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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another project for the GReddy R&D Team

GReddy has been behind the Scion Racing (now Sparco) Rally xD program from day one, but now that they need some more power (and more importantly torque,) the GReddy R&D team have put together a reliable low boost, quick response custom bolt-on turbo kit to help the Rally xD out of the corners.  Based around a quick spooling TD04H-15G turbo and our e-Manage Ultimate, the kit also features a protected front-mounted intercooler and easy rescue piping to bypass the intercooler (in case of unpredictable rally damage.) 

Here is a quick video of the e-Manage Ultimate data-logging the Rally xD on the dyno (in an early tuning session)  Tuning continues, more details on the project coming soon...

and for those of you, who haven't seen this little rally "dynamo" in action, check out this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXOajXjjGLc

Monday, March 28, 2011

156+ SoCalEvo.net Evos at GReddy!

Yesterday (Sunday, March 27th) started off as an unexpected rainy day in Southern California, but that did not keep away the 156 hardcore SoCalEvo.net enthusiasts from bringing out their CT9A & CZ4A Evos for some fun.

(At GReddyFEST2, this past September, the SoCalEvo.net group won our Scavenger Hunt for a private group meet.)

With the help of avid SoCalEvo.net members like "AlphaKennyBody" Ralphy and his crew, convoys of SoCalEvo members from Los Angeles, San Diego, Inland Empire and Orange County gathered at the GReddy HQ for a huge SoCalEvo.net car meet and dyno-day.
- Also in attendance was NOS Energy Drinks, Mackin Industries (Ray's/Advan/Project Mu distributors,) and Dsport Magazine.

The day was filled with car enthusiast mingling with GReddy staff and talking about Mitsubishi Evos and GReddy performance products.

One of the highlights of the day was the GReddy "Guess the HP!" game, where everyone in attendance had a chance to guess the HP of 6 Evos that were put on the GReddy Dyno!
The Closest guess for each won a GReddy Goodie Bag! 
Congratulations again to : SoCalEvo's
 "allblackevo," "Fernani," "Fernani2," "Evobros," "Viet-man," & "JDMjunkies42" 
for your awesome guesses!

The winner of the Dyno Contest was SoCalEvo's :

  • "Departed" for the Evo Xs - 357.6hp
  • "ReeseTuning" for the Evo VIII / IXs - 623.3hp

Thanks again SoCalEvo.net for having your Meet at GReddy.
It was a pleasure meeting you all!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Ever closer to our 25K goal!

The GReddy Facebook Fan page is getting really close to our next goal of 25,000.  For a little more of a push we have started an new Photo Album that will feature the GReddy Powered Engine Bays of our Demo Cars (past and present)  Please check us out on Facebook and click the LIKE box.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Coming up on 25,000 Likes!

The GReddy Facebook Fan Page is coming up on the 25,000 [Like]s mark.  Help us get this milestone.

It's a great way to see what we have and what we are working on.

In these coming days we will be adding more of our past project cars to our GReddy Cars Album.  And you can post up images of GReddy products on your car on our wall as well...

Monday, March 14, 2011

GReddy GR9 Blog updates

For even more info on our GReddy GR-9 R35 GTR builds, don't forget to visit our R35 specific GReddy Blog.

Recent updates include new GReddy R35 / VR in-house services:
Complete Engines
CNC machined cylinder heads
ECM re-flashes
and more...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2nd Place for the GReddy tC in Rd1

This past weekend was the #11 GReddy Turbo tC debut race in the Redline Time Attack Championships.  And we are happy to report with GReddy Driver Takeshi Aizawa at the wheel in the FWD Street Tire Class, the team finished in a strong 2nd place, only behind the returning 2x Series Champion, Clint Boisdeau, in his proven turbocharged Focus.

Being it’s 1st race, the GReddy Team is very optimistic in closing the gap in future rounds.   This is just the start of the GReddy tC’s evolution and the stock 2AR-FE engine proved very reliable under boost for 300whp.  With upgrades coming in the form of Limited Slip Differential, upgraded clutch, more aero, weight reduction and more boost, the Team is looking forward to our next round of Redline Time Attack

The GReddy Team at Redline Time Attack Rd. 1

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Follow us on Twitter on race weekends

As we mentioned, the weekend of March 5th-6th will be the debut race for our #11 GReddy tC.  The TD05H-18G turbocharged tC is currently making 292whp at 7psi (+122ph over stock) with the factory engine, transmission and clutch.  For updates from the track please remember to follow us on our GReddy Twitter.  

Thanks for your support!