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Friday, June 21, 2019

At the 2019 Formula Drift Half Way Point - FD Profile: Life of Ken Gushi Video

Ken Gushi and the Toyota Racing - Achilles Tire -  GReddy Performance 86 Team fight back in a strong FDNJ round 4 performance to the Top 8 quarter finals.   1 month before the second half of the season resumes at July 19-20 at FDSEA at Evergreen Speedway, WA.

In this Life Of episode, we hang for the whole weekend at Road Atlanta with Ken Gushi. Gushi gives us some insights into his team, his responsibilities as a pro driver and we also get to go along with Ken in competition.


Round 1 FDLB - April 5th-6th Streets of Long Beach, CA

Round 2 FDFL - April 26th-27th Orlando Speed World, FL

Round 3 FDATL - May 10th-llth Road Atlanta, GA

Round 4 FDNJ - June 7th-8th Wall Speedway, NJ

Photos: Larry Chen Photos

Round 4 FDSEA - July 19th-20th Evergreen Speedway, WA - coming soon...

Ken Gushi Motorsports
Toyota Racing
GReddy Performance Products

New RS-RACE exhaust for the classic FD3S RX-7

GReddy Performance Products RS-Race Exhaust - 80mm cat-back
P/N 10148402 - FD3S '93-'96 Mazda RX-7 Turbo

For that period-correct look and sound, the GPP RS-Race for the 1993-96 (FD3S) Mazda RX-7 is here. Styled after the legendary Power Extreme II RX-7 exhaust of the late 90’s-early 00’s, this new and improved version follows the same high-flow straight-through layout with large 80mm (3.14”) diameter mandrel-bent stainless-steel piping, but now it also incorporates superior construction, materials and precision hand-welding. The new RS-Race Tri-bolt tip feature allows for even more customization, with the installation of optional RS Tip Silencers, various tip lengths and styles in both stainless steel and genuine Titanium. We even offer optional Titanium turn-down tips, perfect for that hot rotary exhaust gases of stock and modified 13B-REW rotary engines. Relive the gold age of “Import Tuning” with the RX-7 RS-Race Exhaust!

Available 115mm Optional GReddy GPP RS Tips & Silencers

P/N  11001150         Optional GReddy Titanium Turndown Dia. 115 x L120mm Tip (Burnt Finish)                  $ 140.00
P/N  11001151         Optional GReddy Titanium Turndown Dia. 115 x L150mm Tip (Burnt Finish)                  $ 150.00
P/N  11001152         Optional GReddy Titanium Turndown Dia. 115 x L170mm Tip (Burnt Finish)                  $ 160.00

P/N  11001145            Optional GReddy Titanium Dia. 115 x L120mm Tip (Burnt Finish)                                 $  95.00
P/N  11001146           Optional GReddy Titanium Dia. 115 x L150mm Tip (Burnt Finish)                                 $  95.00
P/N  11001147           Optional GReddy Titanium Dia. 115 x L170mm Tip (Burnt Finish)                                 $  95.00

P/N  11001140           Optional GReddy Stainless Steel Dia. 115 x L120mm Tip                                              $  45.00
P/N  11001141           Optional GReddy Stainless Steel Dia. 115 x L150mm Tip                                              $  45.00
P/N  11001142           Optional GReddy Stainless Steel Dia. 115 x L170mm Tip                                              $  45.00

P/N  11001200           Optional 51mm RS Stainless Steel Dia. 115mm Tip Silencer                                         $  40.00
P/N  11001201           Optional 43mm RS Stainless Steel Dia. 115mm Tip Silencer                                         $  40.00