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Thursday, May 28, 2009

All Japan Dirt Trial - GReddy/Yatagawa GDB, Rd. 2


"Round 2 of All Japan Dirt Trial Championship.
Date: 04/19
Location: Mobility Ohmuta (Ohmuta City, Fukuoka prefecture)
Finished: 2nd place (0.3 seconds away from 1st)

Compared to the rainy weather in Rd1 (where we got 1st place), Rd 2 was very hot and sunny.
The track is located in the property of Mitsui Mitsuike Coal Mine Company which also has a enjoyable view of Sea of Ariake.
Even though track is located in southern tip of Kyushu Island, there was a larger number of cars entered, 140 cars.
As usual, we walked through the track to plan the driving strategy before the race. We all wore rain boots since the dirt track was sprayed with water to prevent the area from becoming dusty.
On the 1st run, we chose the Bridgestone’s type 480 “dry” tire. We took 1st by 1.1 second lead.
Before the 2nd run, we walked the track again. We have noticed dirt condition became hard and dry, which means it will become a high speed track.
When the 2nd run started, as we expected all the cars are getting faster times compared to the 1st run.
This time we chose the type 461 “stiffer” tire. At first, car seemed to be going faster and cornering well by power drifting. But after several turns, the car started to tail slide during the braking and under steering on certain turns. This caused us to finish 2nd place which was 1.1 second slower than the 1st place.
To prepare for the Rd 3 in Hiroshima, we really need to find the best suspension and tire set up combo. But since the weather and the track condition is not always the same, we are not certain that all the data from our testing will be use full. These things makes the sport of Dirt Trial difficult and interesting.
Anyways, Rd3 is coming up very soon, so we need to prepare and do our best in Hiroshima".

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ken Block Gymkhana Two Preview by Streetfire.net

Some of you know we are a proud sponsor of the USA Rally Team, and you might also remember the 1st Ken Block STI Gymkhana video that hit a while back. (That was some really cool driving!) Now he's done it again, on a new video set to release on June 1st, but in the meantime our friends at Streetfire set us up with a preview for the upcoming video. So check it out....


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A good S2000 weekend too!

On the last post we mention we were working on a few S2000s with our bolt-on turbo kits. And over the weekend the GReddy turbocharged, BC/C-West/Design Craft S2000 headed out to the Super Lap Battle at Willow Springs.
With Tyler McQuarrie at the wheel of this light-weight S2000, it raced it's way to Super Lap Battle - Willow Springs Unlimited Class & Overall Win. But on top of that, it did it with a new SLB track record, 1:22.288 Congratulations!

Look for the s2000 to do well again this coming weekend at the Redline Time Attack at Willow Springs...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

S2000 week in the garage

This week in the garage was sort of a S2000 week. The red S2000 was getting one of our 50-state street legal turbo kits and our Turbo Ti-C cat-back exhaust, for a magazine shoot out comparison. The idea is compare various force induction kits. Below is just a little sneak peek of what we installed.

GReddy Street Legal Bolt-on Turbo kit p/n 11550041
which includes: T518Z-10cm2 Turbo, Cast manifold, Airnix Intake, front-mounted intercooler, plug-in pre-programmed emanage Ultimate, 550cc main injectors, upgraded fuel pump, and all the necessary hardware & heatshields

GReddy Turbo Ti-C Cat-back exhaust p/n 10157913
70mm (2.75") single muffler (right side)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Type-S Suspension Kits for EvoX & STI now available

Another new item that just came in is our new Type-S fully adjustable coil-over suspension kit for the the Evo X (CZ4A) and STI (GRB).

The Type S Suspension kits are designed with semi-soft springs for maximum traction. With the aid of Super GT500 Driver Takeshi Tsuchiya, we tuned these two Type S kits with 8.0kg springs rates for a comfortable, yet trackable set-up. Not only is this idea for street driving, but it also aids in improved traction on circuits. The main reason we can achieve this is the great 16way dampening characteristic we can tune in with the large 46mm mono-tube design. They also feature full ride height adjustments with twin adjustments (spring perch and mounting perch.)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just Released - New Full Auto Timer II

Just being released this week is our new Full Auto Timer II.

By separating the compact display and controls from the bulk of the unit allows for more mounting options. The 1meter cable that connects the two allows you to hide away the heart of the unit under the dash, while the controls and display can be easily mounted where convenient.
The simplified functions ensure efficient operation.

