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Thursday, September 24, 2015

GReddy Supreme Ti Exhausts

94mm Full Titanium Exhaust - R35 GT-R

GReddy Supreme Ti - P/N 10128194

The ideal light-weight exhaust (just 29lbs.) for the R35 GT-R is the 94mm GReddy Supreme TI. The design provides great performance for upgraded GT-Rs but still comfortable for milder, daily-driven GT-Rs. The large dual oval mufflers provide excellent sound suppression and sound quality, while large piping frees up power for the twin turbo VR engine. This version comes with a huge dual 80mm (3.15") to 94mm (3.7") Y-pipe. The construction is made up of carefully hand-built 94mm piping is pain-painstakingly "inch-welded" for excellent fitment and flow. Revised larger 125mm quad staggered Tips complete each 94mm R35 GReddy Supreme Ti system.

2x 60-70mm x 4x 60mm Full Titanium Exhaust - Lexus IS-F

This is the ultimate Lexus IS-F exhaust. With full Titanium construction, the GReddy Supreme Ti  Exhaust features our original Dual 60-70mm Titanium piping to Quad 60mm Titanium piping to the two Dual inlet Titanium oval mufflers. The kit is finished off with 4x burnt-spectrum Titanium tips, but the system can also be used with the factory bumper mounted IS-F stock tips, for a stealthy installation. Full Titanium Exhaust (9pcs - including 4x removable Ti tips) 2x 60-70mm - 4x 60mm - 2x Oval mufflers - 4x 90mm burnt-Ti tips 50% weight savings over the stock IS-F exhaust (35lbs vs. 70lbs) High flow, straight through design, with improved sound quality Dyno Gains over averaged base line and averaged with exhaust: +16.4hp / 16.8ft.lbs

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Two Japanese Series Championship Wins for GReddy

Over the (USA Labor Day Holiday) weekend, two important 2015 Series Championships were decided in Japan for two of our GReddy Racing Teams.

With a 3rd place in D1GP Rd.5 Osaka Drift, Masato Kawabata and the Team TOYO TIRES Drift TRUST Racing 35RX Dspec GT-R clinched the 2015 D1 Grand Prix Series Championship.

And with a Win, Toshiyuki Yatagawa in the Advan TRUST Cusco WRX completed his 3rd consecutive D Class All Japan Dirt Trial Championship in a muddy Round 7 of the 2015 JDC

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