-chain, Lanyard and more apparel... Check it out!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Project Car - GReddy Gen Cpe 2.0T

Chassis: 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe
Engine: 2.0T 6spd.
Turbo: TD05H-18G 8cm2
T-Power: 355.6whp / 317.1 lb-ft @ 1.5kg/cm2

GReddy Total Tune-Up:
* TD05H-18G 8cm2 Turbo Upgrade Kit (limited production)
* Type 24 Spec LS Front-mounted Intercooler Kit
* Airinx AY-MB Air Intake

* Spectrum Elite, SE-Exhaust System

* e-Manage Ultimate - Engine Control Unit
* PRofec B-Spec 2 - Boost Controller
* Full Auto Turbo Timer II
* Informeter-TOUCH
* Hi-press Radiator Caps
* GR-2 Full Synthetic Oil
* Type-S Full Suspension Kit (prototype)
* GReddy Brake System
* GReddy P-LED Kit (prototype)

Special Additions:
* JP Co. LTD JP Vizage full Areo Kit
* Volk Racing V2. Wheels (19x8.5 19x9.5)
* Toyo R888 Tires (235/35/R19, 265/30/19)
* Mother's Polishes and Waxes
* Hyundai Design GReddy Graphics (Sticky Fingers)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dsport Mag - Double Z Pleasure

Check out the new "Double Z Pleasure" Cover-spread for the April issue of Dsport Magazine!

On it you can see all the details to our (450whp) GReddy / Seibon Ed. 370Z with a basic tune of our new 370Z Tuner Turbo Kit and a more advanced build using a similar 350ZHR Tuner Turbo Kit on the (769whp) GReddy 750HR-Z.

The 350Z-HR Tuner Turbo Kit is already avaiable through Authorized GReddy Dealers and the 370Z Tuner Turbo Kits will be available by the end of March 2010... for more details please contact an Authorized GReddy Dealer.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New X-Large R35 GTR Intercooler Kit

Here is another sneak-peek for our Blog readers, we would like to introduce the new GReddy X-large Type 29 R-Spec Intercooler Kit for the R35.

It measures a huge H302 x L710 x D115, plus you get that classic "side to side" front-mount intercooler look in the front bumper. (It also does not hamper air flow to the upper grill area.)

But not only is larger and better looking, it has great performance to back it up. On our test car with twin 20G turbo upgrade kit it gained over 20 additional hp at 1.6kg/cm2 (22.75psi) over the gains with our other intercooler upgrade (from 704whp to 725whp and 671ft-lb to 694ft-lb)

The Type-29 Rspec R35 Intercooler Upgrade also showed it can really cool thing down. With 136 C charge air coming in to the intercooler, it left at only 37.2 C coming out. That's 99 C cooler ! (210 F,) with minimal back pressure.

We will soon release an update with the official part number and pricing soon.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

GPP Thursday Quickie Week 0301

This week's Quickie came in the mail yesterday...

Back a while ago, we showed you a preview for a Model photoshoot in our garage. The shoot was with the lovely Corissa Furr for Super Street Magazine's April '10 Reader's Ride Contest.

Congratulations to Damon Brock from Callahan, FL, with his '97 240SX. His Reader's Ride submission won him a FREE 6pk case of GR3 Full Synthetic oil and a GReddy Oil Filter Relocation Kit

Monday, March 1, 2010

New S2000 Circuit Spec Oil Coolers

In addition to our superior GReddy "inner-fin" Oil Cooler cores, we have been working on improving efficiency of the Oil Cooler through the use of Aerodynamics.

In our new line of Circuit Spec Oil Cooler Kits, we have tested many configurations on and off the track to increase cooling with the same size cores.

For example in our new S2000 AP1/AP2 Circuit Spec 10row Oil Cooler Kit, we use carefully designed ducting to increase air flow through the core. Not only by forcing more air through the core with inlet ducting, but with specially designed outlet ducting, it takes advantage of the motion of airflow from underneath the car to pull even more air through the core. This provides increase cooling and efficiency.

Besides the new Circuit Spec engine Oil Coolers, look for our new Autotrans coolers for other popular modern vehicles like the GTR and EVOX MR coming soon...