Besides being easier to mount, the new unit also includes mph or km/h Speedo and a Clock.
All for the same low price as the original auto timer.

for purchasing please see our
Authorized GReddy Dealer List

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

All Japan Dirt Trial - GReddy/Yatagawa GDB, Rd. 1 Win!

In addition to GReddy being a technical partner to the USA Subaru Rally Team with drivers: Ken Block and Travis Pastrana (supplying Intercoolers and Radiators), GReddy has had for many years a All Japan Dirt Trial Championship race team. Lead by the 2005-2008 Class SC3 Champion Toshiyuki Yatagawa of Yatagawa Auto Service. The AJDTC is similar to what we would call a Rally, with equally matched vehicles competing on a timed dirt course for the best lap time. With much success over the years with this team, the GReddy/Yatagawa GDB STI has started off this year with a great start to the championship again - 1st place in Round 1.

Here is a quick review:
Competes in: All Japan Dirt Trial Championships
Class: SC3 (displacement is over 1600cc, AWD, must be modified based from the “off the showroom” car. Engine swap and body modification is permitted)
It is a fastest and most competitive class of all the “off the showroom” cars. The majority of the cars competing in this class are Lancer Evolution and Impreza WRX.
Rule: Each Driver gets 2 runs. (1 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon) Within the 2 runs, driver that has the fastest lap wins.
Driver : Toshiyuki Yatagawa
Owner of Yatagawa Auto Service
1998 Class C3 Champion
2002 Class C3 Champion
2005~2008 Class SC3 Champion, 4 years straight!

Round 1 of 2009 All Japan Dirt Trial Championship was held on 03/22 at Maruwa Auto Land in Tochigi prefecture.
1st run:
Condition: Light rain
Yatagawa gets fastest lap. 0.2 seconds faster than a 2nd place car.
2nd Run:
Condition: Heavy rain, muddy track
Due to the heavy rain and muddy track, all the cars couldn’t go faster than a 1st run.
Yatagawa wins in his GReddy Dirt Trial GDB!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Bolt-on Turbo Kit for Honda Fit

Just released is our new turbo kit for the 07-08 Honda Fit. Based around a super quick spooling GReddy TD035HL 14GK turbocharger, this all inclusive, pre-programed bolt-on kit increase the usable horsepower of the the Fit by 35% at just 4psi of boost. It also includes a large CCP polished Type-31, V-spec, front-mounted intercooler and heavy duty cast-iron top-mounted turbo manifold and downpipe adapter. Fuel enrichment is handled by a plug-in emanage Ultimate (which only requires you to hook up one additional throttle position wire.) Being a GReddy bolt-on turbo kit, it includes mandrel-bent aluminum piping, and all the necessary hardware, mounting brackets, hoses, fittings and even multiple heat shields to keep things cool.

But the best part is, like our other bolt-on kits, it is upgradable to increase the power even more. By adding additional fuel enrichment and re-tuning the Ultimate, you can easily get a 60% increase in horsepower over stock, at 8psi. (see sample chart below)

ITEM: TD035 Fit Intercooled-Turbo Kit
VEHICLE: '07-'08 Honda Fit
NOTES: base 4psi, Intercooled, bolt-on,
w/ pre-programed Ultimate
PART NUMBER: 11550044
MSRP: $3,980.

GReddy Fit Test Car

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Super Street Magazine's Reader's Rides Winner

Back in March we showed you a preview for a Model photoshoot in our garage. The shoot was for Super Street Magazine's June '09 Reader's Ride Contest.

Congratulations to Archie Santos of Van Nuys, CA. His Evo X won a limited edition Type-RZ blow off valve.

(Super Street Magazine June 2009 - page 84)

Monday, May 4, 2009

D1GP USA Rd 1 Slideshow Review by GReddy

Thank you all who came out a visited us at this past weekend's D1GP in Anaheim. It was good to see so many enthusiast form all over. But in addition to that, there were a lot of there cool things going on, like the Gumball 3000 Rally, Stunt Bikes, Karting Demo, huge HPI RC Drift track, and more. It turned out to be more then just a drift event. Please check out link below for our GReddy Slide Show of the day.

Photos by GPP and action shots by Joe @ KTC Media
Congratulations Diago Siato for his Rd.1 Win, (you really have to see him live in his Fnatz JZX100... Wow!)